Thursday, 17 January 2019
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'Covfefe': Donald Trump posts mysterious tweet after White House media strategy shake-up

Stepping to the microphone to deliver the address, Trump seemed to relish the warm welcome from the audience gathered in the sun-splashed amphitheater. Even late night comedians like James Corden have gotten in on the act using #covfefe in Twitter posts. Twitter, meanwhile, had a field day. This is not the first time we have seen a "farrago" on social media about a word. Read More »

German Businesses Fear Fallout From Trump-Merkel Discord

Singh said German companies were also being urged to form consortiums with European and non-European companies to undertake mega projects in India , especially their participation in smart cities which would require different disciplines, expertise and technologies. Read More »

Trump eyes White House overhaul

To drive home the size of these expectations, Trump turned his attention directly to Kushner - the grandson of Holocaust survivors, who still observes the Sabbath - to say: "If you can't produce peace in the Middle East , nobody can, okay?" "Russian officials must be laughing at the USA & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News", the president tweeted. Read More »

Iraqi officials raise death toll from Baghdad bombing to 15

Zynab Al-Harbiya, 12, from Melbourne , was visiting her sick grandfather in the capital with her family when she was killed in the attack outside a popular ice cream shop, Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said. Closed-circuit TV captured the moment of the explosion at the Baghdad ice cream shop Monday night. A few hours later, a second attack killed 14 people and wounded 32 according to police. Read More »

Scotland's SNP calls for regerendum at end of Brexit process

It added that "any continued Tory attempts to block the people of Scotland having a choice on their future, when the options are clear, and on a timescale determined by the Scottish Parliament , would be democratically unsustainable". According to the Scotland Votes website, such polling would see the number of seats held by the SNP in the Commons fall from the 56 won in 2015 to 42. Read More »

Amid US doubt, UN chief says climate deal essential, 'get on board'


She says in a statement that the landmark accord "honors our collective moral responsibility to leave future generations with a planet that is clean, healthy and sustainable". "I hope that the president will be swayed instead by the rather sensible advice he is receiving from his Secretary of State, his Secretary of Defense and his Chief Economic Adviser, who have all recommended against withdrawal", said Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the London School of ... Read More »

Philippines: at least 4 foreign gunmen killed in Marawi clash

Under the 1987 consitution, the president may only declare Martial Law for a duration of 60 days.The president may only extend martial law upon the concurrence of congress. Duterte has instituted martial law in the region where the fighting is centered, which is home to some 22 million people. Attack helicopters were streaking low over Marawi on Monday, firing rockets at hideouts, as heavily armed soldiers went house to house. Read More »

Pentagon: U.S. successfully destroys ICBM target in defense test


Vice Admiral Jim Syring , director of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency, hailed the test as an "incredible accomplishment" in a statement. Still, the test is a step towards demonstrating the system is capable of protecting the United States against a small-scale ICBM attack - like one that North Korea could one day be capable of launching. Read More »

Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser under Carter, dead at 89

Brzezinski was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1981 by Carter for his work on normalizing relations between the United States and China, and for his work advancing human rights. During the Iranian hostage crisis, which began in 1979, Brzezinski became convinced that negotiations to free American diplomats kidnapped by mobs in Tehran were going nowhere. Read More »

Copenhagen's iconic Little Mermaid statue painted red by animal rights activists


The statue , which depicts the little mermaid from Danish author Hans Christian Andersen's tale by the same name, has been damaged several times including being decapitated twice. Carl Christian Ebbesen of the populist Danish People's Party told national broadcaster DR that he was "offended" by the vandals' act. The protesters that were behind the vandalism also left the following message on the shore near the statue . Read More »

Angela Merkel says Europe must step up as diplomatic player

Just a day after her Foreign Minister accused US President Donald Trump of " weakening the West ", Merkel stressed the importance of US-German relations while at the same time looking eastward for new opportunities by holding court with an Indian delegation in Berlin . Read More »

Sean Spicer Missing in Action During Vatican Visit


Francis first greeted Trump in the apostolic palace's Sala del Tronetto , the antechamber of the papal library. The president, accompanied by his wife Melania , was given a medal featuring an olive branch - a symbol of peace - among other gifts. Read More »

Ariana Grande breaks silence on Manchester attack: "We won't let hate win"

On Monday (May 22) a suicide bomber took the lives of 22 people who attended a sold out Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. Police are trying to identify who put together the bomb that was used in the attack. They said one thread of the inquiry involved pursuing whether Abedi was part of a larger terror cell that included Mohamed Abrini, otherwise known as "the man in the hat", with connections to the Brussels and Paris attacks. Read More »

US successfully tests ICBM defence system


Navy Capt. Jeff Davis , a Pentagon spokesman, said before the test Tuesday morning that its timing is not tied directly to recent tensions with North Korea, which include Pyongyang continuing to carry out nuclear and ballistic missile tests and threatening to attack both US bases overseas and the continental United States. Read More »

US successfully tests intercontinental missile interception system


The successful test was conducted by the Missile Defense Agency , in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force 30th Space Wing, the Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense and U.S. Liquid fuel is less stable and rockets using it have to be fueled in the field, a process that takes longer and can be detected by satellites. North Korea's activities have also kept China , Japan and South Korea on its toes. Read More »

N Korea ready for intercontinental ballistic missile tests

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Tuesday. The launch of a test missile from the Pacific Ocean is successfully countered by the launch of a interceptor missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. With congressional support, the Pentagon is increasing by the end of this year the number of deployed interceptors, based in California and Alaska, to 44 from the current total of 36. Read More »

Bombing in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 64, wounds scores


A vehicle bomb attack is presumed but there is no data that it was specifically targeted at the Bulgarian mission.Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev said the material damage included broken windows and doors and fallen plaster. The Islamic State group has also claimed responsibility for several recent bombings in the Afghan capital, including a powerful blast targeting an armoured North Atlantic Treaty Organisation convoy that killed at least eight people and wounded 28 on May 3. Read More »

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel 'get along very well', insists White House

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was blunter on Monday, slamming the United States president's "short-sighted" policies that have "weakened the West" and hurt European interests. Trump and Merkel had a long history of disagreement that was previously focused on the two leaders' view on immigration. "This is what I experienced in the last few days". Read More »

Trump Will Pull US From Paris Agreement On Climate Change


No source from Trump's administration or the White House has confirmed this report . Trump, however, has always been critical of the global climate accord, calling global warming a hoax , and had pledged to withdraw from the deal during the presidential elections campaign previous year. Read More »