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Capitol Police arrest 70 on first day of Kavanaugh hearings

06 September 2018

He revealed he had hoped to tell the judge: 'I hope you can be part of making sure no other parent has to feel the way I do, because we can fix this'.

The interruptions, combined with shouting and screaming from hecklers in the audience, created a level of chaos that served to underscore the historical significance of Kavanaugh's appointment and the effect his presence on the court may have in the years to come.

But Republican Senator Orrin Hatch dismissed the concerns raised about the judge as "ridiculous".

Barring a surprise, Republicans appear on track to confirm Kavanaugh's nomination, perhaps in time for the first day of the new term, October 1, which is little more than a month before congressional elections.

Instead, her stinging defeat almost two years ago has left her on the outside, where she's launched a series of tweets attacking President Trump's nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying he'll gut women's rights, workers' rights and health care.

Lawyers who had argued cases in front of Kavanaugh recalled him as an active questioner from the bench, and a very well prepared jurist who would fit in on a Supreme Court whose justices are largely not shy in oral arguments with advocates.

Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee, embraced judicial independence on Wednesday but sidestepped Senate Democrats' questions on whether a president can pardon himself or fire a prosecutor investigating him. Senate Democrats have vowed a fierce fight.

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While nothing can be taken for granted with Trump, they provided some insight into USA administration's thinking moving forward. The deal must be reviewed by Congress and can not be finalized until at least November.

This letter is to request that President Trump withdraw his claim of "constitutional privilege" over Judge Kavanaugh's White House records and ensure that these documents are available to Congress and the public.

In total, some 22 people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by the police during the highly publicised event.

Trump's first nominee to the high court, Neil Gorsuch, was confirmed in April 2017, 14 months after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia created a vacancy in President Barack Obama's past year in office.

Grassley has already urged the judge to invoke the so-called Ginsburg Rule and follow the example of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who as a nominee refused to answer questions that would hint or foreshadow future decisions.

On Wednesday, Durbin challenged Kavanaugh on the grounds that the girl had satisfied all of Texas's prerequisites to obtaining an abortion, including an ultrasound and securing a judicial bypass to parental consent requirements.

"The Democrats are focused on procedural issues because they don't have substantive points strong enough to derail this nomination", said Sen.

"If the Supreme Court were to adopt your reasoning", she said, "I feel the number of victims would continue to grow".

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As if making a direct comparison to President Trump , Biden repeated that McCain "could not stand the abuse of power". But that admiration wasn't surprising, because Senator McCain was known as a man of integrity and conviction.

But GOP senators mostly calmly defended Kavanaugh from what Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, called the Shakespearean nature of the hearing - "sound and fury, signifying nothing" - confident that there were no defections from the solid Republican support Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed as the Supreme Court's 114th justice. Just 11% of Democratic leaning women want Kavanaugh confirmed, versus 54% opposed.

The most likely outcome of this week's hearings is a vote along party lines to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate.

"I'm not adding [the requirement], I'm a judge", Kavanaugh said. Majority Republicans have declined to seek the papers, and instead have gathered documents from his work as White House counsel to Bush. The court begins its next term in October.

In his opening remarks, Kavanaugh vowed to uphold the attributes of an ideal judge and remain "a neutral and impartial arbiter who favours no litigant or policy". "I don't decide cases based on personal or policy preferences". Democrats have repeatedly asked for the hearing to be postponed until Kavanaugh releases all of his records and the Senators have time to review them.

"The fix is in", Brad Woodhouse, executive director of health care group Protect Our Care, said in a statement.

"I'm not going to answer hypothetical questions of that sort", Kavanaugh said, responding to questions from Sen.

They are also concerned about his argument in a 2009 legal article that a sitting president should be immune to prosecution.

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Kavanaugh, his wife, Ashley, and eldest daughter entered the committee room with Grassley just after 9:30 am. He also saying being a good judge means paying attention to words that are written-Constitution, statutes.

Capitol Police arrest 70 on first day of Kavanaugh hearings