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Rob Porter, Gary Cohn push back on Woodward book

12 September 2018

Veteran reporter and author Bob Woodward will discuss his new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", with Dana Perino Wednesday at 2:00pm ET on The Daily Briefing. There is a key difference that, in Roman and Mughal times, the emperor was most anxious about his family trying to bump him off, but Trump believes only in his family.

On Monday, Colbert also asked Woodward if he ever considers the motives of his sources, such as former White House aide Rob Porter, ousted amid abuse allegations from ex-wives.

Mattis issued a statement, tweeted at least twice by Trump, saying, "The contemptuous words about the President attributed to me in Woodward's book were never uttered by me or in my presence". Trump has called for the newspaper to turn over the name and says the US Justice Department should investigate. Instead, Sanders said just the notion the unidentified official may be involved in national security matters was grounds enough to launch a probe.

Prior to Trump's election as president, his financial disclosures showed he held roughly $360 million in debt to the bank, with about $125 million in two mortgages for one of the president's major Florida golf courses, Trump National Doral, The Washington Post reported.

Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh vows independence, sidesteps questions
Trump told reporters at the White House he was pleased with the hearing and said: "The other side is grasping at straws". If all goes as Republicans plan, Kavanaugh could be on the bench when the court begins its new term on October 1.

"Fear: Trump in the White House" hits United States bookstores on Tuesday after a weeklong buildup, with published excerpts, leaks and interviews that portray Mr Trump as dangerously erratic and uninformed. Any book is going to be "selective", and whether the book is "misleading" is certainly debatable, though someone who worked inside the White House is hardly an objective observer.

Woodward wrote that Cohn then went on to explain how printing more money is thought to lead to inflation and could be catastrophic for the fiscal health of the U.S.

Woodward describes the operations inside Trump's White House as an "administrative coup d'etat" with aides around Trump "conspiring" to remove papers from the President's desk so that he can't sign them.

Cohn said on Tuesday that portrayals of him in Woodward's book are inaccurate.

Protesters continue to interrupt Kavanaugh hearings
Booker's fellow Democrats on the committee immediately jumped to his defense, as did Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. John Cornyn (R-TX), rebuked Booker for what they appeared to believe at the time was a violation of the rules.

Trump, meanwhile, has dismissed the book as a "scam" filled with "made up" quotes. We don't take it like others - like China", Donald Trump is quoted as saying during the July 19 situation room meeting."The US needed to get some of Afghanistan's valuable minerals in exchange for any support.

On Monday, Colbert asked Woodward, "How do you feel when the president says you're lying?"

"If I did I would not have been elected president". "I don't even know why any of us are here". He added: "I would have been happy to correct them if Mr". The Afghan leaders were corrupt and making money off the US, Bob Woodward writes in the book. Trump tweeted Monday prior to the Woodward interview.

Leaks suggest Apple's entry-level phone may be named iPhone XC
Apple may or may not reveal the new laptop Wednesday, when it is holding a press event on its campus in Cupertino, California. However, Apple also came under fire in May when it was reported the company was considering opening a base in North Carolina.

Rob Porter, Gary Cohn push back on Woodward book