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Kuwait attempts to ease tensions as Arab states freeze out Qatar

In a statement issued today, the council revealed that the decision to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar was the result of Qatar's insistence on going ahead with its policy of interfering in Bahrain's internal affairs, escalation, media provocation, support of terror groups and their activities and providing the needed funding sources for Iran-related groups to carry out acts of sabotage and wreak chaos which contravenes all worldwide conventions and covenants and is in breach with the GCC and ... Read More »

Bangladesh ready with evacuation plans as cyclone nears

However, no casualty has been reported so far in the area, as residents have already been moved to shelters. Television footage showed widespread flooding in coastal areas of Cox's Bazaar, Chittagong and Patuakhali and 12 other districts where hundreds of thousands of people have also reportedly been evacuated . Read More »

'I Will Do What Is Necessary' In Wake of London Attack


Trump wrote. MSM referred to mainstream media. Mr Khan added: 'As the mayor of London I want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who commit these disgusting crimes; we will defeat you. He followed this up with another tweet on Monday, saying: "Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement". Read More »

President Trump to nominate new FBI director


The nomination of Wray - and the Senate confirmation hearings for the 10-year post - promise days more of public discussion about Trump and Russian Federation. Trump abruptly fired Comey on May 9, roiling Washington and multiple congressional investigations and prompting the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Read More »

Trump to nominate ex-Justice Department official to lead Federal Bureau of Investigation


A second official, who also agreed to discuss Wray's qualifications on the condition of anonymity, said Trump's nominee lacks significant global experience at a time when much of the FBI's work involves cooperating with foreign intelligence agencies to detect terrorists in foreign countries plotting attacks in the United States.Wray represented Credit Suisse AG (CSGN.S) in a major tax prosecution by the Justice Department , which alleged the Swiss bank helped clients hide offshore accounts ... Read More »

Trump asks high court to reinstate travel ban


Trump had issued his initial travel ban executive order a week into his presidency, unleashing chaos at airports, mass protests in the USA and worldwide, condemnation from a broad spectrum of global leaders - and unprecedented attacks by the president on the federal judiciary after judges ruled against the ban. Read More »

Timeline: N. Korean missiles a test for new S. Korean leader

North Korea's weapons tests are meant to build a nuclear and missile program that can stand up to what it sees as US and South Korean hostility, but they are also considered by outside analysts as ways to make its political demands clear to leaders in Washington and Seoul . Read More »

China detains undercover activist probing Ivanka shoe supplier


He believes that the police are trying to protect this factory because it makes shoes for President Trump's daughter. When the factory became the subject of critical reports earlier this year, the state-run Global Times tabloid leaped to its defense , accusing Western media of "maligning the reputation of the Trump family by publishing distorted reports". Read More »

Philippine military launches new air raids in Islamist battle

Up to 50 gunmen are still controlling the city centre almost two weeks after the start of fighting that has killed 177 people including 120 militants. "We will reach out, we will inquire, the possible sources of this information and how they may have come across it because for all we know, this may prove helpful in our campaign against all these terrorists or these criminals", he added. Read More »

Kabul blast : 10 killed and wounded at protest victim's funeral

It comes after more than 1,000 people demonstrated on Friday demanding more security in the capital following a powerful truck bomb attack in the city that killed 90 people and wounded more than 450. "We wanted to support our army and security forces, but now they opened fire on us". "Tanks and bullets won't stop them". "Calm is now called for". Read More »

Trump pushes Gulf unity in call with Saudi king


Qatar has an independent streak that has often angered its neighbours, attracting criticism for hosting the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and supporting Islamist rebels in Syria. He said supplies would be brought in through Qatar Airways cargo flights. "Qataris are questioning whether this is going to end up in seeing a change in leadership itself in Qatar", Al Qassemi told the AP in his office in Sharjah, near Dubai . Read More »

Trump denounces 'horrific' London terror attack, vows that 'this bloodshed must end'


London Mayor Sadiq Khan - elected past year and the first Muslim to head a major Western capital - had earlier said Britons should not be alarmed to see a higher police presence on the streets of London following the incident. Mr Trump and Mr Khan have clashed several times in the past. US President Donald Trump , speaks as he attends a meeting with EU leaders at the European Council, in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday May 25, 2017. Read More »

Sessions reportedly offered to resign as tensions rise with Trump


Sessions was upset when the president appointed a task force to tackle the opioids crisis in March and tapped Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey to lead it without consulting the attorney general, according to an administration official who asked not to be named discussing internal matters. Read More »

Trump doubles down on criticizing London mayor after deadly attacks


The war of words between Trump and Khan are the most recent in a bitter series. Khan said he had been too busy dealing with the fallout from the attack to respond directly to the tweet . The Trump Organization is launching a new mid-market hotel chain called "American Idea". For those who question that this is not a racist attack on the Mayor of London - the context, choice of target, and the promotion of Trump's Muslim Travel Ban should put this argument to bed. Read More »

Barcelona player quits Turkey national team after allegedly choking a journalist


Arda Turan purportedly will not participate in the World Cup if Turkey's national football team made it to Russian Federation 2018, the Associated Press reports. According to Reuters , Turan admitted to "making a mistake" and has left his national team. "I talked with our coach and president of the federation and said that I want to leave national team". Read More »

Nicola Sturgeon Has Dropped Her Plan To Hold IndyRef2 By Spring 2019


She added: "The key point of principle for me is clarity at the end of a process to allow people to make a genuinely informed choice about the future of our country". Like Corbyn and the UK Labour party, the SNP is fully backing the repeal of the trade union Act of 2016 which further curtailed the rights of workers to bargain and strike against large businesses, bosses and unfair pay and risky conditions. Read More »

Cyclone Mora won't bring any immediate danger to India


Almost 300,000 people were evacuated from south coastal areas of Bangladesh Monday night as a cyclone dubbed Mora was forecast to make landfall Tuesday morning local time, authorities in Dhaka said. Apart from the Rohingya shelters, at least 17,000 homes were damaged and many low-lying villages were inundated by a 1.3-meter (four feet) storm surge, officials said. Read More »

Emirati diplomat to AP: 'Nothing to negotiate' with Qatar


Meanwhile, Turkey's main exporters group said it was ready to meet food and water needs in Qatar , while a Qatari official said Doha was in talks with Iran and Turkey to ensure trade disruptions do not create shortages of food. Kuwait's emir, trying to mediate this latest crisis, flew to Dubai on Wednesday and met with Emirati leaders. "I think the current situation is one of putting a little more pressure on Qatar to try to get it to conform with the agreements that they ... Read More »

Sadiq Khan criticises cuts to London's policing budget


But in an apparent snub to USA president Donald Trump, who earlier slammed Mr Khan for his response to the killings , the top diplomat also singled out the mayor for praise. It was not clear whether Trump Jnr had even read the actual article before misconstruing the London Mayor's comments. In January, Trump escalated his feud with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto over which country will pay for his proposed border wall along the U.S. Read More »

Third London attacker was Moroccan-Italian - Italy intelligence source

In his spare time, he tried to recruit followers to the Islamic State group - a practice that prompted a neighbor to report him to the police in 2015. Corriere wrote that Zaghba was stopped at Bologna airport in 2016 when he was trying to fly to Syria via Turkey. "We have given increased powers to the police to be able to deal with terrorists, powers which Jeremy Corbyn has boasted he has always opposed", she said. Read More »

United Kingdom police make new arrest in concert bombing investigation

He reportedly was in contact with family members just before the attack. Manchester's Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said the arrests were significant. British police working on the case have resumed intelligence-sharing with USA counterparts after a brief halt because of anger over leaks to US media thought by Britain to be coming from US officials. Read More »

Trump Signs Waiver Delaying Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Today, Gilboa says, the average Israeli is more interested in the U.S. finally allowing Israelis to travel to the U.S. visa-free - so they won't have to go through arduous visa questioning at the U.S. INSKEEP: Oh, and that's the part of Jerusalem that Israelis captured in a war in 1967. But Trump has apparently realized that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, much like the US health care system, is complicated. Read More »