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On Day 1 in power, House Democrats challenge Trump

07 January 2019

As the partial government shutdown reached its 13th day on Thursday, the White House said newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be responsible for brokering a deal with President Trump to reopen the government.

A former White House official said Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had told the president that a Pelosi speakership would actually be good for him.

Pelosi, who was elected speaker earlier Thursday, also took a shot a Trump, calling his proposal "a wall between reality and his constituents".

But Republicans who control the Senate say they won't take it up without Trump on board.

The Democratic package to end the shutdown includes a bill to temporarily fund the Department of Homeland Security at current levels - with $1.3 billion for border security, far less than Trump has said he wants- through February 8 as bipartisan talks would continue.

How has the shutdown come about?

Trump agrees to pause USA trade war with China
President Trump has agreed that on January 1, 2019, he will not increase tariffs on $200 billion worth of product from 10% to 25%. Reuters notes the United States now charges a 27.5 percent tariff on vehicles with a "made in China " label.

Trump is set to meet with congressional leadership again at the White House on January 4.

However, Republicans say they won't pass funding bills without Trump's approval.

The new Democratic House majority will likely not have much effect on Trump's own legislative agenda, primarily because he has not had much of one. "Unlike funding for this issue or that issue, this is one that I think - we just started to message as Republicans are late [to] the party - this is about securing the American people, about them keeping them safe". Talks are expected to resume on Friday.

The new Congress is like none other. New arrivals wander the halls in a daze.

We are also now hearing the unsafe claim that initiating impeachment proceedings against this president is politically unwise and that, instead, the focus should now shift to holding the president accountable via the 2020 election.

There were still receptions and flowery speeches to supporters who travelled to Washington for the occasion.

As stock markets plunge, Trump considers firing Federal Reserve chairman
US President Donald Trump has discussed firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell , Bloomberg reported today, citing sources. The short-term federal funds rate influences both USA and global financial markets which had widely priced in Wednesday's hike.

The House formally picked veteran Democratic lawmaker Pelosi as its speaker, elevating the liberal from San Francisco for her second stint in one of Washington's most powerful jobs.

This was the opening move, however. The partial government shutdown began on December 22 after Democrats and President Donald Trump were unable to reach a compromise over his demands for a $5 billion border wall.

This will leave congressional Democrats and the administration at a stalemate, with the partial shutdown no closer to getting resolved. "To hear this coming straight from congressional leaders does not instill a lot of hope".

Pelosi defied history in returning to the speaker's office after eight years in the minority, overcoming internal opposition from Democrats demanding a new generation of leaders. "Absolutely I said that", adding, "I don't think it will" last that long, "but I'm prepared". New Mexico's Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids of Kansas became the first two Native American women in Congress.

Led by rebels including Representatives Tim Ryan of Ohio, Kathleen Rice of NY, and Seth Moulton of MA, her foes cited the need for younger, fresh leaders. Will it be a Robert Mueller report, will it be an indiction of someone in the White House or House Democrats-led investigations that embarrass the president?

Women hold 102 seats in the House and 25 seats in the Senate.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 855 processor with 5G and performance improvements
The Samsung phone will be AT&T's second 5G device, after the aforementioned Netgear Nighthawk mobile hotspot puck. And as you'd expect, this 64-bit Arm-compatible system-on-chip is heavy on the 5G and AI hype.

That means the shutdown is sure to continue.

On Day 1 in power, House Democrats challenge Trump