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How the vote reflects on President Donald Trump

07 November 2018

Early indications would appear to support this. Rasmussen points out that just before the November 2014 election, which gave the GOP control of the Senate and an increased majority in the House, the GOP's lead in the Rasmussen Congressional poll was 43%-41%.

It is likely that there will be a good idea of how the election is turning out during the early hours of Wednesday morning, but the full set of results could take days or even weeks depending on if there are any complications. "We have added almost 500,000 manufacturing jobs to our economy - jobs that many self-proclaimed experts said would never return", Trump wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.

Voting in Chicago, James Gerlock, 27, a Republican, said he wanted to see continued growth under Trump.

But with Trump in the Oval Office, she said she felt a responsibility to fight for issues like protecting the Affordable Care Act, "which I feel very proprietary about", as well as making sure there's "a woman at the table".

Trump was spending Election Day at the White House and tweeting support for Republicans in the toughest races.

He claimed Monday that Democrats wanted to make America "a giant sanctuary city for drug dealers, predators, and bloodthirsty MS-13 killers".

Trump has faced threats of impeachment over his conduct in relation to the FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

In a sign that Trump dominance two years ago isn't necessarily fatal for Democrats, their incumbents were expected to win re-election in six other states that he carried.

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"Which is a big difference", she said.

Early results began to trickle in from states such as in, site of a key US Senate battle, and Kentucky, home of a pivotal US House of Representatives race, but it could be hours before the winners are determined.

FILE - A woman arrives at a polling station in Lark Community Center as early voting for midterm elections started, in McAllen, Texas, Oct. 22, 2018.

US President Donald Trump looms large over Tuesday's election, which is expected to draw historic numbers to the polls and will determine which party controls Congress. "He is trying to do what we have never seen in the modern history of this country, to do what he is doing right now, to gain votes by trying to divide the American people up based on where we came from", Sanders said on SiriusXM Progress radio. If Republicans keep their majority, McCarthy could be the next speaker of the House.

Fact-checker sites state that Trump got 41 percent of the female vote in that election, though he did get 52 percent of votes from white women.

Trump is stressing Senate contests like Indiana's after sending signals that maintaining the House may be out of reach.

"It's going to be a long night for America's voters and a busy night for us", says OneNewsNow editor-in-chief Jody Brown.

Trump doesn't think much of that poll.

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Amid the recent rash of letter bombs and the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, Trump issued alarming and often unfounded warnings about caravans of migrants crossing Mexico toward the USA, blaming Democrats, without evidence, for the threat he claimed they pose.

If ever there was an off-year election for younger voters to break tradition, this is it.

Attacks on favorite Trump foes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters were staples of Trump's closing message to voters as he argued that Democrats would plunge the country into Venezuela-like chaos.

Carol Reynolds, 83, described herself as a former Republican as she cast her ballot in Laguna Beach. Any political damage inflicted on Trump's re-election efforts will also affect GOP candidates in 2020.

But he conceded on Monday the House may slip from his party's grasp.

Asked about his main fear if Democrats take the House, amid forecasts of a blue wave, Trump said: 'We'll just have to work a little bit differently. What if Trump's Republicans do surprisingly well, and the Democrats fall short of taking back the House?

Mr Trump also could face more pushback from Democrats on trade tariffs he has introduced, particularly in farm states hard hit by retaliatory measures from China or manufacturing states hit by higher steel and aluminum prices.

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How the vote reflects on President Donald Trump