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PM Modi assures Sri Lanka of India's support amid Chinese concerns


Prime Minister Modi assured Tamils that the government and people of India are with them in their journey towards peace and greater prosperity. As Modi touched down in Colombo for a two-day visit on Thursday, a top Sri Lankan defence official confirmed Beijing had been denied permission for a port call by a Chinese submarine. Read More »

Combative Philippines environment chief ousted by lawmakers


Fr. Joel Tabora, president of the Ateneo de Davao University, said the CA betrayed the environment and the nation when it rejected Lopez's appointment. It's the government. And when you make decisions based on business interests, you have shirked your responsibility. Lopez has a rich record in activism and dedication to the poor in the Philippines. Read More »

75000 ransomware attacks hit 99 countries on Friday

Hospitals across England have been hit by a large-scale cyber-attack, the National Health Service (NHS) said, which has locked staff out of their computers and forced many trusts to divert emergency patients. As Dillon noted above, it's very likely the code was introduced into networks but didn't do anything until instructed to by whoever was behind it. Unfortunately however, computers already affected will not be helped by the solution. Read More »

North Korea open to US dialogue under 'right conditions', says Pyongyang

Choi Son Hui, North Korea's foreign ministry director general for US affairs, spoke briefly with reporters on Saturday in Beijing on route to Pyongyang. Pyongyang has conducted five nuclear tests in defiance of United Nations and USA sanctions. "Track-two meetings are routinely held on a variety of topics around the world and occur independent of US government involvement", a State Department official said, Yonhap reported. Read More »

'Mandatory' Aadhaar: Supreme Court reserves order, arguments conclude


This is a completely unreasonable restriction on the right to trade under, he said. "To crack the 12-digit number of Aadhaar will take thousands of years", he said. "You may want to be forgotten, but the State may not want to forget you", Rohatgi said. Biometric will not to be shared, unless per procedures laid down under the law. Read More »

Renew, commission new licences for slaughterhouses in UP says HC

The case was filed after a 2008 FIR by Parvez Parwaz against Yogi Adityanath who is now serving as chief minister of UP. His alleged hate speech led to a fresh round of communal violence. The Allahabad High Court on Friday said the government can not take away the right of people to eat non-vegetarian food and asked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state to find a solution to the slaughter house issue before July 17. Read More »

What We Know About the Global Ransomware Attack

In the United States, package delivery group FedEx acknowledged it had been hit by malware and said it was "implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible". The Shadow Brokers released Eternal Blue as part of a trove of hacking tools that they said belonged to the US spy agency. Here's how to turn automatic updates on. Read More »

Pope Canonizes Two Child Visionaries in Fátima, Portugal

Pope Francis himself - on the second day of a pilgrimage to Fatima - described the place as a "mantle of light that protects us here as in nearly no other place on earth". In 1981, the Virgin Mary reportedly appeared before six children in the countryside near the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina. "Many people say they have seen the Virgin Mary but some could be fake and so the Church is quite skeptical when they first hear about it". Read More »

Pilot escapes safely as PAF training jet crashes near Jhang


The airheadquarters have formed an inquiry board to investigate the cause of the crash, statement added. Pakistan Air Force's Mirage aircraft. The pilot remained safe in the accident. Similarly during November 2015, Marium Maukhtiar, one of Pakistan's few female fighter jet pilots died in a training crash. Police said the trainer aircraft was on a routine flight when it's engine developed a technical fault, and the pilot had no option but to crash-land. Read More »

Donald Trump signs spending bill to keep USA government going until September

So did US President Donald Trump really revert to favouring universal health care after praising Australia's system? But Trump also took some time last night to praise Australia's government-funded universal health care system. In 2014, the Australian government spent 9% of its GDP on health care, compared to the 17% spent by the United States the same year. "Together we discussed crucial issues ranging from national security to trade to immigration and enhanced economic cooperation", ... Read More »

Netanyahu first reaction: Abbas lied to Trump

We'll start a process which hopefully will lead to peace. "He has not managed to get serious concessions from Israel". The Obama administration spent its last months in office attempting to preserve conditions for an eventual resumption. "I'm committed to working with Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement, but any agreement can not be imposed by the United States or any other nation", he said. Read More »

Government Monitors Major Cyber Attack Affecting Up To 100 Countries


The NHS is bracing for a weekend of chaos after a cyberattack forced hospitals to close wards, turn away patients and delay treatment across the country. In an article published in the British Medical Journal , Dr Krishna Chinthapalli, a neurology registrar at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London , said hospitals "will nearly certainly be shut down by ransomware this year". Read More »

Palestinians held in Israeli jails are top of Hamas priorities, insists Haniyeh


Hamas' support comes despite the fact that the strike is being led by Marwan Barghouti, a former leader of Fatah, a rival political faction in the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Haniyeh, who also served as Mashaal's deputy for four years, is seen as a pragmatist within Hamas who will likely seek to improve the group's worldwide standing. Read More »

Stolen NSA code holds the NHS to ransom in global cyber hack

The tool, which was leaked by a group known as Shadow Brokers, had been stolen from the part of a wide swath of tools illegally released in 2016. "Unlike most other attacks, this malware is spreading primarily by direct infection from machine to machine on local networks, rather than purely by email", Lance Cottrell, chief scientist at the United States technology group Ntrepid. Read More »

UK works to restore hospital systems after cyberattack

Even if they did, that cybersecurity expert would often be helpless against ransomware attacks of the sort the world saw on Friday. The scale of this attack is unusual, but the type of attack is not. Volk added that some 1,000 computers - less than one percent of their total number - had been affected, Interfax reported. Some hospitals diverted ambulances and canceled surgeries as a result of the attack, which blocked doctors' access to patients' files. Read More »

Problems for NHS after computers targeted by hackers

Health service organisations were infiltrated by the malicious software, while many others shut down servers as a precautionary measure, bringing added disruption. What happened when the attack hit? Staff reverted to pen and paper and used their own mobiles after key systems were affected, including telephones. Read More »

Another US Citizen Is Detained In North Korea

Kim's wife said her husband had been teaching agricultural techniques at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. North Korea has in the past detained USA citizens to use as bargaining chips in its negotiations with Washington. He worked at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, the same workplace as another American, accounting instructor Kim Sang Dok, whose detention was announced on May 3. Read More »

Government will not appeal nuclear ruling


She said they were aiming to finalise the public participation process on the new intergovermental agreements by the first quarter of 2018. It also set aside a 2015 decision to acquire new nuclear capacity. The nuclear ruling declared "unlawful and unconstitutional" both the 2013 and 2016 determinations related to nuclear on the basis that they had not been subjected to Nersa-led public consultations. Read More »

I Would Have Fired 'Showboat' James Comey Absent DOJ Advice

Trump fired Comey in the midst of an investigation the FBI is conducting into connections between Trump aides and Russian officials before and after the 2016 presidential election and the extent to which Russia intervened in the election. Rosenstein also said Comey was wrong to divulge "derogatory information about the subject of a declined criminal investigation", in an apparent reference to comments he made about Clinton in testimony to lawmakers last week. Read More »

At least 74 countries impacted in 'biggest ever' cyber attack

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, says: "The attackers asking for $300, suggests it is a random attack rather than a targeted attack; if a cyber criminal can impact so many systems at once, why not ask for lots of money?" The attack infected computers with what is known as "ransomware", software that locks up the user's data and flashes a message demanding payment to release it. Read More »

President Trump Delivers Commencement Address at Liberty University


Trump's address was short on scripture but cast the president as a defender of the Christian faith - a mantle he assumed throughout the campaign. Twitter also reports Liberty University as a top trending item at the moment, as President Trump gave his rousing first commencement speech at Liberty University, or at any university, for that matter, as President Trump. Read More »