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Trump Tells Fox News He Knew About Hush Money Payments ‘Later On’

23 August 2018

Cohen's plea came as Manafort was found guilty on eight charges in a financial fraud trial in Virginia, stemming from the federal investigation into Russian Federation, the 2016 election and possible coordination with Trump's campaign. "They may know from that what he would be able to offer in testimony at a trial, either in federal court or the U.S. Senate in the case of impeachment".

"The President of the United States has been directly implicated in federal crimes, and implicated not by some enemy, but by his own personal lawyer", Katyal said.

Does Cohen's guilty plea mean Trump violated the law?

Even Corey Lewansodswki. Trump's former campaign manager, who referred to Cohen as a "rogue character" and a "serial lair", conceded to me that Tuesday was a "bad day" for the White House. The notices must be filed on contributions of $1,000 or more that are received within the 20-day window of Election Day ...

In a split screen for the history books, Cohen's admission to the crimes in federal court in NY on Tuesday came at almost the same moment that Trump's onetime campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was convicted by a jury in Virginia of financial misdeeds.

Investigators in NY state have issued a subpoena to Michael Cohen as part of their probe into the Trump Foundation, an official with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration confirmed to The Associated Press Wednesday.

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"I participated in this conduct with the objective of influencing the election", a visibly crestfallen Cohen told the judge, his voice trembling at times as he addressed the packed courtroom.

Daniels' case is now on hold, but Avenatti said he'll be looking to get that hold lifted. Former Trump national-security adviser Michael Flynn is cooperating with the Mueller probe.

If there is evidence of wrongdoing, can Trump be indicted?

In practice, an indictment is highly unlikely: since 2000, the Justice Department position has been that a sitting president is "immune from indictment as well as from further criminal process". An auto-industry group said the levy would increase the cost of a new, imported vehicle by $6,000 and an American-made vehicle by $2,000. Sources close to the White House have acknowledged to NPR that advisers are "very worried" - or at least ought to be - about the mounting legal troubles swirling around Trump and his former associates.

There has been no indication that Cohen will talk to or cooperated with Mueller's team.

Trump didn't mention the cases at a rally Tuesday night, but he renewed his pledge to impose a 25 percent tax on auto imports, though such duties are supposed to be on hold pending trade negotiations. "The stuff on Stormy Daniels is not good for Trump". "They came from me and I tweeted about it". Things could potentially change if the Democratic party takes the House after midterm elections - but even the Democrats are not unanimous that impeachment would be politically beneficial. Another possibility is that Cohen knows something that Mueller doesn't know Cohen knows.

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Manafort was convicted of eight felony counts, including charges of filing false tax returns and failing to report foreign bank accounts.

Associated Press reporter David Klepper contributed from Albany, New York. Still, it could give Mueller a boost.

Prosecutors said the Trump organization approved $420,000 to Cohen for his services during the election, saying the president's longtime attorney used sham invoices to disguise the nature of the hush payments. It's past time to put an end to this witch hunt.

Some Republicans are counseling Trump not to use his pardoning power. "I won't settle this case!"

As for whether a president can pardon himself, not surprisingly, courts have never had to answer that question.

But campaign finance experts have said Trump's and Giuliani's comments do not clear up campaign finance violation questions.

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Trump Tells Fox News He Knew About Hush Money Payments ‘Later On’