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Worldwide ransomware cyberattacks: What we know

But there is a wider issue, highlighted by the vulnerability having first been discovered by America's National Security Agency, which kept its finding secret only until the hacking tool it had allegedly developed was itself stolen and leaked online. Read More »

China invests $124B for new Silk Road

The two-day Belt and Road Forum which is being attended by leaders from 29 countries, including Pakistan, has been boycotted by India due to sovereignty concerns over the Dollars 50 billion CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), which passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Read More »

Opinion on Trump Stable Despite Turmoil Over Comey Firing, Poll Finds

A post-Watergate reform measure, the Presidential Records Act of 1978, requires presidents to preserve and archive recordings made in the White House. @ carenbohan: Priebus recently warned senior staff: Quit trying to secretly slip news articles to Trump. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump ally, said the president "absolutely" feels that loyalty to him is secondary to loyalty to the country. Read More »

Greek seamen and journalists go on strike

Greece is now in the midst of its third bailout program - the current three-year program expires in the summer of 2018 and could be worth up to 86 billion euros ($95 billion) in total. The seasonally adjusted data also showed that the Greek economy contracted at an annual 0.5 percent pace in the first quarter, at a slower clip than in the fourth quarter of 2016, when it shrank by 1.1 percent. Read More »

Latest North Korea missile test represents significant advance

Although outside experts see several places where North Korea is likely stretching the truth, the missile launched Sunday appears to be the most powerful the country has ever tested. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Beijing that Moscow was opposed to any new countries acquiring nuclear weapons, but that the world should talk to North Korea rather than threaten it. Read More »

More than 80 girls are freed in a Boko Haram prisoner swap

The first was the release of 21 girls last October, which he said was created to "build confidence on both sides". Neither the government nor Boko Haram , which has links to the Islamic State group, gave details about the exchange. We rejoice at the return of 82 more of them and hope the rest make it home soon. Reports of this weekend's release range from 52-82, but The New York Times reports that even with this release, over 100 girls remain under control of Boko Haram . Read More »

Trump warns Comey over media leaks

Al of which is hyperbole on steroids. Mr. Comey is reportedly happy about the existence of the tapes, and hopes they exist . "That would be flawless", he said. "So I don't know if there was collusion or not, I don't know if there is evidence of collusion or not, nor should I have in this particular context". Read More »

Putin Performs Piano Solo for Xi Jinping in Beijing

Vladimir Putin played two Soviet tunes from his childhood while waiting for the Chinese president. Russian President Vladimir Putin plays piano before his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping prior to the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Sunday, May 14, 2017. Read More »

British Columbia Energy at Stake With Vote Too Close to Call

Weaver heralded the breakthrough of his candidates on Vancouver Island. There is very little difference between the tallies in three ridings. "I hope that my successor will follow-up on the things we were working on because there's a lot of things to be done here in the riding", Anton told Global News. Read More »

Germany, France agree to draw roadmap on developing EU

Merkel said that, from Germany's viewpoint, it would be possible to change European Union treaties, adding: "I would be ready to do this, but first we will work on what we want to reform". Macron is likely to start naming more people to his cabinet this week, reports the New York Times . Philippe is "a prime minister who will bring everyone together around a progressive, daring, unifying programme", said Gerard Collomb, the Socialist mayor of Lyon and one of the earliest backers of Macron. Read More »

Military unrest, gunfire paralyze city areas in Ivory Coast


The gunfire was confirmed by three other residents. While there were no negotiations under way with the soldiers "discussions were continuing" and a military operation against them was ongoing. Meanwhile, Ivory Coast's banking association, the APBEF, ordered all banks to remain closed on Monday. "All businesses are closed here in Daloa". Read More »

Jordan Edwards, 15, Was Shot In Car Moving Away From Officers


However, the Balch Springs' police chief said footage of the incident showed that the teens were actually driving away when the officer opened fire. The Dallas County Sheriff's Department and Dallas County Integrity Unit are also holding separate investigations into the incident. Police were yelling for the vehicle to stop. Read More »

What is ransomware? 5 key questions about the NHS cyber hack answered

The massive ransomware attacks that started late Friday have locked people out of their computers and demanded hundreds of dollars from the users before they could regain control. He became an worldwide sensation after he prevented hundreds of thousands of computers from being infected by the virus that wreaked havoc across the NHS . Read More »

South Korea, US planning to kill Kim Jong-Un: North Korea


The allegations came after the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favour of imposing tighter sanctions on North Korea by targeting its shipping industry. The comments also warned that "crimes such as regime change in anti-imperialist countries" would not influence North Korea in the slightest. Pyongyang accuses US and South Korea spy agencies of attempt to assassinate country's leader with biochemical weapons. Read More »

Nepal: Counting of votes for first election held in 20 years begins


Almost 50,000 candidates were vying for 13,556 positions on Sunday. It may be recalled that the last local elections in Nepal was conducted in 1997. Two representatives have been elected unopposed. The first phase of voting in half of the Himalayan nation on Sunday has been mostly peaceful. The second round of elections is scheduled for mid-June, Anadolu Agency reported. Read More »

Macron Meets Merkel On His First Day In Office

Merkel and Macron met in Berlin in March during the French presidential campaign, but Monday's talks mark their first meeting since his election. The two leaders said that they would hold a Franco-German ministerial meeting in July to work on common proposals to reform the European Union, including initiatives to have converging tax rules. Read More »

Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between U.S., Turkey

Trump should bear in mind that Erdogan may prove to be as useful a partner in counterterrorism as Abbas, and resist demands that offer mendacious promises of fighting extremism in return. The liberation of Raqqa will be prime time news in America. Mahmoud Hadi, head of the Raqqa Revolutionary Brigade (RRB), the main Arab group who refused to fight in SDF alongside the YPG, told Middle East Eye: "The brigade refused to participate in the operation because the YPG did not keep to what we had ... Read More »

Trump Pledges To Move Quickly To Name New FBI Director

Trump's former rival, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and her use of a private email server while secretary of state. Much of Trump's ire has been focused on the communications team, all of whom were caught off guard by Comey's ouster. Read More »

Putin says Russia will not arm Syrian Kurds


De Mistura countered that Assad's negotiator Bashar al-Ja'afari had arrived in Geneva with an 18-strong negotiating delegation "empowered for serious discussions". Last week Assad told Belarusian TV channel ONT that the Geneva talks were "merely a meeting for the media" and there had been "nothing substantial in all the Geneva meetings". Read More »

New York Yankees retire Derek Jeter's No. 2 jersey

All in all, Sunday was a pretty good day to be Derek Jeter ...just like pretty much every other day. "I believed that it was going to go away with the treatment that I was getting", Chapman said through a translator. Reggie Jackson was on the field in shirt sleeves. In addition, they sent the father-to-be out in style with numerous of gifts which includes an 4-karat white gold career milestone ring. Read More »

Reach of 'Ransomware' Attack Could Expand, Experts Warn

Hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies in the U.K., China , Russia, Germany and Spain have all been affected . But the big second-wave outbreak that many feared they would see when users returned to their offices Monday morning and switched their computers back on failed to materialize. Read More »

May gives all workers new rights to time off

Staff will also be given a statutory right to take time off for training under the Conservative's plans, while workers' pensions will also be given new protections from "irresponsible behaviour" by company bosses. This follows the promise, made in the letter from Theresa May to Brussels which formally triggered the Brexit process, to maintain all workers' rights guaranteed by European Union law once the secession process is complete. Read More »

JME Spent Time With Jeremy Corbyn To Encourage Young People To Vote

In September past year, a spokesman for Mr. Corbyn said the man hoping to be the UK's next prime minister was "relaxed" about record levels of immigration, that it was "not an objective to reduce the numbers, to reduce immigration". "The bigger the increases in marginal tax rates, the greater the disincentives to work hard or take risks". The investment, including £10bn on upgrading IT systems and repairing buildings, would be funded by tax increases and capital borrowing. Read More »

EU urges end to Venezuela violence against protesters

On Monday, responding to a call for a nationwide sit-in, activists again barricaded streets and highways with lawn chairs, tree limbs and garbage. On Sunday, Mothers Day, dozens of women marched to a command post of the national guard in the Caracas , demanding the country's armed forces end their "repressive" actions against protesters and common citizens. Read More »