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N/Korea crisis: South's leader in plea to avoid war


The U.S. has over 28,000 service members stationed in South Korea . Moon's comments reflect his own interpretation of USA policy, according to Kim Keun-sik, an adviser to South Korea's foreign ministry and teacher of foreign affairs at Kyungnam University. Read More »

Tom Brady On Deshaun Watson: "He's Got A Great Future"

Jones played 147 snaps with the New England defense in 2016. That's what us football players are here for. As for Crean, letting him attend practice is a great show of trust by Belichick. Belichick has praised O'Brien's coaching skills in the past and believes he has the Texans heading in the right direction for the future. He's the greatest of the great because the others didn't have to deal with the salary cap or free agency. Read More »

Finance minister, BOK chief discuss North Korea risks, South Korea's household debt


Washington has 28,500 troops stationed in the country to protect it from the North. Traditional havens, such as gold and the yen, slumped after Moon's vow to avert a conflict. He was due to leave South Korea later on Monday and will make stops in China and Japan this week. "I believe North Korea completing its development of ICBMs and mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles will mark its crossing the red line ", Moon said. Read More »

China urged to intervene on U.S. and Nth Korea


Today, as Pyongyang once again calls Guam out by name, the island's governor, Eddie Baza Calvo , says there is "no threat" to the island. Adam Mount, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, told CNN the USA military could use its THAAD defense system or Aegis destroyers to stop any North Korean projectiles. Read More »

S. Korean president urges dialogue with DPRK amid de-escalating tension

His comments follow a spike in animosity generated by North Korea's warning that it might send missiles into waters near the USA territory of Guam, and Mr Trump's warlike language. US President Donald Trump warned at the weekend that the US military was " locked and loaded " if North Korea acted unwisely after threatening last week to land missiles near the US Pacific territory of Guam. Read More »

CPD Chief Thomas Holds Press Conference, Takes Questions After Saturday's Violence


The president's homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, defended the president's statement by suggesting that some of the counter-protesters were violent too. One man toted a tuba. At the University of Florida, where Spencer has asked to speak, President W. Kent Fuchs called the events in Virginia "deplorable" but indicated school officials might be unable to block his appearance. Read More »

Moon Jae-In over North Korea stand-off


When asked about the US's military options against Pyongyang's Guam strike plan, Manning said: "We have been continuing to watch very closely". Still, North Korea has done little to stop speculation-quite the opposite. Mr Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon s aid in an interview with The American Prospect: "There's no military solution (to North Korea's nuclear threats), forget it". Read More »

Trump heads to Camp David for meeting on military strategy


President Trump is headed to Camp David on Friday to discuss national security, joined for his sojourn to Maryland by National Security Adviser H.R. Republicans made up 90 percent of respondents who said they support the president's handling of economic issues, while 46 percent of independent voters and just 13 percent of Democrats said they approve of his economic approach, the poll found. Read More »

Trump to Guam's Governor: 'Don't Worry About a Thing'


He began with a morning tweet: "Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely". Some observers in South Korea credit the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un with greater rationality and self-interested strategic thinking that he is given in the USA and among some commentators. Read More »

Former presidents Bush condemn Charlottesville attack in joint statement


Violence at the Charlotttesville protest culminated with a woman's death and almost 20 wounded when a auto ploughed into a crowd of counter protesters at the far-right rally. Smith went onto raise the point that senior Republicans who had condemned Trump's statements didn't mention his name, so despite the outrage , the GOP are sticking by Trump albeit from a long distance. Read More »

Your guide to the historic solar Eclipse


Monday. The statement adds that people in possession of the orange glasses, which are labeled "", should not use them to view the solar eclipse . The Society advises to obtain solar filters and viewers from reputable vendors as there have been recent cases of fake lens being distributed. The glasses feature a special filter that blocks out all UV light and most visible light too. Read More »

South Africa has granted Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity - security source


South African police have issued a "red alert" at its borders to ensure Mugabe doesn't leave undetected. According to President Robert Mugabe , Grace missed last week's youth interface rally in Gwanda as she had travelled to South Africa for treatment on her injured ankle, in a statement which appeared to suggest that his wife's trip was private and personal. Read More »

Busy Day for Fans at Little League World Series


Thursday is the first game of the Little League World Series in Williamsport , Pa., and you can bet that the players and coaches are excited. "There's the constant discussion during the spring of, do we have games on Mother's Day or don't we?" Fairfield remains undefeated in tournament play, improving to 19-0. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron calls for peaceful outcome with North Korea


Countries around the world have reacted with alarm to the mounting threats and rhetoric being exchanged between the USA and North Korea . Threats of nuclear war have gripped headlines and conversations across the country this past week, as North Korean leaders threatened to harm Guam, a small American territory in the Pacific. Read More »

Two dead and six injured in Finland knife attack


The incident is believed to have taken place in the Puutori-Market Square area. Turku police have asked the residents of the city to avoid visits to central Turku and said motive of the suspect or suspects was not immediately known. (1900 GMT), after police located a suspected vehicle, a white Fiat Ducato, whose owner lived in a building located in Turku's Varissuo suburb, Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reported. Read More »

'Goli' or 'Gaali' no solution to Kashmiri issue: Modi


The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of good teachers in society. "Undeclared emergency has been imposed on radio, television and newspapers", Azad said at press conference. It also empowers the state's legislature to frame any law without attracting a challenge on grounds of violating the Right to Equality of people from other states or any other right under the Constitution. Read More »

North Korea warns it won't negotiate Nuclear program till US is hostile

Trump appeared to be referring to Kim's decision to put a hold on launching four missiles into the waters around the Pacific island of Guam , as North Korea had previously threatened . "The alternative would be disastrous and unacceptable." wrote the owner of the White house. South Korean President Moon Jae-in, meanwhile, a liberal who favors diplomacy, urged North Korea to stop provocations and to commit to talks over its nuclear weapons program. Read More »

Trump signs infrastructure executive order


Additionally, a new "One Federal Decision" will be used to process major projects and provide a comprehensive schedule and automatic elevation to senior agency officials upon missing or extending a milestone. Too often, government and commercial projects are tangled in federal requirements, that order said . These impacts are anticipated to increase over time due to the effects of climate change and other threats. Read More »

Saudi Border To Open For Qatari Pilgrims


Qatari pilgrims will be allowed to enter the kingdom by land and pilgrims will then be flown onward from two Saudi airports in Dammam and al-Ahsa at the king's expense, the official Saudi Press Agency reported . The video begins by showing a less extreme scenario in which a commercial Qatar Airways flight is made to land by a Saudi fighter jet. "This is a step toward removing the obstacles and difficulties (Qataris) faced during haj procedures this year", the National Human Rights Committee ... Read More »

Indian media hit back at 'racist' Chinese video amid border tensions


Japan's statements comes two months after the Indian Army stopped the China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) from constructing a road through Dokam. Raveesh Kumar also did not confirm whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to China next month to attend Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) summit, saying he does not have any information about it. Read More »

Trump just congratulated Kim Jong Un for not attacking America


Ten days later, CIA Director Mike Pompeo hinted broadly that the Trump administration was seeking regime change in North Korea. The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea on August 5 that could slash by a third the Asian state's $US3 billion annual export revenue over its two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in July. Read More »

White supremacist Chris Cantwell kicked off dating site OkCupid


The Daily Stormer , a site frequented by Mr Cantwell and other white supremacists, was banned by both U.S. domain host GoDaddy and search giant Google . White nationalist Christopher Cantwell walking with Vice reporter Elle Reeve . This was not one of them. I carry a pistol, I go to the gym all the time. Read More »

United Kingdom says no new immigration checks planned along Irish border after Brexit


As it was reported on Wednesday, the British Executive explained the overall guidelines for being submitted to the European Union during the BREXIT third round of negotiations. The UK government has said it does not want any checkpoints between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (RoI) following Brexit. Northern Ireland is an especially thorny issue in the talks because it has the U.K.'s only land border with the European Union and because an open border has helped build the ... Read More »

5 tips to make your solar eclipse photos look spectacular


The only time they can be taken off is during the relatively brief totality phase, when the sun is completely hidden, but that will not happen in Canada (and only usually lasts between one and two minutes). It's a bit eerie. When there is no moon, it is between the earth and the sun. Unfortunately, Alaska is hundreds of miles north of the path of totality . Read More »

U.S. lawmaker calls for 'massive cyber-attack' on N. Korea


Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters in Beijing that President Trump had asked military commanders to "develop credible viable military options" and "that's exactly what we're doing". Thailand has always been one of Washington's closest regional allies, but relations have been strained over US criticism of Thailand's military government for its repression of critics and failure to restore democracy. Read More »