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White House Holds Briefing Amid Reports Of Staff Changes, Russia Developments


And West Wing aides became freshly tense amid reports Trump is considering firing some of them. But it remains unclear whether the president might envision them working inside the White House or in outside roles. Spicer continued his argument saying it is concerning when stories are published using "unnamed, unaccountable sources". On Tuesday, Trump worked behind closed doors, interviewing candidates for a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director and discussing whether to withdraw ... Read More »

Iraq presses Mosul assault, United Nations warns of danger to civilians

The attacks come as IS militants are steadily losing territory to US -backed Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul , the country's second-largest city. "We are deeply concerned that right now, in the final stages of the campaign to retake Mosul , the Islamic State areas are probably at graver risk now than at any other stage of the campaign", Lise Grande , the UN's humanitarian coordinator in Iraq said . Read More »

Flanagan Backs Varadkar To Be "Courageous" Fine Gael Leader


Kenny, Ireland's leader since 2011, said he would then stay as head of government for a "brief but appropriate period" while his designated successor holds talks with parties and independents propping up the minority government. Separately, the Fine Gael National Executive met last night to finalise the details of the contest with four regional debates now confirmed in Dublin, Carlow, Ballinasloe, and Cork from the end of next week. Read More »

Corbyn apologises for failing to put a figure on free childcare policy


Opinion polls show Labour have closed the gap on the Conservatives substantially during the campaign, but Corbyn's personal ratings remain low and the party has struggled to overcome longstanding doubts about its fiscal competence. Due to the snap general election being called, that allows a maximum of 16 months negotiations to take place. Her record over security and policing has also been questioned after a suicide bomber killed 22 people last Monday at a concert by U.S. Read More »

300000 evacuated as cyclone nears Bangladesh


Officials expect at least 15 districts, including Cox's Bazar and Chittagong , to be inundated by the storm surge. Cyclone Mora hit Bangladesh on Tuesday with heavy winds and rain with almost 300,000 people from 10 coastal districts already evacuated, the media reported. Read More »

North Korea Missile Test Appears to Tiptoe Over a US Tripwire


Moon was elected to office on May 9 and reportedly plans to send diplomats to the United States, China, Japan and Russian Federation this month to discuss approaches to North Korea. Yoon said Chung and Pottinger in their meeting reaffirmed that Seoul and Washington share a common goal in the "complete discarding" of North Korean nuclear weapons and will pursue "all methods, including sanctions and dialogue" to reach the goal. Read More »

Ariana Grande Promises 'Incredibly Brave City Of Manchester' A Benefit Concert


Police arrested the man in the early hours, and are now searching another address in the same area. A woman arrested Wednesday during a raid on an apartment north of Manchester has been released without charge. Jon Rouse of the agency said 64 people were still hospitalized. With British police investigating an alleged network linked to the British-born suicide bomber, Salman Abedi , the matter of information leaked to US media will be taken up by British Prime Minister ... Read More »

Officers respond to report of armed man at Orlando airport


No one was hurt, but the terrifying situation created confusion and uncertainty as travellers posted video and photos online showing police at the airport with their weapons drawn. Orlando Police confirmed the man had not been arrested and spoke to a crisis negotiator. The incident at the Orlando airport was first reported about 7:24 p.m. Read More »

Concerns over Jared Kushner's secret Russian 'back channel'

Mr Trump, who participated in the annual Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Ceremony on Monday, is said to be considering a shake-up of the White House administration, with a possible sidelining of press secretary Sean Spicer and other key officials expected in the coming days. Read More »

Turkey ready to retaliate against any threats, Erdogan warns


A violent confrontation Tuesday evening outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Northwest Washington resulted in 11 people being injured. The Washington Post editorial team published a strongly worded rebuke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security forces, who attacked peaceful protestors outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC. Read More »

Russian cruise missiles hit ISIS near Palmyra


The last time Russian Federation fired Kalibr cruise missiles from its ships at militant targets in Syria was in November previous year, the RIA news agency said. Russian news agencies quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had personally told President Vladimir Putin about the military action late on Tuesday. Read More »

Trump Won't Announce Jerusalem Embassy Move During Israel Trip, US Official Says

President Donald Trump's popularity among Israeli Jews has fallen 23 percent since January, an alarming statistic as he prepares to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders next week in a bid to revive a peace process frozen since 2014. Conflicting comments from administration officials regarding Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem's Western Wall have only added to the concerns. Senior Trump administration officials told the Free Beacon that the use of these maps was unintentional and ... Read More »

Trump dismisses 'fabricated, fake news' report of son-in-law Kushner's outreach to Russia

Mr Kelly told Fox News Sunday there was nothing wrong with the Trump transition team trying to build relationships with the Russians as they prepared to take over the White House . President Trump released a statement to The New York Times on Sunday, offering praise for his son-in-law. The newspaper cited anonymous US officials who were briefed on intelligence reports on intercepted Russian communications. Read More »

Trump says 'Germans are very bad': Spiegel


After a meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, some participants told German paper Der Spiegel that Trump said , " The Germans are bad, very bad ". Impeding German vehicle imports through tariffs would raise the price of these very popular auto brands on American consumers. In 2016, Germany had a trade surplus with the United States of $65 billion. Read More »

USA deems historic missile defense test from VAFB as successful

The Sea-Based X-Band Radar, positioned in the Pacific Ocean, also acquired and tracked the target. The GAO said in a report issued earlier Tuesday that the ground-based system continued to make progress previous year as the Pentagon expands a 30-interceptor force to 44 by year-end, a decision made in May 2013 to counter North Korea's growing threat. Read More »

Led air strike in east Syria kills 35, monitor says


Air strikes in mid-May killed almost two dozen farmworkers, a lot of them women, in a village in eastern Raqqa and at least 59 civilians in residential areas of Deir al-Zor, Zeid said . He was described as an IS recruiter in the central Turkish city of Konya. Places such as the border city of Albo Kamal - where retreating ISIL fighters and their families are mixed in with some 100,000 people, including displaced Syrians and Iraqis - are of particular concern, Mr. Read More »

Sweden drops rape investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

An official statement from the Swedish Prosecution Authority said Ny had chose to discontinue the investigation because "there is no reason to believe that the decision to surrender him to Sweden can be executed in the foreseeable future". However, he failed to explain how Assange plans to get there without being arrested by United Kingdom police. After a 7-year stand-off with Sweden, Assange may still not be able to leave the Ecuadorean embassy. Read More »

Turkey Demands US Oust 'Pro-Kurd' Envoy McGurk


Turkey will not participate in an offensive on Raqqa, an ISIS stronghold in Syria, because the US-led coalition will include Kurdish militia fighters, who Turkey considers terrorists, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Kheirabadi told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he joined the demonstration, saying "Erdogan is a terrorist" and "Mr. Trump, please say no to Erdogan", when Turkish security staff "just attacked us". Read More »

Fake Media prevent Americans from hearing real story

Spicer's appearance came just hours after it emerged that Mike Dubke had resigned as White House communications director - a move that sparked renewed speculation about Spicer's own future as the administration's most visible spokesman. "It s both normal in my opinion and acceptable", he told ABC television on Sunday. "With the appointment of (former Federal Bureau of Investigation director) Mr.( Robert) Mueller , we've now hit that stage of a scandal", McCain said on on " Fox News ... Read More »

Trump promises climate decision next week


Currently, 147 countries have ratified the agreement. Mattis, however, said the USA position on climate change is "not inside my portfolio". White House economic adviser Gary Cohn told reporters last week that Trump would prioritize economic growth over global warming if the two came into conflict. Read More »

Dozens dead in a pair of bombings in Baghdad

Iraq's army, federal police and special forces launched the operation to retake Mosul last October with close backing from the US -led worldwide coalition. As families break their fast after sundown, restaurants and cafes in Baghdad quickly fill up. During Ramadan last year, another section of Karrada was hit by massive suicide bombing that killed nearly 300 people, the deadliest single attack in the Iraqi capital in 13 years of war. Read More »

French minister: Manchester bomber had 'proven links' to Daesh

But after of the bomber's identity and details of the probe were leaked, the intelligence-sharing relationship between close allies London and Washington was left rocking. A third suspect, a local woman , was also arrested Wednesday overnight during an armed raid but was later released without charges. They were detained after police executed warrants in south Manchester . Read More »

Trump Lashes Out at Germany Over Trade and NATO, Promises 'Change'


President Donald Trump and Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel , at a news conference in March. On PM's agenda for the day he included investment and security related issues. Merkel's comments were made on the election trail and therefore directed at a domestic audience as much as to an worldwide one. Days earlier , in Saudi Arabia , Trump had presided over the single largest USA arms deal in American history, worth $110 billion over the next decade and including ships, tanks and ... Read More »

Bystanders Rush Into Creek to Rescue Dallas Cop


Witnesses told ABC-owned station WFAA that the pickup hit the officer's vehicle. Sr. Cpl. Dale Ordogne's had a harrowing experience as his squad vehicle careened into a creek. The officer was rescued in part by a group of bystanders that rushed into the creek to help right the cruiser and help the officer, who was left with critical injuries. Read More »