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Unemployment rate drops to 4.3% in May

As per the Labor Department , The payrolls of nonfarm have been increased to 138,000 last month due to government, manufacturing, and retail sectors lost their jobs. Job gains for March and April were also revised down. A broad measure of unemployment, which includes people who want to work but have given up searching and those working part-time because they can not find full-time employment, fell two-tenths of a percentage point to 8.4 per cent, the lowest since November 2007. Read More »

Key projects at risk as Greens back NDP in British Columbia

The deal gives the NDP, which won 41 seats in the May 9 election, the support of all three Green Party MLAs, securing the two parties the support of 44 MLAs in the in the 87-seat legislature required to form a government. Notley said governments that care about working people put good jobs front and centre and "there, I know, we ultimately share a number of values with the emerging leadership in B.C". Read More »

Trump's climate pullback opens door to Chinese leadership


Iger wrote on Twitter that "as a matter of principle, I've resigned from the President's Council over the #ParisAgreement withdrawal". He said earlier this week that he had done everything he could to advise Mr Trump directly on the implications of leaving, adding he'd have no choice but to depart the councils in the event of an exit. Read More »

Blow to Donald Trump as US jobs growth slows down

The bottom line is that the Fed is still on track for higher rates and we expect a sharp rebound in job growth in June. Traders now see about an 87 percent chance of a Federal Reserve interest-rate hike on June 14, down slightly from 89 percent before the jobs report . Read More »

House tax-law writer downplays differences


And while Trump might think killing the filibuster would make life easier for him, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell-though he did use the so-called "nuclear option" in order to get Trump's U.S. Both the current healthcare bill, the American Health Care Act, and Trump's tax reform principles have faced unanimous opposition from Democrats . Read More »

Putin urges US business to help normalize Russia-US ties

Putin insisted that it was perfectly normal for Kislyak to try to establish contacts and discuss future ties, adding that he hadn't started to discuss specifics. Putin has also used the St. Petersburg summit to elaborate on his relationship with Trump. He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it's a framework agreement offering a broad room for maneuver for each signatory nation. Read More »

RCom's Ambani eyes quick sales as lenders set deadline


The company will create long-term shareholder value and a "conservative debt profile", he said. The company is in discussions with Chinese lenders about a waiver on interest payments on loans of about US$1 billion until September, according to people familiar with the matter, who aren't authorised to speak publicly and asked not to be identified. Read More »

Bound flight returns to Chicago after bird strike


Marcel Fuchs, United's vice-president of Atlantic and Pacific sales, said: "With this new exclusive nonstop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles, we will offer customers multiple opportunities to connect our hub in Los Angeles to hundreds of destinations served by United in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America". Read More »

Palace welcomes passage of Tax Reform Bill


An additional P10 tax per liter of volume capacity on sugar-sweetened beverages and carbonated drinks will also be imposed. There is also an increase in the tax exemption for the 13th month pay and other benefits from PHP82,000 to PHP100,000. Read More »

Tech industry thumps Trump's rump over decision leave Paris

When Washington's governor tries to enact climate-change policies, the response, including from us, is that it would be better to have a national solution to ensure a level playing field. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the agreement had not been reached easily and it represented the broadest consensus of the worldwide community. Read More »

Oil slips further on disappointing OPEC meeting outcome

Australia's benchmark .AXJO lost 0.75 percent, poised for a 0.3 percent weekly rise. Since then, trading has been volatile. Opec , a group of mainly Middle Eastern countries led by Saudi Arabia , was joined last week by Russian Federation - one of the biggest producers - when it agreed to continue supply cuts into next year to try to end a three-year glut. Read More »

YouTube clarifies "hate speech" definition and which videos won't be monetized


The guidelines also discourage film-makers from making "inappropriate" parody videos using popular family entertainment characters. An important point is that YouTube will still allow certain kinds of content that violate the advertiser-friendly rules to remain on the platform, as long as it complies with the overall terms of service and community guidelines . Read More »

US job market looks solid 8 years after recession ended

Besides the hiring pullback in May, the government on Friday revised down its estimate of job growth in March and April by a combined 66,000. Some said it is a sign that job growth is slowing down after three straight years of jobs gains and major drop in unemployment. Read More »

Top Merkel aide rejects Trump's call to renegotiate global climate deal

Brown joined Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY to form the U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold the Paris climate agreement , a pact involving almost 200 nations aimed at slowing the warming of the planet. He added, "In addition to being disappointed, I'm also angry". Italian Prime Minister Paolo GentiloniIn a tweeter request, Paolo Gentiloni said his country should not retreat from its actions on climate. Read More »

Navy gets its Ford: $12.9 billion aircraft carrier delivered


This is the first ship of the new Ford class, which is expected to be a premier asset for the Navy's crisis response, deterrence, power projection and striking capabilities. The Navy's newest aircraft carriers generate three times the amount of electricity as the previous classes and is created to rapidly update as new systems become available over the course of its projected 50-year service life. Read More »

Clinton: Russia Likely Had American Help to 'Weaponize' 2016 Leaks

Clinton then went on to criticize the party that gave her that nomination. Why did Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 presidential election? "I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party", she said. Like it or not, Donald Trump won the election according to rules set up in our Constitution, securing enough electoral votes to win the presidency. Read More »

Trump declines to move US Embassy to Jerusalem, for now

President Donald Trump has temporarily waived a law requiring the move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem . Despite that, most experts are skeptical of Trump's chances for achieving a peace deal that had eluded other USA presidents. Read More »

Pittsburgh mayor tweets support for Paris Agreement, despite Trump comments


Even if one accepts, for the sake of argument, the alarmist interpretation of climate-change data, the Paris Agreement is unlikely to produce the desired result - and may not produce any result at all. "I was elected to represent the voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris ", he said. "As American Jews, we will continue to raise our voices in solidarity with the people worldwide who have done the least to cause global warming but who suffer the most". Read More »

Culture clash key to B.C. minority talks

The NDP and Green caucuses have ratified a four-year supply and confidence agreement in which the Greens will support the NDP on key votes. Looking through the power sharing agreement between B.C.'s two ambitious opposition parties, it's hard to see what the three-member B.C. Read More »

World's largest aircraft exposed

With a wingspan of 385 feet (117 meters), which is slightly greater than the length of an National Football League field, it is the world's largest aircraft, surpassing Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose H-4 Hercules. The ginormous "Roc" aircraft, which was snapped leaving a hangar in the Mojave Desert, in California, was built to carry space rockets that will take off from 30,000 feet. Read More » trolls Trump's climate decision

Defending the government's decision not to sign the declaration, Chief Treasury Secretary David Gauke said on BBC Newsnight: "Different countries will take different approaches in how we choose to express our opinion". Macron, for his part, was not deterred by America's withdrawal. Meanwhile, General Motors, the No. 1 USA automaker, said it would continue its commitment to "creating a better environment". Read More »

Former FBI Director James Comey to testify in Senate June 8


USA intelligence agencies have accused Russian Federation of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping President Donald Trump's election victory. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee approved subpoenas for Flynn and Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in connection with its probe. Read More »