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US-Middle East relations — NRT Focus


The Sunni kingdom and Shiite power Iran haven't had diplomatic relations since early 2016. They threaten and mock the United States, our leaders, and our allies, and they expect us to roll with it. As with the Guard, Iran's president has no direct control over the courts. "Death to America! " was a nationalist slogan popular in the 1980s. Like Rouhani, Zarif has raised the sticking point of 911. Read More »

Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia,' Arming 'Terrorists' Like Saudi Arabia


Iraqis and Syrians have together fought the so-called Islamic State group with Iran's support, Rouhani said, adding that without Iran no regional security and stability is foreseeable. Rouhani also said last week's election showed Iranians wanted more democracy and interaction with the world, adding this would lead to much-needed economic progress. Read More »

Trade, Climate Change on Agenda for G-7 Summit in Sicily

EU Council President Donald Tusk said that he "totally agreed with him when he said the global community, the G7, the United States , Europe - should be tough, even brutal, with terrorism and ISIS". The meeting comes as after senior United Kingdom government officials lambasted the USA over a series of high-profile leaks to American media of details surrounding the terror attack, which killed 22 people following a concert. Read More »

Italy's Taormina hosts G7 summit


President Trump is also set to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May .That meeting is expected to be tense. The agreement keeps a provision from early meetings in the face of a new approach from President Donald Trump , who has insisted trade must be fair as well as free. Read More »

Leaders of G7 nations begin summit in Italy

The stalemate on climate change was mirrored by divisions between the USA and the other six G7 countries over trade and migration at the annual summit , described by officials as the toughest in years. He was also spotted chatting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel before the session began. However, a source in the French delegation said Mr Macron had repeated the EU's position that the terms of the divorce must be agreed first. Read More »

IRAN: Rouhani says regional stability impossible without Tehran


US President Donald Trump walks on his arrival accompanied by the Israeli President Rueben Rivlin, right, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Monday, May 22,2017. He also demanded that Iran cease its support of "terrorists and militias". The US should end the "aggressive and terrorist operations against independent states" carried out with the assistance of "reactionary regimes" in the region, he said. Read More »

G7 leaders pressure Trump on climate change


His top officials have appeared divided about what to do about the 2015 deal, which was signed by almost 200 countries. "We know that the levels that were agreed to by the prior administration would be highly crippling to the U.S. But they were struggling to convince the USA president of the merits of free trade. President Trump is also expected to push back against a proposal by Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni for the G7 to help shoulder the burden of African refugees flooding to ... Read More »

Kushner sought Russian Federation back channel, report claims

Kushner allegedly made the proposal during a meeting on December 1 or 2 at Trump Tower. A White House spokesperson had no immediate comment. The report is another sensational detail in the deluge of allegations raising questions about the Trump team's relationship with the Russians, whom USA intelligence agencies say tried to sway the November election in Trump's favour and thus deny Hillary Clinton the presidency. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation examines Kushner meetings with Russians

Comey has already said under oath that Attorney General Lynch's "tarmac meeting" with former President Bill Clinton was one of the reasons he felt the Department of Justice couldn't be trusted. Reuters reported Friday that Kushner had at least three previously undisclosed contacts with Kislyak a year ago, including two phone calls between April and November. Read More »

Trump Fail to Stand Behind Article 5 at NATO Summit


Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic , center right, after appearing to be pushed by Donald Trump , center, during a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit of heads of state and government in Brussels on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Trump's entourage warned that the billionaire president would push allies heavily on meeting their commitment to spend 2.0 percent of GDP on defence, agreed in 2014. Read More »

Watch Trump strut his stuff into prime position


Markovic told a journalist in Brussels that it was only "natural" that Trump should be in the front row, as the United States is NATO's biggest member by far. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tweeted that the USA cannot " add an asterisk" to Article 5. NATO's chief affirmed that the alliance would join the worldwide coalition fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, but will not wage direct war against the extremists. Read More »

Trump's son-in-law under Federal Bureau of Investigation probe


In addition to their discussion about setting up the communications channel, Kushner, Flynn and Kislyak also talked about arranging a meeting between a representative of Trump and a "Russian contact" in a third country whose name was not identified, according to the anonymous letter. Read More »

Trump's speech to Israeli parliament scrapped

He added, "First the two-state solution must exist and be implemented". He didn't talk about a two-state solution. The legacy of the Arab Spring and the lingering dissent against authoritarian rule inside most Arab states could mean that Trump's overtures could backfire soon. Read More »

US leaks on concert attack angers Britain


May and British security services had expressed outrage after the name of the attacker, Salman Abedi , and pictures of the crime scene were leaked to the press, and they blamed the USA for the leaks. The Home Secretary's comment came after the name of bomber Salman Abedi was leaked to the U.S. media within hours of the attack, which resulted in the deaths of 22 people . Read More »

Trump promotes Mideast peace ambitions, leaves out the details

On his first trip to the Middle East, President Donald Trump has done more to rebuild the United States' standing in the region than President Barack Obama did in eight years. President Trump yesterday painted a stark new portrait of USA goals in the Middle East in a speech that exhorted Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries to vanquish extremists and signaled the abandoning long-standing ambitions to spread freedom and transform the region, analysts said. Read More »

Utah governor: Chaffetz seat could be filled in 2-4 months

Ohio representative Jim Jordan did not rule out interest last month, as news of Chaffetz's impending resignation spread. Rep. Trey Gowdy of SC, who led the House's Benghazi select committee, is considered the favorite to become the next oversight chairman. Read More »

Sen. Warren: GOP blocking Democrats from health care talks

Democrats see no policy or political upside to working with Republicans to dismantle the ACA. Some conservative Senate Republicans, led by Utah Sen. Cassidy said the bill he sponsored with Collins would be "a good place to start", but said senators were open to other ideas. The largest share of Medicaid goes to low-income elderly and disabled people, covering nursing home and home health care. Read More »

Manchester Bomber Seen Buying Rucksack In City On Friday: Foreign Media


Dozens were also wounded in the incident. Media in Britain reported on Friday that Grande has promised that she will return to Manchester following the terror attack to spend time with her fans and to "have a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their families", Xinhua news agency reported. Read More »

Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner sought secret line to Moscow


Kislyak said Kushner, who is also Trump's son-in-law, suggested the secure channel be set up using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States, according to the bombshell report. The White House in March confirmed that Kushner and Kislyak met at Trump Tower in December for what one official called a brief courtesy meeting. The Obama White House only learned that the crown prince of Abu Dhabi was flying to NY in December to see Kushner, Flynn and Stephen Bannon, another top Trump ... Read More »

House Intelligence Committee will subpoena Michael Flynn, Schiff says

Sen. Mark Warner , D-Va., the top Democrat on the committee, identified the businesses as Flynn Intel Group LLC and Flynn Intel Group Inc., both based in Alexandria, Va. Page is one of several people associated with President Donald Trump's campaign who are being investigated by congressional committees and the Federal Bureau of Investigation over their ties to Russian Federation. Read More »

Mississippi boy found dead after being kidnapped in running car


It was unclear Friday if any of the three suspects has hired an attorney who could speak on his behalf. But the sheriff said Archie subsequently told authorities about her son. The district attorney also said it was possible the charges might change, adding the three are expected to make initial court appearances on Monday. Read More »