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Melania Trump rebuffs husband's hand again


The clip shows sassy Slovenian Melania alongside The Donald waving to the crowd having just touched down in Rome, Italy. It's likely unintentional, but Melania Trump has yet again snubbed her husband , President Donald Trump , as he attempted to hold her hand on Tuesday. Read More »

'Heinous Attack Upon Humanity': Trump Offers Condolences to Victims of UK Attack

In the final remarks at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem , which concluded his first visit to the region, Trump asserted that a struggle against Iran and the Islamic State (IS) should be a shared interest of all nations in the Middle East. Whether one considers him a buffoon or the great hope for peace, the image of a U.S. president in silent meditation at the core of Judaism's foundation in Israel's capital city will endure, and gained Trump untold goodwill points with the right-of center ... Read More »

Manchester attack: Witness accounts tell story of deadly blast as it happened


There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but USA officials drew parallels to the coordinated attacks in November 2015 by Islamist militants on the Bataclan concert hall and other sites in Paris, which claimed about 130 lives. They're losers. And we'll have more of them. Parish priest Mgr Anthony Kay said the "spirit of Manchester " would never be broken and in the city on Tuesday night, as thousands gathered for a vigil in memory of the dead and injured, I had to agree with his ... Read More »

Trump 'didn't cite Israel' as source of Isis intelligence

With an aim to resolve the Middle-east conflict, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to advance the peace process. "The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever", Trump said. Israelis are murdered by terrorists wielding knives and bombs. Read More »

President, PM condemn Manchester terror attack

Intelligence experts believe the device detonated at a concert by the pop singer Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena on Monday night was so sophisticated that Abedi must have either been given specialist training overseas or used a bomb made by a technician who has not yet been captured. Read More »

Donald Trump arrives at Vatican to meet Pope Francis

There are meeting rooms, Vatican offices and very fancy apartments where popes have traditionally lived, but not Pope Francis , as you say. The pope and Trump will reportedly try to find common ground when they meet. The meeting with the Pope Francis concludes Trump's tour of the ancestral homes of the world's three largest monotheistic religions. During their meeting, the two men discussed a wide range of issues - including migration, climate change, sustainable development and global ... Read More »

Trump condemns 'evil losers' behind Manchester attack

Trump's comments came before meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem as part of a two-day visit to Israel meant to jump-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and unite the Middle East in the fight against terrorism. Read More »

Trump travels to Bethlehem to meet Palestinian leader

Their talks centred on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. A longtime businessman, Mr Trump has cast Middle East peace as the "ultimate deal" and has tasked his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former real estate lawyer Jason Greenblatt with charting a course forward. Read More »

Churchgoers, Priest Taken Hostage in Philippines Besieged City

Two soldiers and a police officer have been killed, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said . About 20 of them took up positions around a hospital, while others went to attack a jail several miles away. "We will continue to provide updates as often as possible with due regard to the security of our operating forces and the conduct of the operations itself", he added. Read More »

Trump pushes for peace in ME

Abbas is ready to work with Israel on a peace agreement. "I always say that the president is always at his best when he's doing big things that are unexpected", the official said about Trump's foreign trip, which is still ongoing. "We are telling you right now that Iran will not have nuclear weapons", he added. " Trump's proposed formula for peace did not rest on the traditional mindset of a two states for two people, based on 1967 borders with or without land swaps", he told reporters ... Read More »

Trump says Palestinian and Israeli leaders ready to 'reach for peace'


Expressing optimism that a peace deal could finally be brokered to end the almost 70-year-old conflict and suggested a resolution may not be hard to obtain it. He was less flattering in his assessment of the Trump administration so far. "I am personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement". Read More »

Goldman warns of 2018 oil glut amid optimism over OPEC cut extension

Pradhan also observed that the plan of OPEC and non-OPEC countries to continue with production cuts - aimed to arrest the slide in prices - may lead to under-investment and consumers' needs not being met in the long run. The strategic reserve, 700-million odd barrels of crude stored in tanks and underground salt caverns in Texas and Louisiana, was created after the oil shocks of the 1970s, when OPEC slapped an embargo on exports to the West, spooking consumers and spiking prices. Read More »

India notably absent from China's massive One Belt, One Road initiative


The China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China will set up special lending schemes worth 250 billion yuan and 130 billion yuan respectively, to support belt and road projects. "In my meetings with President Xi [Jinping], Premier Li [Keqiang] and other leaders, we exchanged views on the global economy, how to strengthen cooperation to tackle global challenges, and the role of the International Monetary Fund in supporting its member countries", Lagarde stated in a release. Read More »

This is the graph that shows Labour could win this General Election


Opposition parties dubbed it the "dementia tax", because those most affected would be people with long-lasting, debilitating conditions which render them unable to care for themselves. "This isn't just an incompetent non U-turn - it's a lie". We were honest that we were going to have a green paper and would be consulting people on how the system operates. Read More »

Taiwan court rules in favor of same sex marriage


She noted that the RNC has sent a delegation to Taiwan every year over the past several years, and she expressed confidence that such visits will help deepen US understanding of Taiwan and enhance bilateral friendship, according to a statement released by the Presidential Office. Read More »

'Classy & Conservative': Melania's Style Praised in Saudi Arabia

Rohani's remarks came as Trump trained more criticism on Iran in a visit to Israel on May 22, saying that Tehran must stop supporting "terrorists and militia" and must never acquire nuclear weapons. According to the US president, the war against that scourge is a battle between good and evil, rather than a clash of civilizations. Trump is seeking to ease concerns that his policies won't be as beneficial to Israel as once believed. Read More »

Trump denounces Manchester attackers as 'evil losers'

In the statement, the President condemned those behind the attack as " evil losers ", refusing to call them "monsters" because "they would like that term". As many as 400 police were deployed overnight, Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said early Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to boost security cooperation with the United Kingdom, describing the bombing as a "cynical, inhuman crime". Read More »

Swat or brush? Viral video of the Trumps raises questions

The reason for the scene recorded by cameras on Monday in Tel Aviv, when Donald Trump and Melania arrived at the airport, walked on the red carpet and the USA president just a few steps ahead of the officials waiting for them to welcome them, he tried to grasp his wife's hand, but she, repelled him by giving him a hand "slap". Read More »

Trump calls on Israelis, Palestinians to compromise

Israel and the Palestinians have not held peace talks for three years and Mr Trump acknowledges it would be "one of the toughest deals of all" to broker. Trump was set to leave later Tuesday afternoon on his way to the Vatican. US President Donald Trump today said that he is committed "to do everything" to achieve Israel-Palestinian peace deal but made it clear that "peace can not take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded". Read More »

Iran funds terrorists: Trump calls for its global isolation in Saudi speech

There was none of the anti-Islamic rhetoric that Mr Trump has readily espoused before last November's presidential election. "This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects, or different civilisations", Trump said . Joining him on his maiden trip overseas is also Ivanka's husband Jared Kushner, who serves as a shadow diplomat in Trump's administration and has been nominated to attempt to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Read More »

Brokering Peace Calls for Vision, Strategy, Determination and Action — APN to Trump


Saying he hoped Trump would go down in history as the president who brought peace to Israelis and Palestinians, Abbas said in English; "I extend my hand to you to be your partner in this noble and possible mission". Trump placed a note in the ancient stones of Jerusalem's Western Wall. "The Israelis would love to have peace". No three-way meeting between leaders. Read More »

Erdogan sees 'new beginning' in Turkish-US ties

Since 2015, Erdogan has been pursuing a renewed war on the ultra-leftist, separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in his own country, where Kurds make up some 20 percent of the population. For Turkey, the second largest armed force in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, this could give separatist Kurds a permanent base to conduct attacks inside their own territory. Read More »