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Tuesday was a good day for Democrats

09 June 2018

Her opponents in Tuesday's election used that fact against her.

Cox, a businessman from San Diego has run unsuccessfully for a number of offices in his native IL but gained footing among California Republicans as the campaign progressed.

While California is a largely Democratic state, Democrats anxious of being left off the general election ballot in key races in Orange County, a Republican stronghold. So it could be a while before all the votes are counted.

But that didn't happen across California.

But some believe a hard-fought race for governor might actually be a gift to Democrats.

But that appears to have been offset by the Democratic results so far.

Some Democrats see it as me-first selfishness on Newsom's part, putting his own career above his party's national standing, even though he portrays himself as a leader of the "resistance" to Trump.

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It's still viable. Democrats piled up a lot of votes, especially among female and Latino candidates.

Newsom will now take on a little-known Republican businessman who has never held elected office this November.

Control of the House would likely stall much of Republican President Donald Trump's policy agenda, while ushering a new era of committee oversight and investigation into the administration.

Voters cast ballots in eight U.S. states for key primary elections on Tuesday, with all eyes on California, where the outcome could swing the balance of power in Congress. Democrats in the country's most populous state are battling to ensure they come out on top in several congressional districts that voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Mr Trump's elimination of the state-and-local tax deduction is an albatross for Republicans in high-tax California.

"Many more Republican voters showed up yesterday than the Fake News thought possible", Trump tweeted. "The [gas tax] initiative is going to be on the ballot in November and Democrats are going to have to defend raising the gasoline tax while Republicans say they want to repeal it".

That nightmare didn't come to pass on Tuesday. Dianne Feinstein and state Sen.

Furthermore, Republicans were not locked out of all major statewide races, which would have depressed their turnout in the general election. The party must wrest at least 23 seats from Republican hands. "I will say this, the likelihood there is a blue wave has significantly diminished". Every Democrat (including Newman) voted for the gas tax. It's not clear yet if a Republican earned enough votes to oppose her in November.

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James scored 33 points and Kevin Love added 20 for the Cavs, who have fallen into a hole in which no team has ever emerged. A good night from Cleveland's supporting cast isn't even as good as a below-average night from Golden State's.

Those candidates included four New Jersey moderates who had faced more liberal challengers.

Mike Levin is running to represent the Democrats in Southern California's 49th Congressional district.

Holding hopes of a "blue wave" in November, Democrats fought to shape the political battlefield in primaries across eight states, none more important than California where Republicans avoided an embarrassing setback in the race for governor. The complex strategy seems to have paid off.

Nationally, crosscurrents remain in the contest for control of the House. NY law bars candidates from running for two seats at the same time-the fact that the primaries are on different dates, he believes, is a loophole.

If the final tally puts him ahead of them, it could set up a general election fight between Rohrabacher and his fellow Republican, ending Democrats' chances to take that seat. In majority, Democratic challengers outnumbered Republicans. "But also, address the anxiety that people feel that we shouldn't just be playing defense in this state - that we need a positive alternative vision".

GOP in the I.E.


The election is pivotal for Republicans looking to end their mounting struggles and gain a stronger foothold in the nation's largest state. On occasion, this leads to races in which two candidates from the same party face off on Election Day. There are two interconnected findings in the survey that suggest the Republican vision of what voters think about Trump and the GOP may be somewhat misguided. A county supervisor, Ramos has been considered the favorite for the open seat. The California Republican Party later evicted Little from the party convention; party officials did not release an endorsement in the U.S. Senate race.

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Tuesday was a good day for Democrats