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Jackie Chan, Stallone team up for action thriller


The film is being made with Chinese backing, and the working budget is said to be in the region of $80 million. The story starts when a Chinese oil refinery is attacked in Mosul , Iraq and a Chinese private security contractor, played by Chan , is called in to extract the oil workers. Read More »

UK working to restore hospital systems after cyberattack


The vulnerability gave the hackers what amounted a lock pick to the Microsoft software on computers that did not receive the update from the company or that used outdated operating systems. "They said the system was down and that they can not transfer anyone till the computer system was back up so he is still in the theatre". Spain's Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda confirms the intrusion, describing it as "punctual attacks". Read More »

Handwritten Harry Potter prequel stolen in burglary

According to The New York Times , the stolen prequel is set before the birth of Harry Potter and focuses on his father and Sirius Black's run-in with police. The story was written by Rowling and auctioned off to support English Pen , a nonprofit that supports journalism, freedom of speech, and access to literature. Read More »

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans in Shock After Season 13's Deadly Pre-Finale Episode


Read on for all the nerve-racking scoop. We are so excited for another season of Grey's Anatomy so make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 8 PM - 9 PM ET for our Grey's Anatomy recap. So Megan being alive was causing more than a just minor breakdown for Owen. When she got a hold of Teddy, yes THAT Teddy, it was confirmed that Megan was truly on the way home. Read More »

Guy Ritchie's 'Aladdin' will be a musical


But just in case, the director has officially ended any doubt. "I think it'd be tough to not make [ Aladdin ] a musical", he told Nerdist . "I've really just immersed myself into that project. But while he's pretty sure the movie will be a musical, he's not sure about much else concerning the movie. Ritchie obviously wants to do something close to the animated film but also give it his own unique take. Read More »

Man Files Lawsuit Against 'Flip or Flop' Stars


The legal documents were filed in January and claim that the Flip or Flop hosts were "going to be filming the show Flip or Flop in North Carolina", and hired the realtor to "find homes for them in the major cities such as Raleigh, NC". Read More »

Clinton co-writes White House thriller


Clinton and Patterson, friends for more than a decade, first came up with the idea for their novel in late 2016, after Hillary Clinton lost out to Donald Trump in last year's gruelling election. Fiction works by former presidents are rare. Knopf has always been Clinton's publisher, and Patterson has been with Little, Brown for decades. In a statement, he said he had always been a fan of Patterson's novels. Read More »

Learn How to Fake Stunt With the Viral #BowWowChallenge


By putting on displays of stacks of cash, fancy cars, lavish mansions and private jets , these cats were trying to make you believe that's how they lived. Twitter users tracked down the picture Bow Wow used for the posts that he's probably now regretting. A reverse image search on the photo of the private jet shows that the image belongs to MIA VIP Transportation , an executive group transportation company located in Florida . Read More »

Senate committee subpoenas Flynn for Russian Federation documents


Representative Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat who is a member of the House intelligence committee that is also investigating Russian meddling in the election, said access to such financial records is one of the reasons lawmakers have been clamouring for Trump to release his tax returns. Read More »

Here's Why TLC's Chilli Says She's 'All Lives Matter'


T-Boz, 47, and Chilli , 46, soldiered on as a duo, but had not recorded a studio album since her death until launching a crowdfunded comeback in 2015. Unfortunately, there is still confusion on what the movement is about . "Some people take that authoritative position and go insane with it obviously", she said. Read More »

Two Months Before His Firing, James Comey Called Trump "Crazy"

President Trump's obvious lie - that Comey had told him three times he was not under investigation - has been called out as " farcical " by former Comey associates. Rosenstein, a longtime federal prosecutor with a sterling reputation, is now at the center of vast speculation, pressure and finger-pointing in Washington where the level of political toxicity could hardly push higher. Read More »

HBO sets movie about 'Fantasy Island' star Herve Villechaize


Sacha Gervasi, best known for writing Tom Hanks' 2004 movie The Terminal and directing Anthony Hopkins in 2012′s Hitchcock , is set to write and direct the movie. Films have come on board the project after an extensive period of development. " His is the story of a unique misfit trying to find his place in the world ". Read More »

Arrow Season 5 Episode 21 Review - 'Honor Thy Fathers'


Oliver had the chance to end Chase during their brawl in " Honor Thy Fathers ", with the latter man kneeling to the ground as he learned of Claybourne's intention to disown him. He felt like glorified window dressing here. Still, nobody should be shocked that a big picture kind of guy like Chase had contingencies in place, and is now picking off members of Team Arrow one by one - with a little help, of course. Read More »

New Flash sizzle reel teases returning villains


Amnesia Barry might be my favorite Barry aka "Bart". Between Flashpoint, crossovers and now the reveal of Savitar, The Flash has really given Barry a lot to think about as he moves forward as a hero. Where can they get that? It was perfectly executed and really posed the question as to whether we may yet see her play a pivotal part in the ultimate battle to come with Savitar. Read More »

Emma Watson celebrates historic MTV award win in gender-free acting category

So much fun stuff happened at last nights MTV Movie and TV awards and these are just a few of our favorites. Amy Doyle, the general manager of MTV, VH1, and Logo said the decision to eliminate male and female acting categories was a "cultural statement", and the driving force behind the change was the MTV audience which is "uniformly rejecting obsolete labels and embracing fluidity". Read More »

CAN urges FG to stop Nigeria from participating in Islamic games


This was Saudi Arabia's third straight win. Therefore, we were particularly concerned not be carried away by the circumstances governing the ( Islamic Solidarity) Games in our first encounter. Iran, who have been pitted against Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Morocco in Group B, are participating in the competition with U20 team, headed by Behrouz Ataei. Read More »

Emma Watson MTV Movie Awards 2017


Having emphasized the importance of receiving a gender-neutral award, Emma then went on to state how it was all the more meaningful as it was presented to her by Asia Kate Dillon who plays Taylor Mason, the first gender non-binary character on television, in Showtime's Billions . Read More »

Selena Gomez's new single to release on May 18


Will we be getting new music from Selena in six days? After all, several of the characters from the hit series accuse protagonist, Hannah Baker, of being a "bad liar" throughout the show, according to her version of events described on the tapes*. Read More »

Vin Diesel: We haven't seen 'fully-fledged' Groot yet

A Ravager, Taserface spearheads a mutiny against Yondu ( Michael Rooker ) and assumes control while holding Rocket ( Bradley Cooper ) and Groot (Vin Diesel) hostage. However, James Gunn won't be doing it alone. "( Marvel Studios chief) Kevin (Feige ) and I are working on what is going to become of the Marvel Cosmic Universe and where it's going to go. Read More »

Survivor Game Changers episode 12 Immunity Challenge: Stickball


I talked to her every night. Andrea says her mom is the best, even though Andrea was a troublemaker as a kid. Sarah is none too heartbroken over the decision to ditch Sierra because it means that she'll get Sierra's advantage. She wants Sarah to join her and help make sure she is still around at the final six. "I came in with gun blazing". I was so paranoid that someone was going to go through my stuff - I was even scared to bury it somewhere because I thought someone would find it! ... Read More »

Trump threatens to cancel press briefings, says Spicer 'gets beat up'

In an interview with Fox News's Jeanine Pirro on Friday, the president complained about hostility and unfair treatment at the hands of the media, suggesting for the second time in one day that he might just cancel the daily briefing - and adding that he might instead hold biweekly briefings himself. Read More »

James Comey will not testify before Congress on Tuesday

Trump told Fox News in an interview he did not think an independent probe was necessary. Comey told associates the president pushed the director to pledge his loyalty to the president that night. On Thursday Trump said he would have fired Comey regardless of any such recommendations. On Capitol Hill, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe strongly disputed the White House's assertion that Comey had been fired in part because he had lost the confidence of the FBI's rank-and-file. Read More »