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'The hottest thing': Trump launches final day blitz on Democrats

06 November 2018

Pre-elections surveys point to a split verdict, with Democrats winning back the House of Representatives winning seats from more populous urban areas and Republicans managing to hang on to the Senate retaining seats from less populated hinterland, although given the shock results in 2016, no one is putting any money on the forecast. The front-page illustration shows Trump relaxing on a beach as a big blue wave approaches from behind.

However, the election will have a significant impact on how much power Trump will have for the rest of his presidency.

All 435 seats in the U.S. house of representatives are up for re-election. Democrats are expected to fall short of the two seats they need to reach the majority in the Senate.

Since Trump's surprise November 2016 election, his family has faced criticism that its portfolio of real estate and consumer goods businesses, which lean heavily on the Trump name, conflicts with its Washington roles.

"Things are pretty good, yet we have all this division and we have this president who's relatively unpopular, so we have this unusual juxtaposition", said Kent State politics professor Michael Ensley, citing Trump's poor approval ratings despite a rollicking USA economy and the absence of any major foreign-policy challenges.

Democrats are favored to win more House seats than they now have and they need an overall gain of 23 to retake the House majority.

What has President Trump being saying?

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But Trump earlier in the day appeared to distance himself from the fate of House Republican candidates.

WISCONSIN: When Canadians contemplate all their recent NAFTA angst, the dairy-drenched border state of Wisconsin often springs to mind - and gratitude to Trump for a U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement that provides better access to export markets could well play a role Tuesday.

"Even though I'm not on the ballot, in a certain way I am on the ballot", Trump said at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday night.

Mr Trump's Republican coalition is increasingly becoming older, whiter, more male and less likely to have a college degree.

Arizona - No matter which candidate the voters choose, one thing is clear - Arizona is getting its first woman senator.

The political realignment, defined by race, gender and education, could re-shape USA politics for a generation. "There's 23 seats, and if they can flip just a little bit more than 23 seats, Democrats will wrangle control from the Republicans", Chaffetz said.

A nationwide poll released on Sunday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal details the depth of the demographic shifts. He needs to walk a political tight rope - trying to turn out his hardcore, Trump-loving base of Republicans and not turn off the suburban independent voters he needs to put him over the top.

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Groups preferring the GOP in the latest poll include men, people over the age of 40, whites, and minority voters other than the black community.

Democrats boast record diversity on the ballot.

Former President Barack Obama has been campaigning with Democratic candidate for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams.

"One election won't eliminate racism, sexism or homophobia", Mr Obama said during an appearance in Florida.

How close are the elections going to be? "But it'll be a start".

Trump has been beating the drum against a caravan of migrants from Central America that is vending its way through Mexico to the United States border. She said she fully supports Mr. Trump's decision to send military troops to the Mexican border to intercept the caravan a move critics say is unnecessary and a political stunt, given the migrants are travelling mostly on foot and remain hundreds of kilometres away. "But, as you know, my primary focus has been on the Senate, and I think we're doing really well in the Senate".

Both houses of Congress are controlled by Trump's Republican party.

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'The hottest thing': Trump launches final day blitz on Democrats