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Three things to watch on Donald Trump's foreign trip

For the second half, in Europe, security (and counterterrorism) issues will also be on the agenda - but hovering in the background will be questions about common values and to what degree Trump's America will continue to champion those values around the world, including democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Read More »

Iran election: Hassan Rouhani on course for second term


State television issued an official report saying people waiting in line were allowed to vote until midnight local time. "I voted for Rouhani to prevent Raisi's victory". Raisi is a critic of the nuclear deal and has campaigned to fight inequality and corruption. Meanwhile, around 10.1 million, or 39 per cent of ballots, were cast in favour of Raisi, while former ministers Mostafa Mirsalim and Mostafa Hashemi Taba had 280,000 and 140,000 votes, respectively. Read More »

U.S. launches NAFTA 90-day renegotiation countdown

He blamed unjust deals for swelling USA trade gaps and stealing factory jobs. So were many trade barriers in the auto industry. American companies from Ford Motor General Electric Co. "The whole energy sector has changed and the way we do business has too so I'm not averse to any of that", Pacheco said. The U.S. has run a surplus in farm trade with Mexico for 20 of the 23 years since NAFTA took effect. Read More »

Cavs ready for adjustments from Celtics in Game 2


Pardon the sarcasm and gallows semi-humor, but it's about all there is to work with during the disheartening aftermath of the Cavaliers' systematic and cruel dissection of the Celtics in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. And Harden was the only player to be unanimously selected by a global panel of sportswriters and broadcasters as a first-teamer this year, returning to that group for the third time in the last four seasons. Read More »

James Comey to testify before Senate in public hearing


This is the first report of a person now working in the White House being included in the federal probe. Meanwhile, a White House official "close to the president" is said to be under the microscope as a "person of interest" in the criminal investigation into prohibited collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, the Washington Post reports. Read More »

White House official said to be 'person of interest' in Russa probe

Sources close to the investigation told the Post that the current White House official is someone very near Trump, but did not identify the individual. Attorney Nick Akerman, an assistant special prosecutor during Watergate, said building an obstruction case "comes down to intent". "You'd have to show a corrupt intent to impede or obstruct an FBI investigation and that's usually pretty hard because you have to get inside somebody's mind", Akerman, now a partner at New York City law firm ... Read More »

How Donald Trump's Presidency has Affected Arrest, Deportation of Immigrants in US


Federal immigration agents are arresting more than 400 immigrants daily, a sharp leap from previous year that reflects one of President Trump's most far-reaching campaign promises , the Washington Post reports . Still, Trump is on-track to match or surpass the arrests of undocumented immigrants at the Obama Administration's peak in 2013, when over 662,000 undocumented immigrants were arrested. Read More »

Erdogan watched attack on protesters in DC

The State Department also said that acting Deputy Secretary of State Tom Shannon spoke with Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kilic about the fighting that left at least nine injured, including a DC police officer. "I believe they will knock on our door on the subject of Syria", he said. "And I thought, 'okay I'm on the ground already, what is the objective to beat me?'" The Turkish president was caught on camera observing the violence yesterday. Read More »

U.S. would consider talks with North Korea under certain conditions


McCain has spoken out about the economic retaliation China has taken against South Korea for hosting the system. During a meeting with former South Korean prime minister Lee Hae-chan on May 18, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China is ready to work with South Korea to bring bilateral relations back on track, following months of tensions over the deployment of THAAD, a US missile defense system that is meant to guard against threats from North Korea but that the Chinese government ... Read More »

Osinbajo receives 2017 budget from National Assembly


The Senior Special Assistant to the Acting President, Laolu Akande, confirmed this on his Twitter handle, @Akandeoj. "The 2017 budget will be transmitted to Mr President and the president will assent to the budget". "In respect to the budget, it was only this morning that the Minister of National Planning informed the council that the budget has been passed". "When it is transmitted to the Presidency, that decision will be taken‎", he said. Read More »

India would never succeed in stopping others from joining OBOR: China


Putin described the "One Belt, One Road" initiative to facilitate a 21st-century Silk Road, as a "timely and important which Russian Federation will engage with active participation". Speaking to 29 world leaders at a two-day summit in Beijing , Xi said: "The Belt and Road development does not shut out, nor is it directed against, any party". Read More »

Wife of American detained in Pyongyang pleads for release

The wife of a USA citizen who was detained in North Korea over the weekend is appealing for his immediate release. Pope Francis stated last month that a third country, like Norway, should mediate between North Korea and the resolve their stand-offs. Read More »

Hannity wants Trump to cancel press briefings

Following the firing of FBI Director James Comey, current press secretary Spicer was notoriously absent for a number of days from White House press briefings. In his short time as press secretary, Spicer has committed numerous gaffes in his attempts to justify President Donald Trump's policies and erratic behavior, provoking ridicule both in the media and among White House officials. Read More »

French Polynesia's Fritch gives Macron full backing

Mr Fritch is in Paris and met one of Mr Macron's associates Jean-Paul Delevoye at the headquarters of the En Marche movement. Mr Philippe and Mr Macron chose experienced politicians from the left, the centre and the right for the main positions. Read More »

The greatest self-inflicted witch hunt in history

Trump later deleted and retweeted that statement to correct the spelling of "counsel". Such actions were not enough to bring down the group and the Trump administration says it will do more. According to an Associated Press report, Trump interviewed former Connecticut Sen. He said that because Mueller is moving ahead with a criminal investigation, it really diminishes what the congressional committees can accomplish. Read More »

Comey willing to testify before Intelligence Committee if public


White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump's tweet about the tapes "speaks for itself", when pressed for details. "When James Clapper himself, and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt , says there is no collusion, when does it end?" This is an important exchange. Read More »

Pres. Trump tells Russians James Comey was a 'nut job'

They included Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, reports that Trump had previously pressured Comey to end a probe of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and Trump discussing sensitive information on Islamic State with Russia's foreign minister. Read More »

Trump Says He's Victim of 'Witch Hunt' After Special Counsel Announced

Trump told Rosenstein that Comey "had to go", said Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin after leaving the all-senators meeting. Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Trott says lawmakers pressed Rosenstein on the memo but he declined to respond. "Everyone thinks so", he said when asked whether he ever thought he did something recently that merited criminal charges or impeachment. Mueller will have almost unfettered access to witnesses and information, and the ability to bring criminal charges. Read More »

Rubio praises Trump for new Venezuela sanctions

With the latest sanctions, the USA government said the court members were being targeted because they had "usurped the authority of Venezuela's democratically elected legislature". "America stands with all of the people in our great hemisphere yearning to breathe free". This is not the first time the Trump administration has imposed sanctions on Venezuelan leaders. Read More »

Iran votes in 1st presidential election since nuclear deal


Friday's poll is expected to be a two-horse race between reformist President Hassan Rouhani and conservative challenger Ebrahim Raisi. Rouhani has sought to frame the vote as a choice between greater civil liberties and "extremism". For Rouhani, the vote is a fight for his political future and Iran's political trajectory, Maloney said, and could account for his surprisingly sharp rhetoric during the campaign, such as direct attacks on the Revolutionary Guards, the regime's elite ... Read More »

Fired FBI Director Comey To Testify Publicly About Trump, Russia Probe

Burr said the committee wants to hear from Comey on his role in the development of the United States intelligence agencies' assessment that Russian Federation interfered in last year's election. "You can never get guidance from the executive branch about how Congress is to do something because there's inherently always going to be tension", said Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Read More »