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Ariana Grande cancels world tour stops through June 5

The spokesman for a Libyan anti-terror force says the father of the alleged Manchester bomber has been arrested in Tripoli. Ramadan Abedi also had said he worked as the administrative manager of the Central Security force in Tripoli. The fasting month starts this weekend. British investigators were looking into whether Abedi had travelled to Libya and whether he had been in touch with Islamic State militants there or in Syria. Read More »

Dem wants to know if Trump pressed intel chiefs


But the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who Trump fired two weeks ago, wrote detailed memos on his discussions with the president that were cited in the media reports. American press was not allowed in. That is one reason he was forced out of the White House in February. CNN first reported the omission. "Trump told [Lavrov and Kislyak] that firing Comey, had relieved "great pressure" on him", reported The New York Times " Matt Apuzzo, Maggie Haberman and Matthew Rosenberg ... Read More »

Donald Trump speaks of hopes for Middle East peace on Bethlehem visit


Despite not mentioning a two-state solution at the Monday press conference, the U.S. president addressed Palestinian concerns as to their struggling economy. This omission was likely tactical on Mr Abbas's part, said Mr Shaheen, adding that the Palestinian president wants to appear flexible at this early stage of potential peace negotiations. Read More »

Pope to first lady: what are you feeding Trump?

In Brussels , team Trump will meet European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation officials before returning to Italy for the G7 summit in Sicily on Friday and Saturday. In a statement issued three hours after the meeting, the Vatican said that the pope and the president stressed areas of agreement, chiefly "the joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience" _ a reference to the administration's opposition to abortion. Read More »

Dems warn of any pre-emptive attack on North Korea

It has carried out two atomic tests and dozens of missile launches since the beginning of previous year in its quest to develop a missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental United States. The Philippine leader responded that their North Korean counterpart's "mind is not working and he might just go insane one moment". He warned that no option is off the table in dealing with the North's weapons program, although Washington has so far opted for sanctions and ... Read More »

France says North Korea's new test demands swift United Nations action


A man passes by a TV news program showing a file image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un , at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul , South Korea, Sunday, May 21, 2017. "This is the DPRK's answer to the Trump administration", it said, referring to the national philosophy of "Juche" or self-reliance. Pyongyang successfully tested a Pukguksong-2 (KN-15) medium-range ballistic missile Sunday. Read More »

Donald Trump Tries To Hold Melania's Hand & She SLAPS IT AWAY


They paused at the top of the stairs to wave to the crowd. President Donald Trump seems to has a problem with his wife Melania. Embarking on their first trip overseas as President and First Lady, the Trumps have both had smiles on their faces, but as we all know, smiles can be deceiving. Read More »

The shocking moment a sea lion grabs a girl from a pier

California sea lions might not quite weigh a thousand pounds, but they can get up to 860 pounds and "can do a lot of damage", Vancouver Aquarium marine mammal trainer Danielle Hyson said . Warning signs went up over the weekend because people feeding sea lions is a big problem at the wharf. "When we see performing animals, like at the circus, we get false information about whether animals like to be around people". Read More »

A rigged voter fraud panel

Trump has claimed that three million to five million people voted illegally in the election, denying him a popular vote win. Trump began making his allegations of widespread voter fraud shortly after the election, claiming that he would have won the popular vote - which he lost by almost 3 million votes - if there had not been so many votes cast illegally. Read More »

Asean, China move to next stage on South China Sea negotiations

In December 2016, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an American think-thank, cited satellite images to back claims that China was installing a weapons system on these artificial islands. China does not recognize the ruling . In a case brought by the Philippines, an worldwide tribunal ruled past year that Beijing has no historic or legal basis for its sweeping claims. Read More »

Trump meets with Abbas in Bethlehem, says 'truly hopeful' for peace deal

The visit follows Trump's meetings with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , in which he repeatedly expressed optimism for a peace settlement, despite his predecessors' inability to reach a lasting deal. Upon his arrival on May 22, Trump said there was a "rare opportunity" to bring peace to the Middle East. Trump has made an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal a major goal of his time in office. Read More »

United Nations vows sanctions on N. Korea


Kim's ambassador to China said in Beijing on Monday it would continue such test launches "any time , any place". North Korean state media said Monday that the missile Pyongyang test-fired on Sunday is a new weapon, able to carry a heavy nuclear warhead to unprecedented distances - possibly as far as US soil. Read More »

After bruising campaign, voters head to the polls in BC


New Democrat Leader John Horgan won his seat in Langford-Juan de Fuca, while Liberal Leader Christy Clark won her riding in Kelowna West. "The Grade 11s that are running the vote did a three-week politics and government unit, so they learned all about our Canadian government, provincial government, the democratic rights, all of the rights and freedoms that we have in Canada that are based on our right to vote and democracy", explained Martin. Read More »

Deadline for Kulbhushan Jadhav to appeal against execution ends today

ICJ President Ronny Abraham , a 63-year-old French academic and practitioner in public worldwide law, asked Pakistan to keep the court informed "of all measures taken" in the implementation of the order. Jadhav's case received a boost on Thursday when the ICJ sided with India and ordered Pakistan to stay the execution till proceedings were pending with the world court. Read More »

Father of suspected Manchester bomber says son is innocent

United Kingdom police believe Abedi was merely a "mule" who ferried the bomb to the Ariana Grande concert before detonating himself and fear that the bomb maker could strike again imminently. The 45-year-old from Royton, Greater Manchester, was reported missing by relatives. Among investigators' areas of interest is how often Abedi traveled to Libya, which has seen an eruption of armed Islamist groups since dictator Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011. Read More »

Russian officials reportedly discussed using Trump's advisors to influence him


Brennan said he told his Russian counterpart, the head of Russia's FSB, last August that if Russia pursued its efforts to interfere, "it would destroy any near-term prospect for improvement in relations" between the two countries. Brennan said that if the press reports are accurate, then it appears that the president violated two protocols. It was also a reminder that every claim from Team Trump about there being no contacts between Trump's operation and Russian officials was ... Read More »

Trump vows 'to do everything' for Mideast peace

Trump went on to say that he is "personally committed" to helping Israel and Palestinians reach a lasting peace, acknowledging that promises for such a deal have been made but, in an apparent reference to his record of dealmaking in business, he said, "That's what I do". Read More »

Trump has cooties? For 2nd time, Melania won't let him touch her


Alternative Jerusalem Day events promoting tolerance also were held throughout the city and peace activists launched protests. Following his meeting with Abbas, he said in a final speech before departing the country for Vatican City, that, "the Palestinians are ready for peace", and added that Netanyahu was also "reaching for peace". Read More »

Melania Trump Swats Away Husband's Hand in Full Public View

Although this must have been disappointing for the prime minister, it should not have been surprising, considering how much momentum the embassy issue has lost since Trump's inauguration in January. Here's a list of the most tweetable faux pas from Trump's Israel visit. The common theme of analysis by media in Israel is about the concept of peace. Read More »