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May's lead widens ahead of June 8 election - ORB poll


Campaigning in West Yorkshire, Prime Minister Theresa May declined to be drawn on his comments, saying only it was their "firm intention" to reduce taxes for ordinary families. The prime minister wanted a commanding wing ahead of entering Brexit negotiations with the EU. The constituency had a high percentage (22.9%) of UKIP voters in the 2015 General Election, but polls suggest that they will win only 8% of votes in the upcoming election, with the Tories hoping that a majority of these ... Read More »

'This will change': Trump tweets anger at Germany's Merkel


When pressed by a reporter who cited Merkel's comments about lessening the country's reliance on the U.S. that seemed to allude to Trump's election and presidency, Spicer was quick to decry those comments as out of context. Trudeau reiterated an argument made repeatedly to the USA president in Sicily, saying: "With regard to climate change in particular, the only way to move forward is to protect the environment while creating the jobs we need for today and tomorrow". Read More »

Terror in London: Attacks at Two Popular Tourist Spots

The first was the fight against the "evil ideology" inspiring the repeated attacks, which she called a perversion of Islam and of the truth. British Transport Police said one of its officers, among the first to arrive, took the attackers on armed only with his baton, and was seriously injured. Read More »

Mattis calls North Korea's threats 'clear and present danger,' criticizes ally China


The US and Australia have been urging China to put diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea to end its missile program amid fears Pyongyang's long-range missiles could one day hit the US or Australia. He did not address the issue directly but the Pentagon generally views climate change as a security threat, especially given its role in famines and mass relocations. Read More »

Donald Trump Criticizes London Mayor, Political Correctness in Wake of Terror Attack

The city's ambulance service said 80 medics responded to the scene. The Prime Minister paid a private visit to King's College Hospital in south London on Sunday to meet some of the victims. Law enforcement officials in major USA cities said they were not aware of any threats but were on alert. U.S. President Donald Trump's spokesman says Trump has been briefed by his national security team and he will be provided with updates . Read More »

Trump delays move of United States embassy in Israel


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who welcomed the United States leader to the city last week, expressed disappointment at the delay but made it clear he still values Mr Trump's support. But the president can waive the law if asserting that a waiver is in US national security interests. As a candidate, Trump promised to make the move, which he called a sign of unwavering us support for Israel , on his first day in office. Read More »

Meet Leo Varadkar, Ireland's New Gay, Young and Talkative Prime Minister

At 38 years old, he will also be Ireland's youngest ever Taoiseach . Ireland, a conservative country, decriminalised homosexuality in 1993 and allowed gay marriage only in 2015. He failed to be elected but later returned in 2004 to contest the Castleknock area as a replacement for Sheila Terry - receiving the highest first-preference vote in the country with 4,894 votes and was elected on the first count. Read More »

Donald Trump is stressed out, isolated and gaining weight, says new report

Spicer was questioned on May 30 as to where if Trump had previous knowledge concerning multiple efforts by Kushner during December 2016 to establish a back channel for the exclusive objective of communicating with Moscow. As the CNN reported, the White House hopes the focus would return to President Trump's agenda if a separate office dealt with the queries about the ongoing Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

Police raid flat of one of London Bridge attackers

An off-duty Metropolitan Police officer was also seriously injured during the London Bridge attack, Scotland Yard said . As pictures emerged showing terrified people fleeing from the terror attack in London , one has become a popular symbol of what many people see as everything that makes Britain great. Read More »

Turkey publicly chastises U.S. ambassador for violent DC protests


The Turkish Foreign Ministry protested to John Bass on Monday to object to the way the situation was handled by USA officials. In response, U.S. "The investigation is being conducted by the MPD, U.S. Secret Service, and Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service", a State Department official told the Washington Free Beacon . Read More »

Donald Trump handshake a "moment of truth" says Emmanuel Macron


In an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche , the newly-elected French president described their encounter as " a moment of truth ". However, a source in the French delegation said Macron had repeated the EU's position that the terms of the divorce must be first. "That's how one makes oneself respected". Read More »

Donald Trump's withdrawal of US from Paris climate agreement widely panned

But in a draft letter to António Guterres, the United Nations secretary-general, Mr. Bloomberg expressed confidence that "non-national actors" could achieve the 2025 goal alone. That also meant there could be no agreement on a formal pledge to work together to reduce global steel production. Mr Putin said that he views North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as an instrument of American foreign policy, and that he has been concerned by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military ... Read More »

Cyclone Mora heads to NE States

Some of the worst damage was at camps housing the 300,000 Rohingya refugees living in Cox's Bazar, many of them in flimsy huts. Evacuation plans have been underway in 19 districts along the coastal regions of Bangladesh where cyclone Mora is feared to make a landfall. Read More »

UK Conservatives Set to Lose Seats in General Election

Labour is continuing to make ground on the Conservatives as the two main parties enter the final days of the General Election campaign, according to a new opinion poll. "You'd have Diane Abbott who can't add up sitting around the cabinet table, John McDonnell who's a Marxist, Nicola Sturgeon who wants to break our country up, and Tim Farron who wants to take us back into the European Union, the direct opposite of what the people want". Read More »

A look at what is and isn't known about the London attack


Police fired 50 bullets at three men who launched an attack on London Bridge on Saturday night, and one member of the pubic was caught in the crossfire. In the United States, Joe Scarborough, a former Republican lawmaker and TV news show host, posted a tweet with Khan's picture, "America stands by your side, regardless of the unspeakable insensitivity of some". Read More »

Iraqi forces retake area near Syrian border from IS

Iraqi forces, backed by air cover from a USA -led coalition, are now engaged in a widespread offensive to dislodge Daesh from Mosul , the terrorist group's last stronghold in Iraq . At least seven civilians were killed and 23 wounded by Islamic State mortar shells as they tried to flee Zanjili on Thursday, said Iraqi police. Displaced Iraqis evacuate their home in western Mosul's Zanjili neighborhood on June 1, 2017 during ongoing battles between Iraqi forces to retake the city from ... Read More »

SHAMEFUL: Trump, like an elementary school bully shoves North Atlantic Treaty Organisation official


Trump probably heard the word "wall" in there, but not much more. "Canada's Justin Trudeau, stone-faced", she continued before touting the response from Germany's chancellor. His arrival also was shadowed by new criticism from British Prime Minister Theresa May , who complained about leaks of intelligence to the American media about this week's deadly bombing at a concert in Manchester, England. Read More »

Police dashboard video shows disoriented Woods


At 2am (local time) on Monday (6pm NZT), Jupiter Police noticed a Mercedes pulled awkwardly to the side of the road with the engine running, the brake lights on and a right turn signal blinking. When asked to repeat the request, Woods said he wasn't to say the national anthem backwards. Woods was arrested around 7 a.m. on Monday morning in Jupiter, Fla. Read More »

French president excoriates Trump in English over his withdrawal from climate deal

Just two degrees of warming above pre-industrial conditions is considered a risky level of climate change , so scientists would consider more than half that amount to be a meaningful temperature reduction. 7 out of 10 Americans think the USA should stick with the Paris Agreement . There are many other examples. "In Berlin, Greenpeace activists projected Trump's silhouette onto the side of the USA embassy along with the words "#TotalLoser, so sad!" African nations joined in protesting ... Read More »

Nicklaus concerned for injured Woods


Tiger Woods was found by police asleep at the wheel of his auto with the engine running, documents show. The car's engine was running and its lights were on. I hope he gets out of it, and I hope he plays golf again. He is not playing on the PGA Tour this season. He later apologized for his action in a statement released to media outlets on Monday, saying that alcohol was "not involved" in his DUI arrest. Read More »