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Hurricane Florence: Woman, baby die after tree falls on house

16 September 2018

More than 370,000 people were without power in North Carolina early on Friday, state officials said.

The worst of the storm's fury had yet to reach coastal SC, where emergency managers said it was not too late for people to get out.

"We're not going to be satisfied until the last resident is rescued and in a shelter, and then we can assess damages and go from there", New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw said, according to the Herald Sun of North Carolina. "If not we'd be stuck upstairs for the next. how long?"

Officials recommend anyone whose home starts to flood get to the highest point they can and call 911.

A video of a USA weather reporter channel made rounds on the social media, showing him apparently exaggerating the force of Hurricane Florence, but the same live coverage showed it was not actually the case.

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"We're looking at the same amount of rainfall in three days". "Even after the rain has ended, residents should still pay attention".

Eudy said his family stayed in their home partly to protect their house. The figure for SC was 170,000.

"It's a big task, because our main priority is protecting lives", Jon Ingram, the Brunswick County, North Carolina sheriff, said on Saturday during an interview with FOX Business' Neil Cavuto. "This is just the beginning". Heavy rain has fallen in and around Oriental, North Carolina, where 20.37 inches of rainfall has been measured thus far.

"All school closures, except those in Horry and Georgetown counties, are right now, immediately returned to local school authorities", McMaster said.

Another death was reported in North Carolina during the storm.

Hurricane Florence Rocks Wooden Pier in Nags Head
Services and flights have been suspended on Thursday and Friday at Wilmington International Airport on North Carolina's coast. Hurricane Florence has weakened slightly to a Category 2 storm, but don't be fooled, it's still incredibly risky .

"Great job FEMA, First Responders and Law Enforcement - not easy, very risky, tremendous talent. Thank you!" he tweeted. Rescue crews have used boats to reach hundreds of people trapped by the rising waters. With half of the storm still out over the Atlantic, Florence continued to collect warm ocean water and dump it on land.

For people living inland in the Carolinas, the moment of maximum peril from flash flooding could arrive days later, because it takes time for rainwater to drain into rivers and for those streams to crest. Collins said they had to use a front loader to clear the roads, but a tree smashed through its windshield, according to The Associated Press.

Police say 150-200 residents have already been rescued in New Bern and about 100 are awaiting rescue.

President Trump's disaster declaration for eight North Carolina counties frees up federal funding including grants for property repairs and low-priced loans to cover uninsured losses.

About 1.7 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders and millions of others live in areas likely to be affected by the storm.

USA and Caribbean brace for arrival of Hurricane Florence
Like Hurricane Harvey, which stalled over Texas in 2017, Florence could linger over the Southeast for several days after landfall. He wrote: "My people just informed me that this is one of the worst storms to hit the East Coast in many years".

The Navy says nearly 30 Virginia-based ships and 128 aircraft sent away from their bases in the Hampton Roads-area because of now-Tropical Storm Florence have been given the go-ahead to return. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or advertisers.

Hurricane Florence: Woman, baby die after tree falls on house