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53 people charged with conspiring to celebrate gay wedding in Nigeria


The defence lawyers have said the accused are students. gathered that the accused group of persons pleaded guilty while their counsel asked the court to grant them bail in line with some sections of the constitution. Nigeria has an influential Christian evangelical movement in the south and strong support for Islamic law in the north, both of which oppose homosexuality. Read More »

April the giraffe and her boy calf are doing well


You can enter and vote as many times as you would like - though votes cost a dollar each . However, it was nowhere close to the most-viewed live-streaming event in YouTube's history: That's the Red Bull Stratos space jump by skydiver Felix Baumgartner in October 2012, which more than 8 million people watched live concurrently on YouTube. Read More »

Serena Williams is pregnant

As speculations were rife that Serena's post was about pregnancy, the 35-year-old soon deleted the post triggering a debate among tennis fans about whether or not she was joking. Let that sink in", wrote Twitter user @noelleharmony. Serena Williams has the pull of one last tennis record when she returns to the sport in 2018 (most likely to defend her Australian Open title). Read More »

Sentencing Begins Thursday in Trooper's Murder

Defense lawyer Bill Ruzzo says he'll appeal to jurors to spare Frein's life. Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin, outside the courtroom on Wednesday, said, "As you can see, the jury took this case seriously and looked at all the evidence and rendered a very serious verdict in the courtroom this afternoon". Read More »

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Vows 'This Will Never Happen Again'

After passengers had already boarded the plane, United said it needed to clear some seats for four members of another flight crew who needed to get to Louisville. No passengers on the plane have mentioned that Dao did anything but refuse to leave the plane when he was ordered to do so. Dao was removed from the plane Sunday after he refused to give up his seat on the full flight from Chicago to Louisville. Read More »

US working with allies on North Korea: Pence


On Monday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Koreas and warned Pyongyang that "the era of strategic patience is over". US Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday that Washington would work with its allies and China to put economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea but added that America would defeat any attack with an "overwhelming response". Read More »

Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process


Under the proposals, new arrivals would face a tougher citizenship test which would assess their commitment to Australia and their attitudes to religious freedom and gender equality. "Any conduct that is inconsistent with Australian values will be considered as part of this process", he said. "I think it is reasonable to look for English language proficiency and I think it is reasonable to have some period of time before you become an Australian citizen", said opposition leader Bill Shorten. Read More »

Billie Lourd Dresses as Princess Leia, Honors Carrie Fisher

Fisher died on December 27 after suffering a massive heart attack on a plane. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "She played a part that was very smart, and she was having to hold her own against two big lugs, goofballs that were screwing everything up". Read More »

Prince William and Lady Gaga team up

On Tuesday, the royal spoke further about his own personal struggles and his advocacy for mental health awareness through his Heads Together Campaign alongside brother Prince Harry and wife Duchess Kate. In an open letter published past year on the website of her Born This Way Foundation , Lady Gaga revealed that she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Read More »

Build-A-Bear unveils Guardians of the Galaxy collection

First, this is an episodic game that will release all five of its chapters on April 18th. Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One , and Mac. Second, is that a trailer of the game will be released on Thursday, March 30th at 9AM PT on all of Telltale's social media sites . Most likely this will be pretty similar to all of their other games. Read More »

Fans thought first 'Star Wars' was a joke: Mark Hamill

Did you notice the scar in the trailer for The Last Jedi? After that, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 generated 18,500 new conversations last week to come in third. New cast members will include Academy Award victor Benicio Del Toro, Academy Award nominee Laura Dern, and newcomer Kelly Marie Tran. The two biggest running theories so far are that the Last Jedi trailer was modeled after the trailer to Man of Steel and that The Ladi Jedi and The Force Awakens trailers are essentially the ... Read More »

Tina Knowles Enjoys Easter With Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland


And when she does not pose solo, the singer appears alongside her family. Lawson posted photographs of them all together on her Instagram. It is the latter who posted the cliché on his account Instagram with the legend " ¾ of my daughters reunited", thus referring to the fact that Solange Knowles was absent because now present at the festival Coachella. Read More »

Man held over 'imminent' France terror plot wanted in Belgium

French police has used tear gas to disperse angry demonstrators protesting against far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in the southern city of Marseilles. On Wednesday, she repeated that she would slash immigration, make it harder to obtain French nationality and crack down on suspected Islamists. Le Pen and Macron have jostled for the lead in opinion polls, with conservative candidate Francois Fillon third and far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon fourth. Read More »

When Star Wars Rebels Is Ending, According To Dave Filoni

Of course, multiplayer will also remain the crux of Battlefront 2, spanning all three Star Wars eras, including the prequel trilogy, original trilogy, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Star Wars Battlefront 2 sounds like a step up from 2015's entry in every single way, adding many fan-requested features, including split-screen co-op, which will be available at launch this time around. Read More »

Patriots' Gronkowski crashes White House Press Briefing

The Patriots' trip to the White House on Wednesday came on the same day it was reported that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison. Players Devin McCourty, Martellus Bennett, Chris Long, Dont'a Hightower and LeGarrette Blount all chose to skip the South Lawn visit for political differences . Read More »

Trump signed a new executive order to 'Buy American, Hire American'

The order, which Trump signed after delivering his remarks , looks to bolster protections for certain American-made goods. Throughout his election campaign, Trump pushed the "Buy American, hire American" maxim and prefers to move towards a merit-based visa system, which only encourages the most-talented workers from overseas to come. Read More »

Washington Wizards: 3 Keys to Victory in Game 2

As Bradley Beal settled into his seat, a microphone and row of reporters ahead of him, he smiled when observing his current situation. "Everybody's confident in me". "If we're going to jostle the whole series", the 6-foot-10 (2.08-meters) Morris said, "then that's what it's going to be". After game one, Millsap made a point of calling out what he considered overly aggressive play from the Wizards - "They were playing MMA ", he said. Read More »

Lady Gaga and Prince William talk about mental health

Prince William replied, "It's OK to have this conversation". "You feel like something is wrong with you", she told Prince William . She told Premier people have become more open about mental health struggles over the years, but Prince Harry giving insight into his healing process is paramount to how people will continue approach topic. Read More »

Stephen Colbert and 'Stephen Colbert' bid farewell to Bill O'Reilly

When Cooper asked if Waters still felt that way, she replied, "The day will come when rich men won't be able to buy their way out of this criminal activity, and they will go to jail, and they should go to jail". "Hello, Nation, and shame on you". The former Colbert Report host continued to lament the state of the country - "Suddenly sexual harassment's a crime?" - and slyly mock O'Reilly's one-dimensional persona: "When I first saw Bill on TV, I knew that no one could possibly sustain such a ... Read More »

Bill O'Reilly denies harassment allegations after losing job at Fox News

A pedestrian walks past the News Corp. headquarters building in NY displaying posters featuring Fox News Channel personalities including Bill O'Reilly, right, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Even with O'Reilly gone from Fox, Sesno said he doubts that the public appetite for his brand of "angry, high-decibel" chatter will give way to a new regard for civility. Read More »

Fast & Furious Film 8 Sits Atop Box Office


An wonderful sequence in New York City is the best of the lot. IndieWire's David Ehrlich labeled the film the worst of the series, while the Los Angeles Times' Justin Chang argued the franchise had jumped the shark, or in this case, the nuclear submarine. Read More »

Tucker Carlson Slides Right Into Bill O'Reilly's Fox News Spot


In a letter to 21st Century Fox employees, head honcho Rupert Murdoch said the decision comes following "an extensive review done in collaboration with outside counsel". O'Reilly has lost his job at Fox News Channel following report. Those same sources say that James Murdoch, the chief executive officer of 21st Century Fox, has been eager to get rid of O'Reilly in order to protect the company's reputation, and that Lachlan Murdoch, also an executive chairman of the company, has come ... Read More »

Why Are Republicans So Scared Of Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff?

It is clear that this election will be more about message than money and Karen Handel, Ossoff's June opponent and former Georgia Secretary of State, is independent of President Trump and will not be associated with him at all. Democrats were hoping for a surprise win in Georgia, but they came up just short in Tuesday night's special election in a district held by Republicans for almost four decades. Read More »

WWE Spoilers: Upcoming Women's Championship Match Announced


Charlotte beat Naomi via pinfall to become No.1 contender for Smackdown Live women's championship Charlotte dominated the early proceedings with superior grappling skills than Naomi. The Colons def. American Alpha by Epico rolling up Jason Jordan following a kick from Primo. It is clear that this "Face of America" Open Challenge is supposed to make Kevin Owens look like a dominant United States Champion, He faces Gary Gandy, a local from Louisville, Kentucky, and destroys him in about ... Read More »