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Canada trade talks end in deadlock, to resume next week

01 September 2018

"Ambassador Lighthizer and his team, throughout this negotiation, have been working really, really hard", Freeland said. And that rhythm is brisk.

Trade experts said Friday was not a deadline of any real significance to Canada, since the notification can be amended any time in September to make clear that Canada is part of the deal.

Trump, in a statement, also praised the deal - even though it does not include Canada, one of the original members of the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.

It's unclear where Canada and the US stand in negotiations and whether NAFTA talks could soon come to a close.

"We're not there yet", she said, speaking about an agreement.

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Freeland has declined to comment on the specific issues, but news reports suggest talks remain hung up on the dispute settlement procedures in Chapter 19.

A fact sheet on the U.S. -Mexico deal included a provision that would give big drug makers 10 years of protection for biologic drugs, and expand the list of drugs covered by those protections.

Negotiations are slated to resume next Wednesday.

He said talks with Canada this week had been "constructive". But they have to treat us fairly.

With just hours left on Washington's deadline of revamping Nafta by the end of the week, the United States and Canada met again on Friday morning.

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All three countries have stressed the importance of NAFTA, which governs billions of dollars in regional trade and a bilateral deal announced by the United States and Mexico on Monday paved the way for Canada to rejoin the talks this week.

Dairy has emerged as a significant sticking point at the NAFTA table, where US officials are demanding its northern neighbour open its market up to American milk products. If the stalemate endures, the US side might ramp up pressure on the Canadians. But they are looking down the barrel of a last-minute ultimatum to sign a deal already decided by Mexico and the U.S. They have tremendous trade barriers and they have tremendous tariffs.

In other words, cutting Canada out would be more than modernizing the existing treaty. They met late into the evening Thursday in search of a compromise in time for the deadline imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump. The Trump administration has worked unusually closely with labor throughout the negotiating process in an effort to ensure workers get some wins and in the hopes of securing some Democratic votes for the final deal in case some Republicans break ranks. Or is it that Trump was clearly negotiating in bad faith all week with a major trading partner, ally, and neighbor-you know, the kind of behavior that not only sank this trade deal but makes every other future negotiation and communication between Ottawa and Washington more fraught?

Since then, the talks have never seemed firmly on track. That deal was struck between three countries - Canada, the US and Mexico - and removed many barriers to trade and investment among the three countries. He covers US politics and current affairs.

The White House did not directly respond to a request for comment by CBS News about whether Mr. Trump made those remarks.

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The U.S. Congress must now grapple with the mix of technical issues and political calculations generated by Trump's new tactic of pushing for a possible Mexico-only deal. And he can tell midterm voters that his negotiating strategy of tough talk and tariffs has driven foreign leaders to the bargaining table. "Over the next few weeks, Congress and advisers from the civil society and the private sector will be able to examine the agreement".

Canada trade talks end in deadlock, to resume next week