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GOP Sen. Scott questions Trump's moral authority


How about, we trade every Robert E. Lee statue for a Frederick Douglass? He also feels that focusing on the past is distracting from the present. When asked in an AP interview Tuesday about her comments, Bro did not repeat the praise for the president. Kim Bro, her husband, said he didn't think it was fair for the president to use a grieving mother for his own personal gain. Read More »

No pressure from Mourinho for fourth United signing

BBC Sports reports that Eric Bailly had tapped in just before half-time to give United a 1-0 lead after a frantic start to the match with both teams hitting the bar - Jordan Ayew's scooped cross for the hosts and Phil Jones' header for United. Read More »

A Majority of Americans Say Confederate Statues Should Remain in Place

What we do have is Lee's own words through his letters and they certainly indicate a man who would sympathize with the white nationalist cause. "So foolish! Also.the beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!" "Any sort of ideology that denies this basic truth, such as white supremacy or Nazism, should be condemned by all". Read More »

Breaking… President Buhari has landed in Nigeria


In the absence of President Buhari, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo was expected to take some crucial decisions on national issues to convince Nigerian that he is really in charge. The presidential spokesman emphasised that President Buhari has transferred powers to the Acting President. "The President departed Nigeria on 7th of May, 2017 for an ailment and returned today being August 19, 2017". Read More »

Merck stock spikes after CEO leaves Trump council over Charlottesville


Plank broke the news through Under Armour's Twitter account. Then, on Monday afternoon, Trump specifically called out the KKK and neo-Nazis. It's a stunning rebuke for the first CEO president, who pitched himself as a savvy businessman who would slash taxes and regulations to unleash growth by USA companies. Read More »

Watch parties for the solar eclipse around the Valley


Monday. However, it is only on the relatively narrow 70-mile wide path of totality stretching from OR to SC where, for a few minutes, the moon will completely obscure the face of the sun. Additionally, trees and other lattice-like barriers (think wicker furniture) will become "solar pinholes" that leave shadows in the shape of several small crescents. Read More »

Robinson: Why GOP leaders must speak out against Trump


Heyer, " Trump said on Twitter . It was downright ugly. He said "we should honour - not attack those who have stood up for equality and other cherished American values". If a single one of these things had happened on a previous President's watch, it would have been regarded as a major crisis for the White House. First and most encouragingly, mayors, governors and ordinary citizens across the USA rallied against the most conspicuous symbols of white supremacy in their midst - statues ... Read More »

Comments twisted by media: Donald Trump


None of these representatives of the ruling elite objected to Trump's Muslim ban, his persecution of immigrants, his demands for sweeping cuts in social spending, or his militaristic bullying of countries around the world. "He's talking to the fringe, not the majority of Americans". Historian April Holm at the University of MS writes, "Most are not "Confederate-era" monuments, as I have seen them called". Read More »

Steve Bannon returns to Breitbart News site


According to Rolling Stone, Gorka's federal employment was saved because White House officials were unable to find a position for him at a government agency. He would become known as a fearless and critically influential adviser to the president, but has now become the latest high-profile aide to leave the White House . Read More »

Spanish police say van driver may still be at large


Regional head Carles Puigdemont said people had been flocking to hospitals in Barcelona to give blood. The suspect has been wanted by Interpol prior to the double attacks. The Islamic State (IS) claimed respondibility, saying it was "a response to calls for targeting coalition states". The four names and photos that have appeared in the media are of Abouyaaqoub, Oukabir, Aallaa and Hychami. Read More »

Key suspect in Barcelona attack, Moussa Oukabir, killed


A manhunt has been ongoing since a van plowed into pedestrians Thursday afternoon on Las Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona , killing 13 and injuring 120. "The explosion in Alcanar deprived them of the explosives they needed, so they carried out these more rudimentary attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that were similar to the other attacks". Read More »

Guam Governor Says Trump Called, Assured Island Is Safe


She added: "I think escalating the rhetoric is the wrong answer". Although the White House statement on the call was notoriously lacking in detail, the Republican governor posted a video of his end of the call , providing a unique glimpse in how Trump talks to other leaders. Read More »

Venezuela's new assembly gives itself power to pass legislation


The president of the Constituent assembly, Delcy Rodriguez, has denied that it is a dissolution of Parliament, which she keeps some powers. How does the global community see it? "Empty seats. Almost 130 people have been killed this year in anti-government protests. Venezuela's chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz holds a copy of the Venezuelan Constitution as she speaks during a conference in defense of the Constitution in Caracas, Venezuela on August 6, 2017. Read More »

Trump tells Calvo he's behind Guam "1000%"


Reuters later confirmed the conversation that focussed on finding a peaceful solution to the North Korea nuclear threat . Trump called up Eddie Baza Calvo , the governor of Guam , on Friday to reassure him that everything is going to be fine. Read More »

Mother of dead protester won't talk to Trump


President Trump has made no bones about the fact that when he is criticized he lashes back. Hawaii Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz brought up his own Jewish heritage and said this of Trump: "Not my president". "President Trump's growing record of repulsive statements is matched by his repulsive policies", she added. And it met once or twice. "There is blame on both sides", he said, saying that any of the previous departures were due to companies being embarrassed about making goods ... Read More »

Texans season preview with team president Jamey Rootes


In saying all that he said , Tom Brady at least acknowledged the possibility is there, but in no way should it be an expectation. "He got picked by a great team". I'll be looking for the golf carts with the softest seats this weekend when it comes time to head out onto the Norton Country Club and Highland Country Club layouts to cover the last two rounds of the 57th annual Attleboro Area Golf Association Championship Tournament. Read More »

Trump remarks about Charlottesville violence


This event just happened. I'd start making new friends if my current friends let me get off of a party bus with a beer in my hand to direct traffic after a concert. Washington freed his slaves in his will, a grand and important gesture but one that allowed him the benefits of slave labor for his and his wife, Martha's, lifetimes. Read More »

There will not be war again on Korean Peninsula - South Korean president


Local residents in Seongju also fear negative health and economic effects caused by radiation despite reassurances by US and South Korean officials that it's safe. North Korea, meanwhile, threatened to lob four intermediate-range missiles into the waters near Guam, a tiny us territory about 2,000 miles from Pyongyang, North Korea's capital. Read More »

Top American general says attack on Japan same as on US


Katsutoshi Kawano, chief of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Joint Staff, and the two affirmed the importance of cooperation between the Japanese defense force and the US military to address the threat posed by North Korea . North Korea has fired missiles and taken other steps in response to the war games in the past. Just last week, Trump pledged to answer North Korean aggression with " fire and fury ". Read More »

United States and Japan agree to cooperate on matter of North Korea

Such a wide range affects how the US considers addressing the threat. "We were able to reaffirm the strong commitment of the United States and Japan , which is extremely significant", Kono said through an interpreter. The talks focused on North Korea and other regional security issues. He looked right at me and pointed at me and said "from you", says Perry. North Korea frequently depicts its ire with the U.S. Read More »

Mattis, Tillerson Reaffirm That Military Option Underlies Diplomatic Efforts on North Korea


Tillerson has said he doesn't want to negotiate his way back to the negotiating table, and he's waiting to see if North Korea is serious about the end goal - a denuclearized Korean Peninsula . U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (2nd R) attends a joint press conference with visiting Japanese officials at the State Department in Washington D.C., the United States, on August 17, 2017. Read More »

Here's How to Take Pictures of Monday's Eclipse with Your Phone


The Society has warned deficient solar eclipse filters could cause irreparable damage to the retina, possibly leading to blindness. On Saturday, the Gibson Library in Henderson is holding a Sun Party from 1:00 3:00 p.m. The next total solar eclipse won't pass over the US until 2024 and then not again until 2045. An interactive map is available on NASA's website to allow families the opportunity to see when and where an eclipse can be seen. Read More »

Military Action on Korean Peninsula Impossible Without S. Korea Consent


Dunford prefaced his Asia trip with a trip to Hawaii to meet with US Pacific Command, and will visit also visit Japan , as well as China , CNN reported. "It would be reckless and irresponsible, considering North Korea's behavior", he said, pointing to the increased missile and nuclear testing. The opposition Liberty Korea Party on Wednesday adopted the demand as its official party line, saying that the presence of such weapons would strengthen deterrence against the North. Read More »