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Republicans May Seek Bipartisan Approach to Healthcare Reform

But these anecdotal stories ignore that millions of Americans are now covered by Obamacare who didn't have health insurance before. No, Mitch, there isn't a chance. But he also told Politico , "It has to come back before the end of the year ". Insurance companies are scrambling and developing dual plans of action. Read More »

Disney to pull movies from Netflix, start own streaming service

It will launch an ESPN-branded sports service early next year and a Disney streaming service in 2019. Disney will draw on its own content from its film and television catalog for its consumer channel, and offer a sports service which could fill a gap by delivering live sporting events. Read More »

North Korea says it would use nukes only against US


Asked by a member of the press how long North Korea would have to refrain from conducting missile tests before talks could begin, Tillerson said , "We'll know it when we see it". "This report is affirmation that North Korea has it". Last month, Tillerson criticized Beijing and Moscow for being "the principal economic enablers" of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development programs. Read More »

What You Need to Know About White House Leaks


Trump was portrayed as having an nearly mythical bond with his supporters. The numbers are abysmal and signal an all-time low, which has prompted MSNBC's Morning Joe crew to casually mull over whether Trump should be "on 24-hour suicide watch" - a gruesome thought if there ever was one . Read More »

Trump Says US Will Meet North Korean Threats With 'Fire And Fury'


Trump referred to the maneuvers made by the North Korean government in recent weeks, which threaten treaties between countries in the area. At the same time, US officials acknowledge that even if the sanctions are properly enforced, there is no guarantee they will be any more effective than previous rounds, which have failed to halt steady progress in North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. Read More »

Did we humans contribute to the Texas heat wave? It's complicated

Flanagan said while some of the science in the report can be applied in Canada, this country has some unique differences, particular the vast north where there is a higher rate of warming. The latest report, however, debunks all of those ignorant assertions by the country's current leadership, warning that the warming trend both globally and in the United States is undeniable, and dire. Read More »

Trump, First American President with The Lowest Popularity


He became the first USA president with the lowest public acceptance rate in the first six months of his term, and was second to Bill Clinton who levels below 50%. The erosion comes as more Republicans in Congress, no longer anxious about Trump's warrior base, are openly defying a White House that often appears to be completely dysfunctional . Read More »

Christian ministries prepare to preach the Gospel on day of solar eclipse

The eclipse will travel faster than the speed of sound, crossing the entire United States in roughly 90 minutes. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the only time it's safe to view a solar eclipse without "eclipse glasses" or special viewing lenses is during the moment of "totality", when the moon completely obscures the sun's glaring disk. Read More »

Violent Incidents Cast A Dark Cloud Over Kenya's Upcoming Election


On Monday, former U.S. President Barack Obama - whose father was from Kenya - urged Kenyans to work toward a "peaceful and credible" election and said all disputes should be resolved peacefully. Nonetheless, around 180,000 police officers have been deployed around the country ahead of Tuesday's elections, reports the Guardian . Independent deputy presidential candidate Eliud Muthiora Kariara debated himself in mid-July as his rivals found excuses ranging from disagreement with the ... Read More »

North Korea calls Seoul's foreign minister derogatory term for women


The US and the global community is "not going to run scared from North Korea", US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has said after Pyongyang refused to roll back its nuclear weapons programme. The Trump administration achieved a notable breakthrough Saturday in its campaign to deter North Korea from pursuing weapons of mass destruction. He says the North is "ready to teach the USA a severe lesson with its nuclear strategic force". Read More »

Ahead of RS polls, Gujarat Congress MLAs return home from Bengaluru


The Congress is also expecting to get the support of two MLAs of NCP and one MLA of JD (U). "Let's wait till tomorrow to see what happens", he said . Raghavji has been complaining to the party about his problems but he was not taken care of. With six of Congress legislators having quit party beforehand, its strength in the Assembly had reduced from 57 to 51 effectively. Read More »

In Manila, North Korea blames United States for nukes

The 10 ASEAN countries recognize North Korea diplomatically and North Korea has embassies in eight of them, forming an outlet for the hermit state's money-making activities overseas. Just over a year ago , Manila was celebrating an unprecedented worldwide ruling in its favour against China in the disputed South China Sea. "So I think that would be the first and strongest signal they could send to us is just stop these missile launches", said the top USA authority, who is also in Manila ... Read More »

PM Turnbull Confirms Postal Vote, Reveals Cost Of Ballot

The ballot papers would be issued on September 12 with the result declared on November 15. "Our preference is to have a compulsory attendance plebiscite ", Cormann told reporters in Canberra, Australia's capital on Monday. "Fucking exhausted of having our relationships treated like a political football when there are so many other important issues the country needs to address and resolve", added Jahshan. Read More »

Kellyanne Conway Work Hard ... Play Hard


Rosenstein appointed Mueller in May to lead a federal investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the 2016 White House race, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the probe. Read More »

Justice Department Sued Over Withholding Funds from Sanctuary Cities


They also argue that holding foreigners in jail at the request of immigration authorities could force them to keep inmates longer than is permitted under the Constitution. This takes some work to sort out. Among his priorities on this front is cracking down on "sanctuary cities", which in the administration's view undermine efforts to root out and deport violent criminals who are in the country illegally. Read More »

Former Cubs manager and Cardinals coach Don Baylor dead at 68


He made his Major League Baseball debut September 18, 1970, with the team. He didn't play much in 1970 and 1971, which was understandable: he was blocked by Frank Robinson . October nickname that stuck. After news former Philadelphia Phillies catcher Darren Daulton passed away Sunday night at age 55, the baseball lost another notable name Monday morning. Read More »

Trump dictates response to Mueller grand jury: Darcy cartoon


Although Trump would prefer a grand jury assembled in Trump-friendly West Virginia, Mueller impaneling a new Washington-based grand jury makes practical sense. Amid reports that Robert Mueller's Special Counsel probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election has expanded , some Trump allies are again raising concerns that the investigation might be spilling over into areas that are beyond its intended scope. Read More »

Trump's Running In 2020


What is "absolutely true", she said , "is that the vice-president prepares for 2020 to be re-elected as vice-president". The article suggested a Republican "shadow" campaign in favor of a Pence candidacy in 2020 was taking shape amid growing heat from the investigation into whether President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Read More »

Cooke County Library celebrates solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is one of nature's grandest spectacles. "Just turn them onto astronomy and let them know that the library has a lot of tools to explore astronomy and other science interests", he said. A slight level of high tide might occur during the lunar eclipse, he said. The event dubbed "The Great American Total Solar Eclipse" will stretch 70 miles from OR to SC. Read More »

Tropical Storm Franklin forms as it heads towards Mexico


Tropical Storm Franklin now is headed toward the Yucatan Peninsula, but it is not expected to have any impact on SC. The storm is located about 265 miles (425 kms) east of Belize City with maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour (75 km/h), the NHC said. Read More »

Trump begins 17-day vacation


In July 2015 Trump made a statement saying "I would rarely leave the White House because there's so much work done". Kelly, Trump's original Department of Homeland Security secretary, was imposing "military discipline" on the White House , the New York Times said. Read More »

Pentagon reviewing missile guidelines with South Korea


The penalties agreed to on Saturday by all the 15 UN Security Council members aim to cut North Korean exports by about $1 billion a year. Though the Security Council did not go as far as cutting off the country's oil supply, as demanded by the United States , they are nevertheless the toughest-yet sanctions, and drew endorsement from China and Russian Federation. Read More »

Haryana BJP chief's son arrested for stalking


It is the Kurukshetra MP Rajkumar Saini who has once again started shooting off his mouth creating trouble for the Khattar regime. "Influential families can sometimes take desperate measures to discredit or disable the complainants", he said in a Facebook post on Sunday. Read More »