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AAP accuses BJP of hatching conspiracy, says Kejriwal won't resign

Mr. Jain has threatened to sue Mr. Mishra on the allegation. He is also claiming of an alleged land deal, if so, why isn't he revealing the name of that relative for whom he claims the deal was done? "I am going to register an FIR against Kejriwal at 11:30 am today", he said at the conference. Read More »

Meet Brigitte Trogneux, 64: Woman behind French President-elect Emmanuel Macron, 39


Although the centrist politician faces a huge task ahead to unite a fractured and anxious country, his win has been greeted with relief by European Union leaders and financial markets. Meanwhile, US job growth rebounded sharply in April and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 per cent, near a 10-year low, pointing to a tightening labor market that likely seals the case for an interest rate increase next month despite moderate wage growth. Read More »

Trumps executive order on religious liberty hailed


President Donald Trump signed a highly anticipated executive order on religious liberty in front of faith leaders at the White House Rose Garden on the National Day of Prayer on Thursday. Baylor called that "sort of self-evident", rather than the kind of shift in policy his organization is advocating. Other liberal and pro-LGBT groups have also expressed their intentions to take legal action against the order earlier this week. Read More »

Russian Federation says Syria safe zones will go into effect


It provides for a ceasefire, rapid deliveries of humanitarian aid and the return of refugees after the creation of "de-escalation zones" across stretches of eight Syrian provinces. But it's unknown how many boots on the ground would be needed to monitor the yet-to-be mapped areas or how and where exactly Russian, Iranian and Turkish troops would patrol. Read More »

Matt Harvey rejoins Mets after 3-day suspension

Mets: Cespedes, who injured his hamstring April 27, underwent tests and likely will start baseball activities this week. 'We are going to keep it in house, the way it's supposed to be, ' said Collins. Plawecki described it as a prank by someone else. Mets teammates mobbed Walker on the infield. Get the best sports content from the web and social in the new B/R app . Read More »

Chelsea Manning releases 1st statement since clemency win


Obama granted Manning clemency in January, saying she had taken responsibility for her crime and her sentence was disproportionate to those received by other leakers. This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Freedom used to be something that I dreamed of but never allowed myself to fully imagine. Read More »

Happy 'Star Wars' Day: May the fourth be with you

Star Wars Day takes place every year on May 4th, which is fairly common knowledge. The South Taiwan Jedi Order also put on three lightsaber performances for the general public, which were met with an enthusiastic response. Target is offering 20% off select Star Wars toys online. Appealing to the palate with sumptuous Star Wars recipes . Read a " Star Wars " story to your kids for bedtime. Read More »

Voting underway in South Korea to pick new president


Park is in custody awaiting trial over corruption for offering governmental favours to top businessmen - including Samsung heir Lee Jae-Yong - who allegedly bribed her secret confidante, Choi Soon-Sil. "I ask you all to be with me until we accomplish the two tasks we have - reform and unity", Moon told supporters after the exit poll was released. Moon was a strong proponent of the "Sunshine Policy", an attempt to improve relations between the two Koreas from 1998 to 2008, and served as chief ... Read More »

North Korea detains another American, investigates alleged crimes

Kim has been working at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology - the same college employing U.S. citizen Kim Sang Dok, who the country detained last month for the same vague crime. Choe was initially expected to head to NY for unofficial talks with former U.S. officials and experts at the beginning of March in NY but was the trip fell through due to visa denial to the North Korean envoy by the U.S. Read More »

Trump's frustration with budget compromise has him considering merits of a 'shutdown'

But the move announced late Wednesday by GOP leaders also carries extreme political risk, as House Republicans prepare to endorse a bill that boots millions off the insurance rolls and may not even survive the Senate. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) and Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), ended up rejecting the bill. Unfortunately, that wasn't the lesson he wound up taking away from the experience. Read More »

Judges divided on Trump's travel ban


Plaintiffs in the case allege in part that the order discriminates against one religion, in violation of the Constitution. Both judges were appointed to the court by Republican presidents. He said Trump later explained the aim was to protect the country against such groups as the Islamic State and al-Qaida. But people who are suing over the ban - people in the USA who've been separated from their loved ones in one of those six countries - say the whole order is a pretext for banning Muslims. Read More »

Liberal candidate Moon Jae-in wins South Korean presidential election


Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party seemed headed to the Blue House, winning 41.4 percent in an exit poll on Tuesday in the country's first presidential snap election. That is South Korea's formal name. "With the U.S. withdrawal from TPP and China's stated pro-globalization stance South Korea's longer-term interest may be shifting towards China and away from the United States, especially if the USA becomes more protectionist". Read More »

French reject Le Pen and Trump: Darcy cartoon

But Le Pen's 34 percent - a high in any national election for her far-right National Front - confirms her party as a formidable force, its French-first nationalism increasingly accepted by a growing swath of electors despite its history of anti-Semitism and racism. Read More »

Anti-ISIL coalition patrolling Turkey-Syria border

The Turkish military said the strikes, which local governments as well as the US and Russian Federation were notified about in advance, were meant to prevent the PKK from sending terrorists, arms, ammunition, and explosives to Turkey. Images from Syria shared on social media often show militants wearing SDF and PKK/PYD insignias fighting alongside each other. Khalil said his forces are not building up in the area and added that the global coalition is now "monitoring" the border. Read More »

Liberal candidate Moon predicted to win South Korean presidential election


However, after a decade of conservative rule a Moon victory could mean a sea change in Seoul's approach toward both Pyongyang and key ally Washington. That is South Korea's formal name. Dozens of high-profile figures, including Park's longtime confidante, Choi Soon-sil, and Samsung's de facto leader, Lee Jae-yong, have been indicted along with Park. Read More »

Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan killed in April raid, Pentagon says


Several other senior leaders of the Islamic State group were also killed in the operation, which took place in the Nangarhar Province, the same area where the USA had dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on April 13. It also underscores the widening attention on Nangahar, where the USA military on April 13 dropped its largest nonnuclear bomb on a complex of caves and tunnels used by the Islamic State, reportedly killing 36 militants. Read More »

Fire forces evacuation in southern Georgia

George (GA) residents are under a mandatory evacuation due to the fire. "First Responders are NOT coming door to door, because they are fighting this approaching fire to try to save your homes", the refuge said on its Facebook page. George over the weekend continued spreading Monday after jumping a state highway not far from the center of their southeast Georgia community. "These guys come out". Read More »

UK's Labour leader says he won't try to reverse Brexit

He was joined on stage by Andy Burnham, who last week missed a photocall with the leader on the evening of his election as metro mayor of Greater Manchester in one of the few points of light in Labour's gloomy local elections. "Low pay and insecurity have spread like an epidemic under the Tories", the Labour leader said. His comments appear created to reassure pro-EU Labour voters considering defecting to the Liberal Democrats. Read More »

I warned White House that Flynn could be blackmailed: Yates

His defense of timeline of Flynn's dismissal comes one day after Yates revealed during a dramatic Senate hearing that she delivered dire warnings to the White House counsel that Flynn was compromised because he misrepresented to senior administration officials his conversations with Russia's USA ambassador. Read More »

Moon Jae -In has won South Korea Presidential Elections

Casting his vote in Seoul, he said: "I gave all my body and soul (to the election) to the very end". In his victory speech, Moon pledged to be a president for all, and to build bridges with former political rivals. Later that month, she was jailed over the charges and was officially indicted in April. Factfile on the main candidates for the South Korean presidential election. Read More »

Euro edges up on win by French moderate Macron

If he fails to govern effectively from the middle, the extremes could soon rise again. "But there's no doubt it will be hard". Their fate and Macron's are intimately linked. That was the charge that Le Pen levelled at her opponent throughout the campaign. For months, Macron carefully avoided any association with his deeply unpopular former mentor. Read More »

President Trump approves plan to directly arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State


Washington worries the instability will slow the effort to retake Raqqa, IS' self-declared capital in Syria. But she called the Syrian Democratic Forces "the only force on the ground that can successfully seize Raqqa in the near future", an indirect pushback on Turkish proposals that the USA abandon its support of the YPG and instead rely on other Turkish-backed rebels for the crucial mission. Read More »

Trump adviser in conflict of interest controversy

Meyer told more than 100 investors at Beijing's Ritz-Carlton Hotel that her brother was the company's former chief executive. But try. Kushner Companies has to start by halting all new deals and projects, and the global advertising and investment pitches that go with them. Read More »