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Kim Jong-un knows denuclearization must be 'quick' - Pompeo

14 June 2018

President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that the North Korean regime no longer poses a nuclear threat following his summit with Kim Jong Un, even though the meeting produced no verifiable proof that the rogue regime will discontinue its nuclear program.

The likelihood of Kim Jong Un launching a first strike against the USA, thereby bringing on "fire and fury", was low. Okay, nothing. He agreed to do nothing in return. Photos of Kim standing side-by-side with Trump on the world stage were splashed across newspapers. To hold further talks. Trump has labeled Trudeau "weak" and "dishonest" after the Canadian leader pushed back on US tariffs. "But as an example, if Vladimir Putin were sitting next to me at a table instead of one of the others, and we were having dinner the other night in Canada, I could say 'Would you do me a favor?"

So if North Korea doesn't come through with its denuclearization pledges, if it makes extreme counterdemands of the U.S., if it is caught in a lie while claiming to denuclearize, Trump's vouching for Kim will come under especially heavy scrutiny. You can see the problem. "It could be the case that our effort won't. work but we are determined to set the conditions so that we can right this failure of decades and reset the conditions for North Korea's participation in the community of nations", Pompeo said after a trilateral meeting with South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

While the Korean Central News Agency said Trump agreed to "lift sanctions" as relations improve, the secretary reiterated that would only come after Kim dismantles his nuclear program. -South Korean military alliance remains strong, and they will continue to closely consult on all joint security decisions.

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At his press conference in the South Korean capital Pompeo defended Trump's stance, saying the joint drills could be brought back if negotiations with the North deteriorated.

"Yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things", he said. As Trump himself has acknowledged, more summits are likely to be necessary. I've done great at it. Trump had the video made for Kim and personally showed it to him on an iPad when the two met. "To show vision and leadership. or not?"

Trump said the film was meant to demonstrate to the dictator what his country could be like if he gives up his nukes and embraces the free economy. That was interpreted as meaning the U.S. would grant concessions to North Korea concessions along the way despite longstanding USA insistence that it would not. To the diplomatic establishment, the appearance of a deal is always more important than its substance. "Trying to reason with someone like that is like trying to hand feed a shark".

China, Germany and the United States must all acknowledge that, even if Kim is a dictator, the 35-year-old is not insane.

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On the whole, though, if Trump's global diplomacy is theater, it is bad theater.

"This is the Trump playbook for dealing with foreign leaders", a source close to Trump told the news website Axios' Jonathan Swan. That kind of thing is very threatening to North Korea. For the USA, its 30,000 or so troops in South Korea represent a foothold on the Asian mainland and a major check on China's growing global ambitions. And that has to do with the military expense and also the trade. -South Korean exercises appeared off-limits under the new guidance. What I hope that happens next is there is a peace treaty and the country will be opened up and the siege of sanctions will end and American will stop threatening them.

Washington's top diplomat was in Seoul to brief his South Korean and Japanese counterparts after President Donald Trump's post-summit comments sparked confusion and concern in Tokyo and Seoul. That is the style of Trump's worldwide theater: broadcasting friendship to our enemies and belligerently finding fault with our allies.

On Wednesday, Singapore's Ministry of Communications & Information issued a strong denial that these made-in-China USB fans contained spying devices or malware. Am I supposed to make excuses for it because I'm caught up in a cult of personality?

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Asked if he had a message for the North Korean people, Trump said , "I think you have somebody that has a great feeling for them". Trump had a 40-minute private talk with Kim (with translators present), followed by an expanded bilateral talk and working lunch.

The argument also allows Trump's political allies and supporters in conservative media to claim ahead of the midterm elections that the President has engineered a triumph overseas that was beyond all his predecessors and has made America and the world much safer. "This isn't another administration that never got it started and, therefore, never got it done". Either way, it hasn't delivered the kind of historic breakthrough portrayed in that video, or in the self-aggrandizing fantasies in President Trump's mind.

Kim Jong-un knows denuclearization must be 'quick' - Pompeo