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GOP senators now oppose health bill - enough to sink it


It is simply not the answer. "[The Better Care Act] takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Nevadans", Heller said, echoing a sentiment expressed in his initial statement on the bill, when it came out Thursday. Read More »

Nihalani objects to 'intercourse' word in SRK film's TV promo


While on one hand, there have been mini teasers of the film which are being aired; on the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan himself is not leaving any stone unturned for the same. But they've not come back to us with the deletion. Nihlani, often criticised for censoring the content of the films, said his objection this time is only for the TV telecast of the trailer. Read More »

Learning From the Georgia Special Congressional Election


Perez says he was "disappointed" by that election, but suggested it was to be expected. Failed Democratic candidate in the Georgia special election Jon Ossoff decried the rise of money in politics Tuesday before he completed the most expensive congressional race in US history. Read More »

Nike Airs Kevin Durant 'Debate This' Ad After NBA Finals


LeBron James , after becoming the first player in league history to average a triple-double in the Finals (33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists) said he never conceded the series to the Warriors until it was almost over. "We all carry weight". I'm just happy for him. Unfortunately for viewers, Smith wasn't on the show at the time due to the recent passing of his mother, and Wanda did make sure to offer condolences and say that she respected Smith above all else. Read More »

Eighth Saw Movie Will Release As Jigsaw After All


Better start preparing your stomachs now. Jigsaw takes its title from the movies' psychotic, trap-setting villain, who is played by Tobin Bell . Jigsaw's apprentices Costas Mandylor and Cary Elwes are not expected to come back for this film. Read More »

Bat-Signal lights up LA in honour of Adam West


The city of Los Angeles will come together to celebrate the life of, and pay tribute to, Batman icon Adam West . Garcetti then passed the microphone to Police Chief Charlie Beck , who explained that there were many times in his job that he wished he could turn on the Bat-signal. Read More »

Dennis Rodman Thinks He Helped Broker Otto Warmbier's Release

But the reclusive country claimed it, not Warmbier, was the " biggest victim " in the case. The 22-year-old University of Virginia student came to North Korea for a short visit in late 2015 as a tourist and was arrested in January 2016 on charges that he stole a propaganda poster from a staff-only level of the Pyongyang hotel where he was staying. Read More »

Mark Wahlberg feels protective of daughter

Cade, Izabella and his assistant Jimmy (Jerrod Carmichel) live in an abandoned scrapyard with the Autobots. Transformers: The Last Knight will forever be known as the one with King Arthur and Stonehenge and also Nazis, though sadly not at the same time. Read More »

Instagram 'Favorites' may be a new feature for private picture sharing


You can add and remove people from your Favorites group whenever you'd like, and people won't be notified when they're added or removed from your Favorites group. Instead, friends will only know when they see posts with the Favorite badge associated with the feature. People on a friend's favorites tab will see their posts with a green badge. Read More »

Jewar airport in Greater Noida gets Centre's nod


The Union Aviation Ministry on Friday approved a second worldwide airport in the Delhi-National Capital Region, at Greater Noida's Jewar in Uttar Pradesh , The Hindu reported. The plan for the Noida airport in Jewar was later revived after BJP MP from Gautam Budh Nagar, Mahesh Sharma, also the previous Minister of State for Civil Aviation, pressed for building an worldwide airport in his constituency. Read More »

Bill Cosby will hold town hall meetings on sexual assault

In a Wednesday interview on Birmingham, Alabama's WBRC-TV news, Wyatt offered more detail about the seminars. A juror on Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial believes that accuser Andrea Constand was "well-coached" on the stand. Cosby has been accused of inappropriate behaviour by nearly 60 women, but this was the only one to make it to trial. "These town hall meetings are not about sexual assault", Benson said. Read More »

Lynch: Reduce cost on health plans

Critics of the bill say those increases will not keep up with rising health care costs. Sen. "But the bill in front of us today I don't think makes those fixes", Heller said . Rand Paul , who rejected the plan along with fellow Senators Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and Ron Johnson , said fundamental problems remained that would leave taxpayers subsidizing health insurance companies. Read More »

Donald Trump has no idea whether he likes the Senate healthcare bill

Rather than calling the tactic intimidation, Spicer went on to say that the President tweeted "Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" in order to force the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director to tell the truth about their interactions. Read More »

Get an Eyeful of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story


It was initially slated as the third season of " American Crime Story " until the network swapped it with " Katrina: American Crime Story ", which will now begin production in early 2018 and run as Season 3. He earned an Emmy nomination for playing Dandy Mott in " American Horror Story: Freak Show ". That Wittrock signed on to Versace doesn't come as a surprise. Read More »

Los Angeles To Honor Adam West With An Actual Bat-Signal Lighting


The city of Los Angeles will be paying their respects to Batman legend, Adam West this evening (15 June) in the best way possible. West apparently completed recording for the project before his death. He had homes in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, but he and his wife, Marcelle, spent most of their time at their ranch near Sun Valley, Idaho. West's family was on hand, along with West's " Batman " co-stars Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether, said Garcetti. Read More »

Five GOP senators now oppose health bill _ enough to sink it

Heller's comments came the day after four conservative senators issued a joint statement saying they can not support the bill unless it is changed . Senate version of a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. As he has multiple times since the ACA's passage in 2010, Obama conceded that the bill was less than ideal and vowed to support any Republican-backed bill that "is demonstrably better than the improvements we made to our health care system, that covers as many people at ... Read More »

Obama: the Republican's Senate bill "is not a healthcare bill"

Medicaid was a program originally designed as a health insurance program for the poorest of the poor. Wisconsin's Ron Johnson is one of four Republicans not yet on board with the U.S. Hospital stocks have been under pressure from the possibility of health-care reform because they have been more profitable under Obamacare, which the Congressional Budget Office said would result in 23 million more Americans with insurance over a decade than under the House GOP plan. Read More »

Warmbier death: N. Korea accuses U.S. of 'smear campaign'

Relatives say they were told the University of Virginia student had been in a coma since shortly after he was sentenced to prison in North Korea in March 2016. The spokesman didn't describe how Hunziker died, but claimed that the United States then "totally ignored" his death. "Those who have absolutely no idea about how well we treated Warmbier under humanitarian conditions dare to utter "mistreatment" and "torture", he said according to the official KCNA news agency. Read More »

Lawyers Deliver Closing Arguments In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial

The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial will start its second day of deliberations by hearing more of Cosby's testimony in the accuser's related lawsuit. Constand took a seat in the front row on the opposite side of the courtroom. Cosby says he only gave her Benadryl. A total of 60 women have claimed they were abused by Cosby - but Constand , 44, is the first to take him to criminal trial over the allegations. Read More »

Constand's attorney: Cosby trial gave voice to sexual assault victims

The testimony is relevant because Cosby is charged with giving pills to Constand, a former Temple University employee, to incapacitate her before their sexual encounter. Cosby's hand groping my breasts, under my shirt". If it turns out that most of the jurors were unwilling to convict Bill Cosby on any of the three charges, a retrial is unlikely to be successful, so a wise prosecutor would probably seek some kind of face-saving plea deal. Read More »

Cindy's remnants: Street flooding from South to the Midwest

Temperatures will remain mild, falling through the 70s and into the upper 60s. Some cooler than normal weather and quite dry may be on tap for next week. and 11 a.m. Though swamped roads and high tides interfered with transportation, Ashley Buller, an assistant in the parish emergency office, said there were no reports of major flooding. Read More »

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

Democrats are left to wonder whether they should have poured resources into the SC race instead. All the races were on GOP-friendly terrain. Pelosi has led the Democratic caucus in the House since 2003, and in March said she would have retired had Hillary Clinton won the election. Read More »