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Leaks suggest Apple's entry-level phone may be named iPhone XC

11 September 2018

Still, Apple has faced tight supply of the new low-priced model due to minor complications fitting backlights for the LCD screen, according to people familiar with the matter.

On Wednesday, September 12, Apple will unveil an update to the Apple Watch, show off a new iPad, and (please, God) maybe even debut an update to the MacBook Air.

Apple may or may not reveal the new laptop Wednesday, when it is holding a press event on its campus in Cupertino, California.

Since, the event's invitation has a gold circle that looks similar to its Apple Park campus, it serves a hint that there will be a gold version of the iPhone XS and XS Plus. Just last week, reports popped up indicating that new 6.5-inch iPhone - the largest of the three - will be called the iPhone Xs Max, with Apple dropping the "Plus" moniker entirely for 2018.

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The rumored iPhone XS will cost $1070 and the iPhone XS Plus (or Max) version with a whopping 6.5-inch OLED screen that will reportedly cost around $1250. The device could look the same as its predecessor, but include internal improvements such as a faster processor and updated camera, as is standard with off-year "S" updates.

According to the leaked information, the iPhone XS and XS Max will come with edge-to-edge displays with a notch on top.

The report says that the 6.1-inch iPhone's availability will be limited because the firm initially faced problems with the manufacturing of the LCD panel of the particular device. This would put a lot of pressure on Apple's statement that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, especially since the focus of smartphone security is multi-modal (a fancy word for multiple biometric sensors such as fingerprint, face and iris at the same time).

Experts believe these features will drive up the price of the new iPhone line. Dual-SIM support and new color options may be available to select customers. Last year, the lowest-spec iPhone X retailed for $999 in the USA, but R20 499 here.

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This news seems to meet the already known iPhone. The new models will probably still work with existing accessories.

Government officials told the Associated Press that the tech giant was in the final stages of deciding whether to open a large corporate hub in the Raleigh-Durham area.

However, Apple also came under fire in May when it was reported the company was considering opening a base in North Carolina.

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Now for the bad news: according to the same memo, the new iPhones will stick with 5W charging and Lightning ports.

Leaks suggest Apple's entry-level phone may be named iPhone XC