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When will James Comey testify?

Representatives of the committee would not comment on the report . Comey will reportedly talk about pressure from Trump that he drop his investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn . President Donald Trump asserted on social media that former Obama administration officials had illegally surveilled members of his campaign in 2016. Read More »

United Nations chief to address Russian Federation conference and meet Putin

President Vladimir Putin has ridiculed the USA focus on the Russian ambassador's contacts with members of President Donald Trump's team, saying that the envoy was only doing his job. Russian Federation signed an agreement with the Indian government on Thursday (1 June) to build two new reactors for the Kudankulam nuclear power station in Tamil Nadu and said it would loan India $4.2 billion to help fund construction. Read More »

Theresa May, pound both take a pounding


During the interviews, Corbyn was grilled over Labour's manifesto having diverged from many of his long-held principles, including his opposition to Britain maintaining its Trident nuclear deterrent. That is because markets initially pencilled in an increased Conservative majority - strengthening the Prime Minister's hand politically as she prepares for Brexit negotiations. Read More »

Putin ridicules US focus on ambassador contacts

He also argued hackers could not influence the outcome of elections as public opinion was not that easy to manipulate. The White House and Department of Homeland Security didn't immediately reply to requests for comment. "If they're patriotically minded, they start making their contribution", he said . The FBI's counterintelligence investigation is trying to determine whether the Russians were given assurances by people associated with President Trump. Read More »

Theresa May invokes post-Brexit trade with India to win votes

Next in line is the party with the largest number of seats. In practice, the threshold for a majority is around 323, because the Irish nationalist Sinn Fein party takes up no seats that it wins in Northern Ireland. However, Labour has fought to water down May's Brexit strategy which could make it easier to reach a compromise with either the Liberal Democrats, which has ruled out any coalition, or the pro-European SNP, which says it wants to stop another Conservative government. Read More »

Rouhani secures resounding victory in Iran presidential election


Raisi, his closest rival, won 38.55 percent of the vote. Another 478,000 voters supported former Culture Minister Seyed Mostafa Agha Mirsalim, while former Industry Minister Mostafa Hashemitaba got 215,000 votes. Although considered a moderate by Iranian standards, Rouhani was the favorite pick for those seeking more liberal reforms in the conservative Islamic Republic. Read More »

Filipino bishops cautious about martial law in Mindanao


Hapilon escaped and gunmen loyal to him swept through the city of 200,000 people, torching buildings and taking hostages. The violence started last Tuesday afternoon after the military conducted operations to flush out Isnilon Hapilon, a top terrorist suspect, from his hideout in Marawi City. Read More »

The World Reacts to Trump's Exit from the Paris Climate Agreement


Nike has also weighed in on the issue following the announcement. A top atmospheric scientist at the U.N.'s weather agency said Friday that the "worst-case scenario" caused by the planned US pullout from the Paris climate deal would be a further 0.3-degree Celsius (0.5 Fahrenheit) rise in global temperatures by 2100. Read More »

Maduro taps top aides to lead Venezuela constitution rewrite


Maduro's predecessor Hugo Chavez , was an advocate of participatory democracy , though Ortega questioned whether the latest TSJ ruling undermines this concept. She filed a suit with the Venezuelan Constitutional Court. A key plank of the constitution is the creation of a new super-body, known as a constituent assembly, to rewrite the national charter . Read More »

Philippine Police Seek Casino Attacker's Identity

Philippine authorities scrambled Friday to explain a deadly and freakish chain of events they claimed began as a casino robbery and ended as a gaming floor inferno that left at least 36 people dead from smoke inhalation. "I was just about to return to the second floor when I saw people running". Dela Rosa said he could not say if it was terrorist attack, but emphasised the gunman did not shoot anyone and there had been no reports of hostages being taken. Read More »

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin From New Year's Program


Melania Trump, the first lady, said in a statement that the photo "makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it". Griffin posted a grovelling apology video , saying the shoot had been a "mistake". It was accompanied by several other, less provocative photos and a behind-the-scenes video in which Griffin says she and Shields aren't afraid to "do images that make noise".Griffin released the Trump photo on Tuesday and the severe backlash was almost immediate.In the ... Read More »

Putin urges 'joint work' with Trump on climate

He said, "I do respect this decision but I do think it is an actual mistake both for the USA and for our planet". "No hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or America". Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday lashed out at critics who are accusing his country of trying to interfere in the 2016 American presidential election by likening them to anti-Semites. Read More »

Ex-FBI boss James Comey will testify in Trump Russia probe

The subpoenas were announced Wednesday as the special counsel overseeing the government's investigation into possible Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation has authorized former FBI Director James Comey to testify before the Senate intelligence committee, according to a Comey associate. Read More »

Iraqi Forces Launch Operation to Seize Last Daesh Enclave in Mosul

Two Iraqi military officers say the advance of troops has slowed in the last push to drive Islamic State group militants from remaining pockets of Mosul . Zimmerman, who helps advise a brigade from the Iraqi Ninth division, said forces had made some gains. Mosul , 400 km north of Iraq's capital Baghdad, has been under IS control since June 2014, when government forces abandoned their weapons and fled, enabling IS militant to take control of parts of Iraq's northern and western regions. Read More »

Trump's shaky claims on climate accord


President Donald Trump's promised White House hotline for veterans' complaints will be soon up and running. Hours before he was to reveal his decision on the climate pact, Trump chose to temporarily leave the embassy in Tel Aviv. Apple CEO Tim Cook also urged Trump to reconsider. Chief strategist Steve Bannon supports an exit, as does Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. Read More »

Feeling insulted, Mexican to market 'Trump' toilet paper


He said he hopes to generate enough demand to expand production. In an interview, Battaglia said Trump's characterization of Mexican immigrants in the United States as criminals offended him and inspired his business idea. The Trump Organization has not commented on the product yet. However, with the president's alleged reputation of being aggressive in protecting his brand led many to believe that he might react to it eventually. Read More »

Explosion at ethanol plant in southern Wisconsin; multiple injuries


Didion has about 175 employees and operates four locations across Wisconsin, according to the company. The blast happened at the Didion Corn Mill in Columbia County, Wisc, halfway between Madison and Fond Du Lac. It was unclear whether the blast occurred in that part of the facility. CAMBRIA-Some residents shaken by the Didion Milling explosion late Wednesday gathered in a prayer vigil at First Presbyterian Church, 121 W. Read More »

Trump is going back on a big Israel campaign promise


The long-standing US position is that Jerusalem's fate must be worked out through Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Palestinian leaders, Arab governments and Western allies had urged Trump not to proceed with the embassy relocation, which would have upended decades of USA policy by granting what would have been seen as de facto United States recognition of Israel's claim to all of Jerusalem as its capital. Read More »

Hundreds protest Trump's Paris climate decision outside White House

She pledged her country's continued commitment to the accord, saying it was a "cornerstone" of attempts to protect "our Creation". Setting up JKL-enhanced video of the announcement, Kimmel said, "It made sense that he did it from the Rose Garden - while we still have roses and gardens..." "Now we have a president who wants us to go the other way as if we're living in science fiction", he said angrily. Read More »

Trump reviews option to move USA embassy to Jerusalem


Every president has signed such a waiver ever since Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995. Trump had been up against a Thursday deadline to either certify the USA had opened an embassy in Jerusalem or see the State Department lose half its funding for overseas facilities. Read More »

UN says Trump climate move won't derail accord

Executive Director said Trump's decision to pull out of the global climate accord will not deter the efforts of other countries to keep climate change in check. Elise Stefanik, who represents a swing district in upstate NY, sounded a similar tune. Most Americans want the stay in the Paris climate accord . Read More »

Jurors Selected In Cosby Sex Assault Case

Bill Cosby and his attorney leave Allegheny County Courthouse after the third day of jury selection in his sexual assault trial in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 . O'Neill will allow one other accuser to testify at Cosby's trial. The 12th juror's been selected, and she's a black woman. Prosecutors, however, said their reasons had nothing to do with race. Read More »