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Westminster terrorist was born in Kent


The Westminster terrorist has been named as Khalid Masood as the death toll rose to five and detectives revealed they have arrested seven people in Birmingham on suspicion of terrorism . Masood was born in Kent and "was known to police and has a range of previous convictions for assaults, including [grievous bodily harm ], possession of offensive weapons and public order offences", Scotland Yard said Thursday. Read More »

Sufi clerics recount Pak experience on return


Asked if Pakistan spy agency ISI was involved and whether they were harassed, Sajid refused to comment but made it clear that "no force or coercion was used" against them. As per what Syed Asif said, it seems to be a case of misplaced paranoia on Pakistan's part. We are thankful to the Indian government because of whom we are back. Read More »

ISIS claims responsibility for London terror attack outside Parliament

ISIS, which has controlled parts of Iraq and Syria in recent years, has lost territory this year to local forces in those countries supported by a USA -led military coalition. She said the attacker was " British born " and had earlier been investigated by MI5 for links to violent extremism. "The police have no reason to believe there are imminent further attacks on the public", she told MPs gathered in a packed House of Commons. Read More »

AFP, PNP join hands vs terror


Eleazar said their statement on the presence of some Maute Group members was based on verified intelligence information and results of the investigation on the foiled bombing near the U.S. Quezon City police director Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar said in all they seized two.45 caliber pistols, a KG9 submachinegun, a 60-millimeter mortar shell, and seven sachets of crystal meth or shabu. Read More »

North Korea flexes its military muscle on YouTube, with added effects


Trump has tweeted it "won't happen". The US military detected what it assessed as a failed North Korean missile launch on Wednesday morning, the US Pacific Command said . No doubt the administration is discovering what deterred President Barack Obama: U.S. options range from the very bad to the truly awful. China regards Taiwan as a renegade province and wants reunification. Read More »

Woman rescued from River Thames after terror attack undergoes surgery


It is unclear whether Ms Cristea was hurled into the water by the force of the auto or if she voluntarily jumped into the river to escape danger. Paramedics treated Cristea at a pier and she was taken to hospital. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ionut Valcu said Thursday that the woman fell into the Thames. "If the family require consular assistance, of course, the ministry provides help punctually". Read More »

Gunfire reported outside UK Parliament in London

The attacker was shot dead. A full counter-terrorism operation was under way in London on Wednesday afternoon after an attacker rammed a auto into a crowd on Westminster Bridge and then attacked a police officer within the security cordon of the U.K. Read More »

Parliament to Resume After Five Killed in London Attack

Nine people are now in custody, while one has been released on bail. On Thursday night, London Mayor Sadiq Khan led a candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square for the victims of Wednesday's attack, in which Masood killed four people on Westminster Bridge before being shot dead by police. Read More »

Argentina y Chile hoy en eliminatoria al mundial 2018


Argentina por su lado, tiene 19 unidades y de momento, estaría en la zona de repesca, en la cual hay que medirse con el representante de Oceanía. Estamos trabajando para ver sì está en condiciones para el partido con Bolivia . "Hemos trabajado para eso pero Argentina tiene jugadores para darle dolores de cabeza a Chile ", dijo Bauza. El único que no corre riesgo, Lionel Messi . Read More »

South Africa arrests 3 after burglary at chief justices's office


Fifteen computers containing personal information on 250 judges were stolen from the building. Police called on him to approach the investigating officer and/or report at the nearest police station to assist in the investigation. The break-in took place a day after the Constitutional Court ruled on the social grant debacle. "I don't have evidence to that effect", he said, adding that the motive for the chief justice burglary remains unknown. Read More »

Duterte and the future of Philippine police


In a press conference upon his arrival from his Myanmar and Thailand trips Thursday dawn, the President expressed confidence that China is telling the truth because it has "a word of honor". Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that military exchanges between the two countries were an important part of their relations. Read More »

Egypt's ex-president Hosni Mubarak freed after six years


Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during a meeting with South African President Jacob Zuma at the presidential palace in Cairo, in 2010. An appeals court earlier this month cleared him on charges of killing protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his rule over the country. Read More »

North Korea missile launch attempt fails, US, South Korea say


All kinds of procurement, sale and transfer of goods, materials, equipment and technology specified by UN Security Council and its supervisory committee that could be used to develop North Korea's missile programs will be prevented. That could mean striking at North Korea's facilities for launching or producing ballistic missiles or its nuclear facilities. Easier targets would be North Korea's missile facilities. Read More »

Trump sits in a big truck, internet drives meme into ground


There are some perks to being the U.S. president, and when Donald Trump got to sit in the driver's seat of an 18-wheeler truck, it looked like he was really enjoying himself. Democratic senators questioned the longtime conservative judge about the "Case of the Frozen Trucker", in which a driver named Alphonse Maddin filed a lawsuit following his termination for leaving his cargo after he waited in freezing conditions for fix help that did not arrive. Read More »

Donegal communities urged to resist Ulster Bank branch closures


The bank said it hopes as numerous redundancies as possible will be voluntary. Ulster Bank has said the closures come as it moves to digital banking. "However, the role of the branch continues to move toward advice and away from day-to-day transactions". We will manage these changes in line with our existing process with the FSU (Financial Services Union). Read More »

Northern Ireland bids farewell to ex-IRA chief McGuinness


Former US president Bill Clinton urged politicians in Northern Ireland to "finish the work" of Martin McGuinness and get devolution back up and running in a warm and carefully pitched speech at his funeral in Derry yesterday. "He risked the wrath of his comrades and the rejection of his adversaries". Many times, he stretched to compromise, but in December he fell out with his partner in government, Arlene Foster, and the Democratic Unionist Party she leads. Read More »

Senators should concentrate on Gorsuch

Republicans, who hold 52 seats in the upper chamber, have the option of changing Senate rules so that a filibuster can be ended with a simple majority vote. During his term, the 45th president could also have other opportunities related to the Supreme Court, as three sitting justices are in their late 70s and early 80s, as well as to nominate hundreds of federal judges. Read More »

Sydney teenager charged with plotting terror attack pleads guilty


He pled guilty to planning a terror attack. The teenager was accused of using an encrypted message app to try and obtain a gun for an April 25 attack and, when that failed, a bomb manual. Parliament a year ago passed new legislation to lower from 16 to 14 the age at which people can be subject to a control order - which aims to prevent a terror attack by limiting a person's movements, communication and activity. Read More »

London police arrest 2 more over Westminster attack

May said , "It is still believed the attacker acted alone and police have no reason to believe there are imminent further attacks on the public". Seven of the injured remained in critical condition, according to London police authorities. Read More »

Malaysian inflation at 8-year high


It touched a near 19-year low of 4.496 on January 4, but has strengthened about 1.5 percent against the dollar so far this year. Prices rose 1.3% from the previous month. These uncertainties induced bouts of volatility in global portfolio flows, the bank said. The high volatility of the emerging markets currencies in 2016 was largely attributable to cyclical factors, but the main drivers of this condition were underlying structural factors in play, Bank Negara Malaysia said. Read More »

In Major Blow To Trump, GOP Health Care Bill Vote Delayed


Trump was done negotiating. Hours after the GOP had to put off a vote, in a black eye for Mr. Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Republicans held a confab and said they'll try again. The GOP leadership will bring the bill to a vote on the House floor Friday, according to Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur . In a last ditch effort to win support, Ryan made a number of tweaks to the proposal including accelerating repeal of certain Obamacare taxes and revamps to Medicaid (you can read about ... Read More »

Banks to vote for Republican health care bill


The entitlement program predominantly helps the poor and now has an open-ended funding stream. Members said that one target of Trump's attention was Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Half of voters said they were more likely to support the bill because it would reduce the deficit, while 53 percent said they were less likely to support the legislation due to the jump in the uninsured. Read More »

I'm president and you're not

To me, Michael, that's the story, these leakers, they are disgusting. "Some things that came to you a little bit later". You can go up and down the ladder. In his interview with Scherer, Trump also lied about the veracity of his administration's employment statistics versus Obama's, how many times he's made the cover of Time , the state of the economy he inherited from Pres. Read More »

Snyder: GOP health bill would 'adversely impact' residents


What: Info session and discussion about the campaign to guarantee health care to all New Yorkers by passing the New York Health Act. "After this bill goes down tomorrow, we can go back to the drawing board and they can bring conservatives to the table instead of just trying to break their kneecaps and twist their arms after the bill is written, and then we can all take the credit for a good bill", he said. Read More »

Wild Truck Water-Bead Stunt Ends With Child Endangerment Charge


The two posted the video, titled "Driving a truck full of Orbeez", to their YouTube channel, RoccoPiazzaVlogs . The child jumps in, followed by a person police say is an adult. Investigators said it's not just illegal to dump the gel balls on a road: it's also risky. "Don't report us", she said. The Department of Water and Power was notified after the Orbeez material spilled into the sewer drains. Read More »