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China Banning Coal, Iron, Seafood Imports From North Korea

Kim had said that after the nuclear tests, North Korea could now strike at any part of the US. "They know how I feel", he told reporters on Thursday. "It is obviously improper to use one issue as a tool to exercise pressure on the other", said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry on Monday. Read More »

Taylor Swift wins sexual assault case against ex-DJ


I never had my hand under her skirt. "I wasn't invited to be in the photo ", Mueller explained. Four years ago, soon after I graduated college and moved to NY, I went on a date with a tourist from London who I'd met in a Starbucks. Swift may be a divisive figure in pop culture but, whatever you think of her, there's no doubt that she handled her trial perfectly and, you might even argue, has provided women everywhere with a ideal blueprint for how to respond to sexual assault and ... Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to training after ban verdict


But it bothers me, when I see five matches and what [punishment] they want to give him it bothers me. As he turned to head upfield, Ronaldo approached De Burgos Bengoetxea from behind and gently shoved him with his right hand. The Portugal star was also fined more than $4,400 for his actions while Real Madrid received a $2,000 bill. Anyone supporting Barcelona in the Camp Nou last night, or watching the coverage on television, would have had a wry smile on their face when Cristiano ... Read More »

Kentucky mayor calls for removal of Confederate statues amid Virginia violence


One of those groups is the Traditionalist Worker Party, which has recently tried to recruit members in eastern Kentucky. No date was given but Heimbach told WKRC TV it would be "sooner rather than later". It was one of the largest public rallies of white nationalist groups in years and one of the bloodiest confrontations yet over the future of a Confederate monument. Read More »

'I forgive him,' father of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer speaks out


Blair wore a purple T-shirt with a picture of Heather and the words: "If you're not outraged you're not paying attention". Bro said she had dinner with her daughter about a week ago. Friends and family are mourning the death of a protester and two Virginia state troopers who died Saturday in Charlottesville, where a vehicle plowed into a group of people protesting a white nationalist rally and a police helicopter crashed. Read More »

Venezuela Army Ready to Protect State by All Means Amid Trump's Threats


Pompeo said on " Fox News Sunday " that Venezuela "could very much become a risk" to the United States if it descended into further chaos. The weeklong trip, aimed at coordinating a regional diplomatic action to the political crisis in Caracas, begins in Colombia, a strong USA ally that takes hundreds of millions of dollars a year in funding from Washington and which has little liking for leftist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro . Read More »

Travis Scott Gifts Kylie Jenner A $60000 Diamond Necklace


Ever the glamourpuss, the cosmetics brand owner plumped for a poker-straight platinum blonde wig, retro white-framed sunglasses and strappy silver heels which fastened all the way up her thigh to complete her look. "I just don't want people to think that this is a representation of my product and who I am", Kylie said. Interestingly, back in 2013, rumors swirled thatJennerand her sister Kendall had been illegally drinking in a 21-and-over nightclub. Read More »

Jon Snow battles the White Walkers in Game of Thrones next episode

Pulse Movies has put together seven moments from the episode which aired on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Even Qyburn's Scorpion failed to bring down Drogon , which was inarguably their best shot at beating Daenerys . If she doesn't, she still dies. He isn't the type to try and make a play for the Iron Throne . The manipulative Lord Baelish set a trap which he hopes would drive a wedge between the Stark sisters. Read More »

White House turns screw on China over North Korea


Chinese President Xi Jinping asked his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump for moderation on the Korean peninsula issue on a phone conversation on Friday. "It opens the door to a fairly wide-ranging inquiry which can result in fairly aggressive actions to stop China ..." "The customs officer said traders and importers have to pay more attention to the risks", the trader said after the meeting. Read More »

President Trump condemns KKK, neo-Nazis as 'thugs'


A neo-Nazi website is praising the president for not condemning white nationalist groups for the demonstration that turned violent. As repulsive as the white supremacists and their messages were, they had the same First Amendment rights as all other Americans do. Read More »

Man Plowed By Car After Saving His Fiancée's Life In Charlottesville


Robert E. Lee. Tensions first began to rise on Friday night, when hundreds of torch-carrying white nationalists marched through the campus of the University of VirginiaU, which was founded by Thomas Jefferson. He was very big into Nazism. BuzzFeed also reviewed a now-deleted Facebook page that reportedly belonged to Fields, finding several photos that reflect alt-right views, in addition to a baby photograph of Adolf Hitler and a meme of Pepe the Frog , which was adopted as an ... Read More »

Game of Thrones Season 7: Breaking Down Episode 5

Daenerys arriving with Drogon would be the most exciting rescue, but potentially the most destructive, which is why we're rooting for Benjen and his horse to show up and save them. 'It wasn't so much a question of whether to bring him back as it was how to bring him back '. Gendry is also in the thick of the fight. In " Eastwatch ", Jon Snow led Jorah Mormont and Gendry to the eastern side of the Wall, where it was revealed that the Hound and his companions have ... Read More »

'Game of Thrones' season 7 episode 5: Leaked plot details

Clearly, he is conflicted between supporting Daenerys Targaryen and his own people. This one will be lucky if she lets it walk across the room without her standing over it. The show has already confirmed that Lyanna gave birth to a son, who would grow up to be Jon Snow , after she made her brother Ned promise to keep him safe. Read More »

'Game of Thrones' Added a Big New Location to the Opening Credits


In the Tower of Joy sequence from the Season 6 episode The Winds of Winter , we learn that Ned Stark agreed to care for his sister Lyanna's baby. Back with Jon, an enormous army of wights approaches. Meanwhile, Jon is shown fighting another White Walker like the one he killed at Hardhome. The final montage shows Jon's group leaving Eastwatch . Read More »

China's Xi says peaceful resolution needed for N. Korea nuclear issue


The message comes on the heels of an early Friday statement from North Korea's state-run media accusing the president of pushing the Korean peninsula to the "brink of a nuclear war". German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday she opposed any use of force to resolve the conflict with North Korea , AFP reported . He gave no details and did not make clear whether he meant unilateral or multilateral sanctions. Read More »

Lukaku scores 2, Man United beats West Ham 4-0 in EPL


Today will give us an early indication whether they will be more clinical this season. I want the Champions League to start. I feel the club is much better so we go for it this season. The box-to-box midfielder struggled during Manchester United's 2-1 loss to Champions League holders Real Madrid in the Uefa Super Cup on Tuesday night. Read More »

Did the Game Of Thrones director just reveal Jaime Lannister's fate?


Jon , Daenerys , Cersei , Varys are all brooding, talking, looking utterly bored in upcoming episode , Eastwatch . Next week's Game Of Thrones episode looks like it's going to be a doozy! "Having said that, the battle one wasn't put together and all the elements weren't in place and the music wasn't there and so forth". Read More »

Trump Sparks Backlash for Blaming Violence on 'Many Sides'


A auto plowed into a group of the counter-protesters Saturday, killing a 32-year-old woman and leaving 19 others hurt. Trump did not take questions following his remarks. "& true affection for each other". - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican and Trump supporter. "No matter our color, creed, religion, our political party, we are all Americans first", he said, adding that he'd like for his administration to "study" why such violence is occurring. Read More »

Mickelson misses US PGA Championship cut for first time in 22 years


Long after 25th-ranked Kisner reached the clubhouse with his second consecutive 67, players once fearful of lightning-fast greens attacked the dampened putting surfaces after the delay and soared up the leaderboard. However, Kisner, Matsuyama, Day and Stroud have been sharp to this point, and they don't look like they are about to relinquish control of the PGA Championship . Read More »

Was Lady Stoneheart in the latest episode of Game of Thrones?


As we've learned before, Jaime is a good prisoner of war to have in your custody, even more so now that he's the only bargaining chip Cersei cares about. It doesn't remove the fact that Theon betrayed the Starks. Remember: the last time Arya Stark saw Littlefinger wasn't at King's Landing. And you can bet that the reference to this mystery and the reappearance of the dagger after all this time means we'll get an answer soon. Read More »