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"Bottle, chilli inserted\", Jammu woman alleges torture by police


She also alleged that beer bottles and chilli powder were inserted in her private parts. The 25-year-old domestic worker was taken into police custody after her employers accused her of stealing an unreported item when she announced her intention to leave her job, an accusation she denies. Read More »

EU27 to show united front in Brexit talks


Tusk said Europeans needed "solid guarantees for citizens and their families, who will be affected by Brexit on both sides - this must be number-one priority for EU and the United Kingdom ". The first of the key issues of the European Union guidelines is that Britain must resolve the fate of three million European Union citizens living in Britain and one million Britons on the continent, and what happens to their rights to work and claim benefits overseas. Read More »

US navy ship collides with South Korean fishing boat


The Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser was able to sail away under its own power, as did the fishing vessel. The collision happened port side amidships, or in the middle of the USA warship's left side. Lake Champlain deployed in January and was recently extended for a month in response to rising tensions with North Korea. "Our mission is to reassure allies and our partners of our steadfast commitment to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region", he said. Read More »

DC Emergency Personnel Save Ducklings From Storm Drain


In another incident involving ducklings separated from their mom, D.C. officials rescued eight small ducks that fell into a storm drain in Southwest on Monday evening. The office staff at AIP Marketing in Troy rescued seven ducklings who had fallen in a storm drain Friday, May 5. The other three were removed from the drain after their mother left the area. Read More »

Turkey slams 'occupation' of Jerusalem, draws Israel's ire

He however called on Muslims to visit the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to defend the site's Islamic identity. The Turkish president also criticised moves by some Israeli lawmakers to limit the Muslim call to prayer, or adhan, made through loudspeakers in Israel and Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem between 11 pm and 7 am. Read More »

Germany army: New arrest over alleged anti-migrant plot


The men were identified only as 30-year-old Abdulmalk A. and 23-year-old Mousa H A, in line with German privacy rules. He was allegedly an accomplice to a lieutenant who plotted an attack disguised as a Syrian refugee. "In this way the three suspects wanted to link the attack in Germany to asylum seekers", she said. Officials said he obtained a Second World War era Unique Model 17 pistol for the attack, which he hid in a disabled toilet in Vienna International Airport while passing through ... Read More »

Construction costs increasing with tariff on Canadian softwood

Trudeau said he told the president that the U.S. Commerce Department levelled "baseless allegations" when it imposed new , unfair duties on Canadian softwood. He also said, "We will not stand for this". The move follows complaints from US dairy farmers about a recent decision by the Canadian dairy industry to change pricing categories on certain milk products. Read More »

Donald Trump to meet Pope Francis neglecting the differences

Analysts highlighted the White House's own purposes in seeking "tangible results in countering radical Islamist ideologies of Saudi Arabia" and "building a framework in the Middle East" to curb the terrorist group Islamic State and Iran. Despite this and a so-called "Muslim ban" being put in place by Trump, Gulf states appear to have warmed to the new president. After the House passed his American Health Care Act, House Republicans joined Trump and White House staff for a celebratory moment in ... Read More »

Blasts Near Damascus International Airport Blamed on Israeli

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz told Israeli army radio that such a strike would be "fully consistent with Israel's policy of blocking the transfer of weapons to [Lebanese militia group] Hezbollah". Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is backed in the country's brutal civil-war by Russia, Iran and regional Shi'ite militias, including Hezbollah, a close ally of Tehran. Read More »

Thailand: Father broadcasts daughter's murder


The two videos combined garnered 370,000 views. He didn't give us the visceral satisfaction of then watching his own death, but according to Thai police, he killed himself shortly afterwards. Jiranuch Trirat , mother of 11-month-old daughter who was killed by her father who broadcast the murder on Facebook , stands next to a picture of her daughter at a temple in Phuket , Thailand April 25, 2017. Read More »

Nigeria Chibok Girls: 82 Freed by Boko Haram

Neither the Nigerian president nor Boko Haram, which has links to the Islamic State group, gave details on the exchange. Boko Haram militants in Nigeria released dozens of abducted Chibok schoolgirls this week. Minutes later, the 74-year-old Buhari startled Africa's most populous nation with the news of his departure. He has missed three weekly cabinet meetings and he spent about six weeks in London on medical leave earlier this year, later saying that he had never been as sick in his ... Read More »

Tunnel with nuclear waste collapses in Washington state

KING reporter Susannah Frame reported that managers told employees to "secure ventilation" and "refrain from eating or drinking", though whether there was any contamination remains unclear. The massive plant, formally called the Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant, was used to chemically process irradiated fuel rods to remove plutonium for the nation's nuclear weapons program. Read More »

Avalanche kills 3 people in French Alps


The hikers, two men and a woman, were engulfed in snow at around midday local time near the Bonneval-sur-Arc area, near the Italian border. "Unfortunately, the three victims have been found dead", Anceau said. The CRS Alpes de Modane went to the scene by helicopter to search for a fourth missing person. Over the last few days there had been a mix of mild temperatures, rain and snowfall in the area. Read More »

Barack Obama Announces $2M Donation to Chicago Youth Jobs

According to The Wall Street Journal , a budget for the project has not yet been put together. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's former chief of staff attended, along with many community leaders. The center will be a place for doing, not just looking or listening, "said Marty Nesbitt , chairman of the Obama Foundation ". The center will also be the official headquarters for the Obama Foundation. Read More »

Turkey plans to build security wall on border with Iran


Turkey has previously built more than 550 kilometers of wall along the Syrian border in order to prevent the PKK and Daesh Takfiri terrorists from carrying out acts of terror. Turkey is building a 900-kilometer wall along the Syrian border to prevent refugees and outlawed militants from entering the country, and the first 556km phase was finished last month. Read More »

Exit polls in South Korea forecast win for liberal Moon


Ahn, who voted earlier at a different polling station, said he would wait for the people's "wise decision". He smiled and waved his hands above his head as supporters chanted his name at Gwanghwamun square in central Seoul , where millions of Koreans had gathered for months starting late a year ago in peaceful protests that eventually toppled Ms Park. Read More »

Voting begins in South Korea's presidential election


Even if he becomes leader, many analysts say Moon won't likely pursue drastic rapprochement policies because North Korea's nuclear program has achieved too much progress since he was in the Roh government a decade ago. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the neighboring countries share common strategic interests. Foreign experts say it may take only several years for North Korea to develop nuclear-armed missiles that can reach the USA mainland. Read More »

Texas stabbing suspect told police he didn't remember attack

Carter said that it's believed White was suffering from mental health issues and that he was recently involuntarily committed in another city. White was an active member of the Black Health Professionals Organization student organization on campus, said Melody Adindu, the group's new president. Read More »

Local experts react to House approval of American Health Care Act

America has the only health care system in the world created to avoid sick people. White House counsel Kellyanne Conway on Sunday blasted the "people will die" message as "outrageous and untrue", taking the mainstream media to task for acting as "enablers" for "not calling out those breathless, heartless predictions". Read More »

Obama warned Trump before inauguration against hiring Flynn


Speaking publicly about Flynn for the first time, Yates told the Senate judiciary committee press she had requested a meeting with President Donald Trump's White House counsel Donald McGahn on January 26, to warn of Michael Flynn's lies about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak. Read More »

Russia, US agree to air safety measures for Syria


The armed opposition, instead, was highly critical of the proposal, saying it lacks legitimacy. Russian Federation said soon after the deal was signed that it would do everything it could to ensure a prohibition of flights over those areas. Read More »

Rice Chides Trump For Criticism Of Judges, Media

It's hard to defend immigrants nearly any place in the world today. "Democracy takes time and we have to be a little bit more patient and a little bit more helpful in speaking out for those who are still trying to get there", she said. She had trouble regaining her train of thought as she attempted to get at Trump's winning of approval to register 38 new Trump trademarks in China, leading to complaints over potential conflicts of interest. Read More »

Russian Federation says Syria de-escalation deal takes effect at midnight


A previous cease-fire agreement signed in Astana on December 30 helped reduce overall violence in Syria for several weeks but eventually collapsed. The group will then "take steps to complete by June 4, 2017, the preparation of the maps of the de-escalation areas and security zones and to separate the armed opposition groups from the terrorist groups". Read More »