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Goldman Sachs attacked for "strengthening the brutal repression" in Venezuela


For its part, Goldman Sachs says it bought the bonds in a secondary market, meaning it wasn't a direct trade with Venezuela's government. "We recognise that the situation is complex and evolving and Venezuela is in crisis". Local state-run and private banks hold about $15.5 billion in debt, according to investment bank Torino Capital. Many of those foreign leaders, for their part, plan to meet Wednesday to discuss a possible way forward in negotiating with Maduro's government. Read More »

McCain's fuzzy questions for Comey leave observers puzzled

James Comey 's testimony was not "even close" to proving that President Donald Trump had tried to obstruct justice in the probe of alleged Russian Federation meddling in the election, a former Bush administration Justice Department official said Friday. Read More »

Tehran attackers were Iranian: Security official

Iranians mourn during the funeral of the victims of the attacks on Tehran's parliament complex and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini , in the capital Tehran on June 9, 2017. We are the agents of nobody", the fighters said. Daesh reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack. The Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guard has accused Saudi Arabia of involvement in Wednesday's attacks. Read More »

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey


Collins, a member of the Senate intelligence committee, which is investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 election, said Comey's motivation "may have been a good one". "I'm very concerned about the implication that Comey keeping his job was dependent on his loyalty or, in Comey's words, developing a 'patronage relationship.' That is another way the President sought to impede the investigation", Democratic Senator Ron Wyden said in a comment emailed to Reuters. Read More »

President Trump calls United Kingdom election results 'surprising'

But in one of the most sensational nights in British electoral history, a resurgent Labour Party denied her an outright win, throwing the country into political turmoil. "I hope the United Kingdom will soon have a stable government to start negotiations", Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's top Brexit official said. Read More »

People, groups with Qatar links labelled terrorists


In remarks in a joint press conference with President Klaus Iohannis of Romania , Trump said his administration will work on solving this problem, adding: "No civilized nation can tolerate this violence, or allow this wicked ideology to spread on its shores". Read More »

London attackers planned to use lorry


In the early hours of Saturday, the police arrested another man, 28, at a residential address in Barking, also on suspicion of preparing terrorists acts. Butt was the office manager according to a statement from Auriga Holdings, the holding company. Then, his passport and cellphone were sequestered after he tried to board a flight for Turkey with a one-way ticket and a small backpack. Read More »

General election 2017: what happened and what's next for United Kingdom businesses?

She went on to say the new partners will work together to "fulfill the promise of Brexit". "Theresa May is certainly the strongest leader that we have at the moment", said Clwyd West MP Mr Jones. With results declared for all of the 650 seats of British Parliament, the Conservatives won 318 while the opposition Labour secured 262, leaving neither party anywhere close to the 326 seats required for an overall majority. Read More »

Path now clear for Japanese Emperor Akihito's abdication


But a ban on emperors making political statements made it impossible for him to just say that he wanted to step down, the BBC reports . The soft spoken and humble Akihito , who has received praise for his efforts to soothe the wounds of World War II, fighting in his father Hirohito's name, will be succeeded by son, Crown Prince Naruhito , 57. Read More »

Trump lawyer denies president demanded Comey's loyalty

The former FBI director also appeared to confirm Trump's statements that, on three occasions, Comey told the president he was not personally under investigation with regard to Russian Federation. Trump was asked about Comey's testimony multiple times during a meeting with governors and mayors, but ignored all the questions. Mr Comey, who testified before a Senate committee on Thursday, asserted that President Donald Trump had fired him to interfere with an investigation of Russia's ... Read More »

Theresa May to form Govt

In the late stages of the campaign, Britain was hit by two Islamist militant attacks that killed 30 people in Manchester and London , temporarily shifting the focus onto security issues. 'Surely the leaders of this land, from whatever community they hail, should wish to send out the message that you are welcome here. I am very proud of the results that are coming in and the vote for hope. Read More »

Saudi foreign minister says Gulf states can solve Qatar row alone

Sheikh Mohammed's hard line mirrored that of a top Emirati diplomat who told the AP on Wednesday that the United Arab Emirates believes "there's nothing to negotiate" with Qatar. Kuwait's emir has been seeking to mediate, meeting Saudi's king on Tuesday . He says Qatar will need to close or limit its Al-Jazeera news network and stop funding extremists groups to end the crisis. Read More »

"MH128 had not at any point been hijacked" - MAS

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement the incident would be investigated by the airline and by airport authorities. He was said to be holding an unknown black device, reportedly a powerbank . An armed tactical officer sweeps a Malaysia Airlines flight at Melbourne Airport in Australia on Wednesday night. Heroic Malaysia Airlines passengers tackled a man who tried to storm the cockpit of a plane armed with a "detonator" . Read More »

Trader his wife and son shot dead in UP


They try to fight off the attackers but end up being shot from close range. A week back, a 36-year-old businessman was shot dead on the road in Allahabad. Last week, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath blamed "conspiracies" for the vitiation of the peaceful atmosphere in the state. "Uttar Pradesh is a big state". Read More »

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland may be UK election key

May said she intends to work with what she called her "friends and allies" in Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to provide "stability". The peace process faced a considerable setback in January of this year after Sinn Féin pulled out of power-sharing with the DUP , following allegations that the latter were involved in a major financial scandal . Read More »

France confirms second French death in London attack

A 22-year-old Moroccan-Italian, Zaghba was stopped at Bologna Airport in March 2016, heading to Turkey on a one-way ticket. In an interview with Italy's Radio 24, Mr Giuseppe Amato, the chief prosecutor in Bologna, said Zaghba, an Italian national, had been flagged in March past year at the Bologna airport en route to Turkey because he was travelling on a one-way ticket with only a backpack as luggage. Read More »

Qatar calls allegations that it supports extremists "baseless"

In an interview with BBC radio, UAE Ambassador to Russia Omar Saif Ghobash said Qatar had to choose between supporting extremism or supporting its neighbors. Qatar has vehemently denied the charges. Qatar also backs the Palestinian political and militant group Hamas and the global Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood , which Saudi Arabia and Egypt oppose. Read More »

UK general election results in a 'hung parliament'

May, a 60-year-old vicar's daughter, is now facing questions over her judgment in calling the election three years early and risking her party's slim but stable working majority of 17. Corbyn's leadership. Ms. Minority: The Conservatives or Labour could attempt to form a government despite a minority in Parliament, but this makes it harder to get legislation through. Read More »

Hung parliament would be a blow to Brexit negotiations


Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka said he was "delighted" that Jeremy Corbyn had significantly strengthened his party's position, saying that the Labour leader was "the real victor of the British election". May's reappointment and determination to soldier on without a clear majority has muted talk of a different ruling coalition taking power with a mission to seek a "softer" Brexit than May is pursuing, possibly seeking to remain in the single market. Read More »

Stock Under Scrutiny: BMO MSCI EAFE Index ETF


However, the panic subsided and growth-hungry investors came searching for their favorite stocks in the wreckage. Investors may use Price to Book to display how the market portrays the value of a stock. In general, if the reading goes above -20, the stock may be considered to be overbought. This is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator. Read More »

Police appeal for information on knives used in London


All three of the attackers were shot dead by police. Of the eight people killed, British authorities have publicly identified two other individuals, both Australian nationals: Kirsty Boden , as confirmed Tuesday by NHS England, and Sara Zelenak, as confirmed Wednesday by police. Read More »

UK PM To Seek Queen's Permission To Form Govt

The pound hit an eight-week low against the dollar and its lowest levels in seven months versus the euro before recovering slightly on news she would form a DUP-backed government. The party, which sits in the Northern Irish Assembly but also takes seats in Westminster, is set to be power-brokers for May's Conservative Party , which lost its majority in Thursday's snap election. Read More »