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Fallout over Comey memo, Trump's intel disclosure persists

Amash is the first House Republican to suggest impeachment, but if the Comey memo is real, he won't be the last. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn will meet with the moderate Tuesday Group. Read More »

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller to Lead Russia Investigation

The code of federal regulations provides that the attorney general will appoint a special counsel when the attorney general "determines that criminal investigation is warranted and that an investigation by the Justice Department would present a conflict of interest "or other extraordinary circumstance" and that 'under the circumstances it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside special counsel ". Read More »

As Trump faces Comey fallout, Putin offers records


We don't know how extensive Comey's notes are, how many of these situations there may have been with Trump or what will come to light. In a memo, former FBI director James Comey claimed that President Trump asked him to end the FBI's investigation into Michael Flynn . Read More »

Trump Warned About Flynn's Russian Contacts, Former AG Says


Flynn's own contacts with Russia have also raised eyebrows, including an appearance at a 2015 gala for state-sponsored Russian news network RT, during which he was photographed seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tight-lipped, Yates declined to weigh in on the matter. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, the Rhode Island Democrat who co-chaired Monday's hearing, summed up the Trump puzzle for me this way: "President Trump called Flynn "a fine person" who was 'just doing his job.' This might ... Read More »

Trump willing to use engagement on North Korea crisis: South Korea envoy


Communications were severed by the North previous year, Lee said, in the wake of new sanctions following North Korea's fifth nuclear test and Pyongyang's decision to shut down a joint industrial zone operated inside the North. It was North Korea's second missile test in as many weeks, and came just four days after Moon Jae-in took office as president of South Korea. Such moves underscore a willingness on the part of China's Communist Party leaders to fan the flames of anti-South Korea ... Read More »

Our say | Budget shows government means business

The government has in recent years faced calls for a national inquiry into the banking sector, which has been dogged by allegations of financial planning fraud and claims of manipulating reference rate benchmarks. "This is bad policy, it's policy on the run and every Australian is going to have to pay the bill", she said. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would be watching them "very, very carefully indeed". Read More »

Puerto Rico Militant Leader Emerges From 36 Years In Custody

Lopez Rivera, a Vietnam War veteran, was arrested during a traffic stop. - In 1975, a bombing at Fraunces Tavern in Lower Manhattan killed four people, including Alex Berger. The U.N. children's agency says more than 300,000 young people migrating alone have been recorded in a two-year period, marking a dramatic escalation of a unsafe trend that has forced some young refugees into. Read More »

62 per cent of French Catholics voted for Macron

A person holds a mask of France's National Front (FN) defeated presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, as people gather with French and European flags near the Eiffel Tower and a banner with the message, "France tells Hate: Never Again" the day after presidential elections in the country, in Paris, France, May 8, 2017. Read More »

The 11 candidates being considered for Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Trump acted entirely on Rosenstein's recommendation when firing Comey. White House Correspondents' Association President Jeff Mason of Reuters said in a statement Friday that scuttling the briefings "would reduce accountability, transparency, and the opportunity for Americans to see that, in the US system, no political figure is above being questioned". Read More »

Trump will not announce Israel embassy move on overseas trip


McMaster. There was no immediate comment from the White House. Trump is slated to visit the holy site in Jerusalem, which Israel considers its indivisible capital, captured in the 1967 war. "Well, it was a long trip, we're a bit exhausted". "The President has recently expressed his view that he wants to put a lot of effort into seeing if we can not advance a peace initiative between Israel and Palestine", Tillerson had said. Read More »

How the mainstream media covered the Labour manifesto

The Labour manifesto ahead of the June 8 vote raises a number of issues the pary wish to address including the need to "ensure security of energy supply and keep the lights on" and that "one-in-ten households are in fuel poverty". "What are you afraid of?" "I think therefore it's going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks". Labour say they will immediately "guarantee the rights of European Union staff working in our health and care services". Read More »

Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday in playoff stalemate


He knows exactly when to accelerate or decelerate the game and when he's under-performed, we've often had problems too. "It would make things more special for us". We will do it as well . That figure - made up of £95m for being in the top flight next season and at least £75m in parachute payments in years to follow - perhaps explained why the game started in cagey fashion, and continued in precisely that manner. Read More »

Pentagon: North Korea Is a Liability for China, Not an Asset

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration has called for an immediate halt to North Korea's missile and nuclear tests, and U.S. Disarmament Ambassador Robert Wood said on Tuesday that China's leverage was key and Beijing could do more. No draft resolution was circulated to the full council, but Haley said the United States was working with China on a text. Pyongyang said the new weapon - called the Hwasong-12 - was capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead". Read More »

European Union does not want a 'no deal' Brexit option - Barnier


It was one of Merkel's most direct warnings yet to U.K. policy makers ahead of Brexit talks between the European Union and the U.K. The German chancellor, who presides over Europe's biggest economy and is running for a fourth term of office in September, has insisted that while Germany wants to maintain close ties, the European Union won't make special allowances for the U.K. Read More »

Tim Farron urges voters to back rejection of 'cold' Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have outlined a series of pledges on waste and recycling in the Party's General Election manifesto , including a statutory 70% recycling target and a tax on incineration. Future Lib Dem measures to encourage public uptake of low-emission cars could include reversing or amending the latest tax changes, or widening the scope of the existing electric vehicle grant, which now stands at a maximum of £4500. Read More »

South Korea Wants to Reopen Communication With North

The missile was sacked from the region of Kusong, northwest of Pyongyang, where the North in February successfully test-launched an intermediate-range missile that it is believed to be developing. "You either support North Korea or you support us", she said, suggesting some countries were failing to adhere to UN-imposed sanctions. "You either support North Korea or you support us, because that's what it comes down to", Haley told reporters. Read More »

Fractious House panel at centre of latest Trump probes

This comes on the heels of the bombshell report completely denied by the White House that there was a memo written by former FBI Director James Comey detailing a meeting where President Trump asked him to stop investigating Flynn. The FBI and several congressional panels are probing allegations of collusion between Trump's team and Russian Federation, something the president flatly denies . Read More »

Officials Ban Dog Meat Sales At China's Dog Meat Festival In Yulin


The ban will come into effect on June 15 and will last until June 22 - covering the core festival days when the majority of dogs are usually killed. According to state news agency Xinhua, a recent survey of 2,000 people in cities across the country found that 64 per cent supported banning the Yulin festival, and 51.7 per cent thought the dog meat trade should be completely banned, and 69.5 per cent had never eaten dog meat. Read More »

USA names special counsel for Russian Federation probe

The appointment was announced by Deputy Attorney General Rod J Rosenstein, who has authority over the Russian Federation probe due to the decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to recuse himself because of his role in the Trump campaign. Read More »

France's new president meets UN chief


Reacting to Philippe's appointment Monday by President Emmanuel Macron , Juppe called the new prime minister "a man of great talent" with "all the qualities to handle the hard job". One of Macron's aides welcomed his appointment as "a good move", telling AFP it would help him " break the right ". Among 16 ministers appointed Wednesday, European lawmaker Sylvie Goulard, a centrist, was named defense minister and Socialist Jean-Yves Le Drian will take the helm at the renamed ministry of ... Read More »

World Leaders Condemn North Korea Missile Test

On the respected 38North website, aerospace engineering specialist John Schilling said yesterday's appeared to be of an intermediate-range ballistic missile that could "reliably strike the U.S. Gulp. Experts are calling the latest missile test in North Korea successful at "a level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile". Read More »