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Pence attacks media for criticizing Trump over Charlottesville


Thursday. Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, began the trip this Sunday and have already visited Colombia and Argentina, where Pence was very emphatic about the USA commitment to ending the tragedy of tyranny in Venezuela . Pompeo told "Fox News Sunday" that Venezuela "could very much become a risk" to the U.S. if it descended into further chaos. Yet a Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee who calls himself "a pretty hawkish guy" expressed scepticism about the idea of ... Read More »

Charlottesville remembers woman killed at white supremacist rally

Bro received a standing ovation at the end of her speech, during which she also told attendees to reflect on Heyer's goals in life and to consider her desire for accountability in the face of opposition. "I don't want this to die", Bro said. "But if I understand her, she wanted to do it peacefully, with a fierceness of heart that comes with her conviction". Read More »

Illinois House to vote on Rauner's school-veto override next week


In a news release, Harold said she is running to "take on the Madigan way in Springfield". Although the House has 15 days to act on this override, the Senate also passed a contingency bill should the House fail to do so that would restart the process of fixing the school funding issue. Read More »

Kim examines plans for missile attack near Guam


There were murmurs of agreement in the room before Ellison described what would need to happen before a "missile launch" become a reality. Tokyo is considering deploying four PAC-3 missile interceptors to shoot down any North Korean missiles that stray into Japanese territory while flying over the country on their way to the US Territory of Guam , according to government sources. Read More »

Why do so many South Koreans hate THAAD? It's complicated


Yonhap reported Wednesday that South Korea has proposed holding three-way talks with China and the USA over the issue. North Korea is finally a force to reckon with on the world stage. "There are allies we consult with, as the president made very clear last week when he talked about our allies repeatedly in his statement". "What person would think right now, holding a military exercise on the doorstep of a madman living in North Korea is not going to put us all in danger?" he said. Read More »

Hurricane Gert is still close enough to impact the East Coast


There is now our second hurricane of the season, Gert in the Atlantic, but is too far north to affect southwest Louisiana. The storm system was moving north at 8 miles per hour. Check back with us at for the latest on this, and everything in the tropics this hurricane season. Conditions will aid development over the next couple days, but wind shear over the mid-Atlantic could keep this area from intensifying further. Read More »

Guam residents confident but cautious after North Korean missile threats


But afterwards, according to KCNA, he made a decision to postpone the operation to "watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees" and not to go ahead unless the USA commits more "reckless actions". He said the United States military would defend the country "from any attack, at any time and from any quarter". Meanwhile, Russia can play a crucial role in reining in North Korea . Read More »

India's Modi Addresses the Nation on Its Independence Day


The flag hoisting is followed by a commemorative speech and the celebrations end with the recital of India's national anthem, the Jana Gana Mana. "The sentiment in India should be Bharat jodo ", he said, adding that the status quoist " chalta hai " attitude should be shunned. Read More »

Both sides to be blamed for Charlottesville violence


Excuse me, what about the alt-left that came charging at the - as you say - the alt-right? Trump initially criticized the violence on many sides , rather than singling out the white supremacists . He said that while neo-Nazis and white nationalists "should be condemned totally", Trump said protesters in the other group "also had trouble-makers. Read More »

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un Briefed On Guam Missile Plan: KCNA

Guam Governor Eddie Calvo on Monday said that local authorities were prepared for the worst scenario in case North Korea launches missiles into the sea near the island. we've had think-tankers and defense contractors, but we've never had - in recent times, anyway - someone willing to stand up for America". He says the "North Korean nuclear program should absolutely be solved peacefully, and the (South Korean) government and the US government don't have a different position on this". Read More »

NoKor's missile attack to U.S. 'could escalate into war very quickly'


It could also set a precedent for more aggressive brinkmanship ahead. Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday if North Korea attacks the US, it could lead to war. Of course, Pyongyang could blow past its own fail-safes. "The bottom line is we will defend the country from an attack". Furthermore, his father, Kim Jong Il, disappeared for around six weeks after the USA invaded Iraq in 2003, prompting speculation that he simply may have felt threatened. Read More »

North Korean attack could escalate to war

The line passed through Japan and apparently showed the flight route of four ballistic missiles Pyongyang has threatened to fire at Guam, which is 3,200 km (2,000 miles) from North Korea's capital. North Korean state media said in its report Tuesday that Kim had made his decision not to fire on Guam after visiting a military command post and examining a military plan presented to him by his senior officers. Read More »

Death toll rises in Sierra Leone landslide


He said the search to identify corpses and possible survivors is still in progress as hundreds more are feared to remain missing after the mudslide hit. Kenyatta in a statement said: "Kenya and Sierra Leone are allies, partners and friends, so our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives were lost, and with all those who were injured". Read More »

Kim delays Guam missiles


Other experts pointed to the possibility that he may be concerned about the increasing US military threats. Lieutenant governor Ray Tonorio said: "There doesn't appear to be any indication, based on what we're hearing, that there will be any missiles attacking in the near future or in the distant future". Read More »

Can US Shoot Down North Korean Missiles? Guam Under Threat


It's not clear if and when Kim will order the launch. He told Calvo: "You notice that he hasn't spoken recently?" But Mattis said Thursday that the American effort was "diplomatically led". While already taking up 30 percent of the island, the American military has been seeking to increase its presence by relocating to Guam thousands of Marines who are now based in Okinawa, Japan . Read More »

People from Guam living in Wisconsin react to North Korea tensions


Guam, a USA territory in the Pacific, has emerged as a major security issue following North Korea's threats to shoot ballistic missiles into nearby waters. The North last week unveiled plans to surround the USA territory in the Pacific with "enveloping fire". Despite the inflammatory language that Trump has been using, North Korea hasn't responded in the same way that it normally does, suggesting that Pyongyang has taken a step back to consider its options. Read More »

Here's The Rundown On NAFTA Ahead Of This Week's Negotiations


The CEO of Harry Rosen high-end men's clothing isn't afraid of the new e-commerce world. Under his administration's proposal, buyers in both countries will no longer be imposed import taxes for purchases up to $800, a move that is seen to benefit not only the buyers but also American online retailers that now dominate the e-commerce scene. Read More »

The science behind the eclipse


The North Kansas City School District will have a view of the eclipse at 10% totality . The celestial event of the century will kick off in Georgia just after 1pm, but the eclipse will hit its peak, or maximum, just after 2:30p depending on where in the state you live. Read More »

Safely Watch The Eclipse With Eclipse Glasses


The Great American Eclipse "will darken skies from OR to SC, along a stretch of land about 70 miles wide", shared the Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences at Valdosta State University. Dr. Kyle Benner, an optometrist there, says if you're planning on looking directly at the eclipse without protective eye wear , don't. The path of totality , meaning the areas in which the sun will be completely obstructed by the moon, will travel from OR at 9:05 a.m. Read More »

Dozens rally at Idaho Capitol in support of Dreamers


The activists were also demanding that Mr. Trump continue to offer tentative legal status for hundreds of thousands of visitors from Latin American countries who are in the US under temporary protected status and who, under the law, are supposed to eventually go home. Read More »

Recall on eclipse glasses


The Interior Department recommends all viewers wear specialized eclipse viewing glasses , which are available from many online sources for around $5. Hamby said even if you think your glasses are fine, it's not worth the risk. Besides road safety concerns, agencies are anxious about the use of unsafe eclipse glasses . Read More »

South Korea proposes joint inquiry with North into Japanese colonial rule


McMaster, tells ABC's "This Week" that "we're not closer to war than a week ago, but we are closer to war than we were a decade ago". "We are preparing a military option in case such efforts fail". But, the threat is not an empty one despite the small chance of follow-through. The South Korean president says the North Korean nuclear crisis must "absolutely be solved peacefully" and there can be no US military moves without South Korean consent. Read More »