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Everything you need to know about Netflix and Marvel's The Defenders

And the new series does a good job of refreshing us on each character and what they've been up to since their standalone series without feeling like an information dump. Is she working on some kind of life-extension tech, or is she after something that will create more people like the inexplicably strong Jessica and Luke? Jessica Henwick and Simone Missick also star. Read More »

New Game of Thrones Photos Tease an Epic Battle Beyond the Wall

It was further hinted that Jon's father was Rhaegar because according to the books, he ran off with Lyanna implying a secret love affair. We have already seen him die once and a second death would seem corny. 'But it's a decision they made a long time ago, the decision that we need to see faces more than heads being warm. While there's no confirmation whether the area where Jon fights off the White Walkers in Death is the Enemy really is the same place where the White ... Read More »

In no time industry puts you in brackets: Kriti Sanon


A Box Office India report stated that in 35 cinemas in Mumbai which screens Bareilly Ki Barfi , there have been just 976 admits. The first day first show of Bareilly Ki Barfi has already started across the country. Celebs described the Ayushmann Khurrana's movie as a complete entertainer. As for Bitti, Kriti Sanon is a great fit for the manic pixie dream girl fad. Read More »

Is Cersei actually pregnant or is it all a ploy?

Cersei has had the Gold Cloaks out for Tyrion's head ever since, though for her it's more about the fact that she thinks he killed her son Joffrey than the fact that Tyrion killed their father. The significance of the photo above is mostly that it offers you a chance to see Cersei Lannister seemingly recovering from some of the news that she's heard from the battleground. Read More »

13 killed in Barcelona terror attack as van plows into crowd


The dramatic events in and around Barcelona have so far killed at least 14 civilians. The United States swiftly condemned Thursday's deadly attack in Barcelona and offered assistance to authorities in Spain. It careened more than 600 yards through the pedestrian section, zig-zagging through the crowds, according to Rac1. Update: So this was another vehicle attack, this time using a auto. Read More »

'Star Wars' spin-off to be centered on Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi


Rogue One featured the story of a group of rebels who stole the Death Star plans and ended directly before Episode IV: A New Hope (the first ever Star Wars film). In fact, when Lucasfilm was first acquired by Disney , and we were all trying to imagine what kind of spin-off films we could have, I was enthusiastically behind the Obi-Wan idea. Read More »

Marvel's The Defenders ignore Sigourney Weaver's advice in final trailer


The group's first meeting doesn't augur well for things to come, with Luke Cage and Danny Rand - alias the Iron Fist - even coming to blows. Okay, sure, it's still The Hand they have to take down, but sitting on the ground floor of villainy is Alexandra: a mafiosa that hasn't so much has been referenced in any of the four series that lead into this crossover event. Read More »

Is The Demise Of Jon Snow Littlefinger's Actual End Game?


Prime Focus Technology, a content company hired by the country's Star India channel - where the show is broadcast - accepted the fault had come from inside their offices, and filed the complaint to the police. Star India had confirmed the leak and initiated an investigation. In the current timeline of events in the TV series, the character is absent because the novel states that Robert Baratheon killed him during the Battle of the Trident at the ruby ford. Read More »

Emma Stone is highest-paid actress of 2017


If there is anything to be silent, she can always console themselves with the $ 24 million of his fortune obtained through his recent roles and his contract with Dior. Both huge proponents of pay equality, Lawrence and Stone have spoken out for women's rights, especially in essays and interviews over the past year. Earlier this year, the actress spoke out about gender pay gaps in Hollywood and how along the way some male actors she has worked with have taken pay cuts to ensure she received ... Read More »

Courtroom artist responds to fan criticism of Taylor Swift sketches


Meanwhile, the countersuit by Taylor Swift in which she sued Mueller for just $1 for assault and battery, the jury found that she was in fact assaulted and she suffered battery. And it tells every woman that they will determine what is tolerated with their body". This marks the end of a trial that drew global coverage, particularly with Swift's very direct testimony last week. Read More »

What's 'alt-left'? Experts say it's 'made-up term'


Lee statue. "The Alt-Light is the Alt-Right without the racist overtones but it is hard to differentiate it sometimes because you're looking at people who sometimes dance between both camps", he said. The pushback from establishment Republicans carried on today, with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel speaking to "Good Morning America" and telling white supremacists, "We don't want your vote, we don't support you, we'll speak out against you". Read More »

Trump Talks To Guam President: I Am Behind You "1000 Percent"


Mr Trump praised the scenic beauty of the island, which is roughly 3379 kilometres southeast of Pyongyang . The tiny USA territory of Guam feels a strong sense of patriotism and confidence in the American military, which has an enormous presence on the Pacific island. Read More »

Why Arya's Faceless Men Training Will Doom Littlefinger's Plans


Littlefinger may not be skilled in combat or sorcery and may not have a prestigious family name, but he has more than made up for that in cunning and intelligence. Littlefinger is exceptional when it comes to climbing a pile of corpses to the next rung on his chaos ladder. "Dear ARYA STRAK, I have been requested by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company to contact you for assistance in resolving a matter..." "And now Arya shows up". Read More »

Tom Cruise injured on 'Mission: Impossible 6' set


That being said, the delay could make life hard for the co-stars in any situation since they had previously scheduled to move on to other projects and now they'll need to return to finish filming once Cruise is ready to go. 2015's Rogue Nation even went as far as turning the film-opening setpiece involving Cruise's mid-air boarding of a jet into the lynchpin of its promotional push . Read More »

JD Fortune presenting Elvis Presley at deCoste


Sherry Evans, right, poses with Elvis Presley's personal nurse, Tish Henley-Kirk, and her husband, Barrey, in Memphis . The man dubbed "the King of Rock "n" Roll" continues to sell records to collectors and lifelong fans. "I didn't see him as this movie star or this huge iconic singer". Even the Beatles were influenced by Elvis . "It's like a rock and roll mystery, the history of this", says Muir, who paid more than $25,000 for the jukebox. Read More »

'Game of Thrones' leaked again, HBO Spain airs episode by mistake


Now, the TV series has started and it has set the new TV rating records with its fifth episode Eastwatch . I won't spoil anything at all. Apparently some people even mentioned that the episode clips were leaked on social media. This was the episode to be aired next Monday. These screen-grabs are not from the preview that HBO officially released. This is actually not the first time this has happened - an episode of season 6 having been accidentally uploaded by HBO's Nordic arm a few ... Read More »

MoviePass' new plan offers $10 a month for a movie a day


That's why the news that there's a subscription service charging just $9.95 per month for (mostly) unlimited movie trips is grabbing all kinds of attention. I'm going to guess most people won't care. MoviePass says its subscription service is good at 91 percent of the movie theaters in the US, though that would drop significantly if AMC can figure out a way to opt out, given it operates 11,000 screens at 1,000 theaters, largely in the U.S. Read More »

Next week's Game Of Thrones accidentally leaked by HBO

Another clip on Twitter shows another Stark reunion but this time happening beyond the wall. Plagued by a series of hacks, " Game of Thrones " was beset by another leak when HBO Spain "accidentally" broadcasted next week's episode of season 7 of the cult TV show. Read More »

Daenerys Is Ready To Fight In Latest 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer


Game of Thrones writer Dave Hill penned Sunday night's episode, " Eastwatch ", and below he gives EW some creative insight about some of the fifth episode's biggest moments... "And on top of that, there's that little tiny moment where he thinks, 'Is this possible?" Tyrion and Varys seemed concerned by her lack of clemency and had some slight worries that some of her father, the Mad King, might live on inside her but she is facing an enemy in Cersei that is much more ruthless than she. Read More »

Where to watch the solar eclipse in Kane County


The online store at The Great American Eclipse , for example, has T-shirts, hats, can coolers, lanyards, lapel pins, temporary tattoos, luggage tags, viewing glasses, posters and more - most of all of which bears branding related to "The Great American Eclipse ". Read More »