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What to look for in USA midterm polls today

06 November 2018

"He's saying the same thing as President Trump, only he says it more eloquently".

"Whatever you can do to ensure victory tomorrow, get out and vote, get your family, get your friends, get everybody to get out and vote", he told the supporters on the line.

Trump has repeatedly ratcheted up his warnings about Democrats wanting to encourage the immigration of violent criminals and rapists.

Everything from a massive personal victory to impeachment proceedings is on the table for the US President.

"We have to have a very clear alternative", she said. Those voters have increasingly fled Trump's Republican Party, turned off by his chaotic leadership style and xenophobic rhetoric.

Trump told reporters as he left the White House en route to a pair of rallies Sunday that he thinks "we're going to do well in the House, but as you know, my primary focus has been on the Senate, and I think we're doing really well in the Senate".

As much as the President will be celebrating, Kyle Kondik says he will also be relieved. And if we don't have a good day, they will make it like it's the end of the world. 'These are rough, rough people in many cases, and if they're allowed to break through our borders only larger and bigger -we have emboldened these people'. In Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is also challenging Democratic Sen.

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Most dramatically, a right-wing group called the "Republican Assembly" has urged conservatives to leave Baker's bubble blank on the November ballot, and just skip to the next race.

"If Republicans continue to hold everything, they would continue to be 100 per cent responsible for Washington".

"He's fighting, he's great", Trump said of DeWine, before turning his attention toward Cordray, who he called a "bad guy".

Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala doesn't think it's hyperbolic to say that "everything" is at stake for Democrats heading into Tuesday's elections.

"I mean, President Obama, unbelievable charisma ― the way he can speak".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said his and the president's efforts to "remake the federal judiciary would come to a screeching halt if there was a Majority Leader [Charles E.] Schumer".

The man who's credited with helping to turn around the Trump campaign in late 2016 seems nearly reserved to the idea that a blue wave may be imminent thanks to a few Republican missteps coupled with recent tragedies that have, according to him and the president, taken the "wind out of Republicans' sails".

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Trump is also hammering away at the anxieties of women voters.

A pre-midterms Ipsos poll for the Daily Beast found that "investigating and potentially impeaching" Mr Trump was the number one priority for self-identified Democratic voters. "He's just so irresponsible", said Albrecht, who worries Trump's embrace of the far-right is remaking his party.

Democratic candidates pledge they will take up legislation to increase the minimum wage, expand child care availability and control prescription drug costs.

"We probably will do pretty well based on all of the numbers we're looking at now because we're seeing an energy people haven't seen since the last election in '16", said Trump. And according to Bannon, Trump is prepared to counterpunch the day after Election Day if there's a blue wave.

As part of that oversight, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has named a top priority: forcing Trump to hand over his tax returns. Trump says he'll take the issue to the Supreme Court. It is a competition for the soul of America - a referendum on Trump and the venomous political culture that many blame for gridlock in Congress and a recent spate of hate crimes and politically motivated attacks.

"They key thing is the Democrats could actually shut down the confirmation process for judicial nominees, which is pretty significant". A serious Republican challenger could try and win the nomination of the party for 2020.

The president has been escalating his claims about the potential for terrorists and murders to make their way into America through caravans barreling toward Texas.

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In recent rallies, Trump has talked up job growth and the economy, but he continues to highlight the thousands of Central American migrants who are heading to the United States border. Days later, an avid Trump supporter was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to prominent critics of the president, all of whom Trump routinely derides as "evil" and "un-American".

What to look for in USA midterm polls today