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Netflix Gets a Rocky Start At Cannes


Joon-ho's films are best viewed on the big screen, but if he can get a larger audience for a movie as out-there at Okja , then maybe the Netflix model isn't such a bad thing. Later, another member of the jury, Will Smith (whose next film, Bright, will be released on Netflix ), said, "In my house, Netflix has been nothing but an absolute benefit..." Added Bong: "I'm just very happy that [Almodovar] will watch this movie tonight". Read More »

WWE: What is Shinsuke Nakamura's 'Strong Style'?


The PPV itself would often be a better wrestling event than WrestleMania in fact, with it effectively being a re-run of the card with all of the pomp and spectacle removed. Dillinger has proven to be a superstar that the fans can get behind, but in recent weeks English has changed his character to being more singing-oriented. Read More »

With Bong leading the way, Gyllenhaal goes big in 'Okja'

South Korean director Bong Joon-ho attends a news conference for his new film " Okja " at the 70th Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2017 . While critics adored " Okja ", an adventure story of a girl who tries to rescue a giant genetically-modified pig from its ruthless creators, Variety said it really "belonged on the big screen" while The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw said "it's a bad waste to shrink them to an iPad". Read More »

Cannes 2017: Okja bows in Cannes to positive response following screening hiccup


Cannes Film Festival has apologised after technical problems and unruly audience members disrupted the first screening of Netflix's Okja at the prestigious event. The service is set to premiere a movie by Jessica Williams that they acquired at Sundance, but that film isn't worthy of competing at Cannes because, to France's disgust, someone might watch it on an iPad. Read More »

Twin Peaks season premiere


The series brilliantly coalesced soap opera-esque drama with satire, humor, horror, and suspense in a world of supernatural mystery. Showtime CEO David Nevins added more detail on the tone of season three, confirming that: "There's darkness and there's scariness, but a lot less cursing and probably somewhat less nudity than most of our other programming". Read More »

Young whale finds its way out of Southern California harbor


Authorities may have helped it on its way by playing a continuous loop of humpback whale feeding sounds overnight near the harbor's entrance-exit point. The Coast Guard, the National Parks Service and local authorities were involved in the effort. The tactic finally succeeded after they cleared everyone out of the area and moved the underwater speakers closer to the ocean. Read More »

The Resident Evil film series is getting a reboot


Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film talked to Variety at the Cannes Film Festival and confirmed that a reboot is now in development over at the German production company. The film pulled in $312 million Dollars worldwide, over $285 million of which flowed in from foreign audiences (via Box Office Mojo ). If you thought Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was the final chapter , then think again... Read More »

N.Korea launches 'projectile' north of Pyongyang


Citing the unnamed officials, NBC said the KN-17 missile's reentry into the atmosphere was controlled and it did not burn up. North Korea's missile test on Sunday sparked condemnation from the worldwide community, with the White House describing North Korea as a "menace" and the United Nations Security Council holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss a united response. Read More »

Cassie Sainsbury was a sex worker


Ms Sainsbury's mother Lisa did not openly criticise Mr Broadbridge on 60 Minutes , despite probing by reporter Liam Bartlett, but hinted at the feud between them. There is no suggestion that Broadbridge himself will be the subject of any charges. Mr Herran said Ms Sainsbury was told: "If you do not get to fly we will be threatening or killing your family or you". Read More »

Screening at Cannes of Netflix's 'Okja' stopped due to heckling

Actors Paul Dano , right, and Jake Gyllenhaal pose for photographers during the photo call for the film Okja at the 70th worldwide film festival, Cannes, southern France, Friday, May 19, 2017. Indiewire film critic David Ehrlich tweeted: " Okja starts, huge boos at Netflix logo". The festival quickly issued an apology, promising that the error was technical and not anti-Netflix sabotage. Read More »

Big game hunter killed when crushed by elephant


Botha fired on three cows that charged the hunters, but a fourth elephant charged them from the side and lifted Botha in the air, South Africa's News24 reports . He is survived by his wife and five children. A year ago a local tourist, Mr Stephen Coetzee was trampled to death by a suspected female elephant in Hwange National Park. Read More »

Meghan Markle With Prince Harry At Pippa Middleton's Wedding Reception

Of course, no one knows if Meghan Markle made a decision to opt out of the wedding ceremony at the last minute or if Pippa Middleton personally requested for her not to be there. Middleton and her father, Michael Middleton, before the wedding. The Duchess of Cambridge had her hands full when looking after the pageboys and bridesmaids at her sister's wedding - and at one point was forced to tell the children to be quiet. Read More »

Rallying: Ogier wins in Portugal for the fifth time


The runner-up finish lifted Neuville to second placed in the WRC standings , 22 points behind Ogier with seven of 13 rallies remaining. His first win since marking his M-Sport Ford debut with success on the Monte Carlo Rally in January, Ogier emerged out front during the second day of competition as his main rivals fell by the wayside as a effect of errors and technical problems. Read More »

Vanessa Bayer Leaving 'SNL' After 7 Seasons


Bayer wrote, "Thank you SNL for 7 years of laughs, love and incredible memories". Bayer went for broke as a flatulent Golden Age of Hollywood movie star, a gross-out sketch that had no business being as amusing as it was. Johnson did not disappoint in his fifth appearance, and the show ended the season on a high note as it said goodbye to long-time cast members, Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan . Read More »

President Trump, a critic of Islam and terrorism, meets with Arab leaders

News outlets which have seen drafts of the speech report that Trump will say: "We are not here to lecture - to tell other peoples how to live, what to do or who to be". Trump smiled and said "I agree". The president then complimented el-Sissi's choice of footwear, telling his Egyptian counterpart "Love your shoes". Read More »

Matt Harvey Played Golf Before No-Showing At Mets Game Saturday


Alderson said the right-hander had been sent home, but declined further comment. The 28-year-old pitcher was reportedly a no-show at the ballpark on Saturday. Marlins: CF Christian Yelich missed a start for the first time this season. "There were some moves made last night because we felt this might occur, " he said . Read More »

Destiny's Child reunite at Beyoncé's star-studded 'push party'


Beyonce celebrated the upcoming arrival of her twins with a baby shower attended by stars including former Destinys Child band-mate Kelly Rowland and tennis player Serena Williams. Tina starts a countdown, saying "One, two, three." then all the guests join her in shouting "happy Carter push party". The bash was outdoors, with the attendees sitting under tents, and reportedly featured a soul food buffet for lunch and activities for children, including a lemonade bar. Read More »

Comey to testify in public Senate intelligence hearing

A Washington Post report, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, said a senior Trump adviser is now considered a "person of interest" in the law enforcement investigation into whether Trump's campaign associates coordinated with Russian Federation in an effort to sway the 2016 election. Read More »