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Emma Watson wins an MTV Movie Award for Beauty and the Beast!


Soon after the opener, Emma took home a Best Actor Award for her role as Belle and praised MTV's decision to make their nominee categories genderless. This is very meaningful for me, both to be winning the award and to be receiving it from you , Asia. Your emotion was one of the best parts of the show! "There is one person I aspire to be every single day", he said, "and that is my mom: a powerful, strong black woman who never listened when people told her she couldn't be more". Read More »

Galway Fire Triggers Regional Emergency


A civil helicopter will also remain on standby should it be needed, however with the forecast for rainfall over the next few days, it's hoped there won't be a resurgence of the fire. The organisation said the recent dry weather has greatly increased the risk of gorse and forestry fire, but deliberate fire-starting has also been a significant factor in the cause of numerous fires. Read More »

Sanders: Trump to visit FBI headquarters 'in the next few days'


No one from the White House. "I thought Melania did a great job last night", she said. Another source close to Spicer added, "Keep in mind Sean is following military orders, not military suggestions". Sanders's relative poise in the face of a skeptical news media immediately gave rise to speculation among journalists that she was in line to replace Spicer as Trump's chief spokesperson. Read More »

Pope Francis calls for 'watered down' United Nations to reassert leadership


Echoing the words of many other Egyptians interviewed, he said he hoped the pontiff's visit would encourage more tourists to visit Egypt and "show the true nature of Egypt to the rest of the world". The atmosphere at the June 30 stadium was cheerful, with members of the congregation swaying to hymns sung by church choruses and waving Egyptian and Vatican flags. Read More »

After Macron win, France's main parties fret over parliament elections

He has said he was aiming for an absolute majority in the lower chamber in June's elections. Macron's party chief, Richard Ferrand, told a news conference on Monday that his "En Marche!" movement will now change its name to "En Marche la République" or "Republic on the Move", so as to structure itself more like a traditional party. Read More »

White House furious after being trolled with Russia Oval Office photos

The Russian Embassy in Washington also made sure to draw attention to a photograph of Trump grinning as he shook hands with Kislyak - the same Russian ambassador he fired his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for talking to about US sanctions related to Russian efforts to get him elected president. Read More »

Reporter arrested at state capitol during visit from Conway and Price

Heyman says he asked Price repeatedly about whether domestic violence is a preexisting condition under the Republican plan. The reporter was arrested and charged with willful disruption of governmental processes, a misdemeanor. I'm just really disturbed that a reporter's First Amendment rights were curtailed when he was just trying to do his job". The May 3 memo from Price's chief of staff had told the heads of various HHS divisions "any communications with Members of Congress and ... Read More »

Some Vulnerable Republicans Begin To Question Timing Of Comey's Firing

The White House said Comey was sacked based on recommendations from the Justice Department and that Trump had been considering replacing him "since the day he was elected". But it seems to me the last straw came on March 20, when Comey testified in public as part of the House Intelligence Committee hearing. U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in a January report that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered an effort to disrupt the 2016 election that included hacking into Democratic ... Read More »

They're 'An Accomplice to This Horrible Evil'


We take this moment to not only pledge to never let their memory fade, but solemnly rededicate ourselves to never allowing something so evil and heinous to occur again. Spicer also referred to the death camps as "Holocaust centers". Earlier this month, White House spokesman Sean Spicer was forced to apologise after appearing to favourably compare Adolf Hitler's actions during the Holocaust to atrocities carried out now by Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. Read More »

Comey asked for more resources for Russian Federation probe

Republicans learnt to hate the arrangement during the Iran-Contra investigation into the Ronald Reagan administration, and Democrats did, as well, during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations into president Bill Clinton. But he also said Comey was wrong not to move to charge her with crimes. At the time, Comey was speaking with bureau employees in the Los Angeles field office when he heard of his firing from a television playing in the background. Read More »

Donald Trump warns North Korea's missiles will get better


The test came as the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group arrived in waters near the Korean peninsula, where it will join the USS Michigan, a guided missile submarine that docked in South Korea on Tuesday. But he has also said he would prefer to resolve the issue through diplomacy. Both China and Russian Federation rebuked a USA threat of military force. Read More »

Kissinger makes a surprise appearance in the Oval Office

Trump's meeting with Lavrov came a day after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, reportedly in part because he was unhappy with Comey's expanding investigation into alleged ties between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign previous year to win the presidency. Read More »

Israel hits Hezbollah arms depot at Damascus airport


The Reuters news agency said intelligence sources believe the targeted depot handles a significant volume of weapons sent by air from Iran, a key ally of Mr Assad. Pro-government Al-Mayadeen TV said the missiles had been fired by Israeli jets flying above the Golan Heights. Israel's Intelligence Minister Israel Katz appeared to back up claims that Israel was responsible for the explosion in an interview with Army Radio Thursday. Read More »

Trump tells Russian diplomat he wants 'a better relationship'

He held talks with Trump and State Secretary Rex Tillerson. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation inquiry after it was discovered he spoke privately with Kislyak last summer and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner also acknowledged that he had met with Kislyak past year in Trump Tower. Read More »

Clinton's classified email forwarded to Weiner — FBI's Comey

After the hearing, Sen. "But I thought this is the best way to protect these institutions we care so much about". "The Justice Department has a procedure". The committee's work had been stalled when the panel's chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., recused himself from the probe. "This has been one of the worlds most painful experiences". Read More »

Euroskeptics see win as bad news for Brexit


He praised U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's "openness", "candor" and exchange of ideas with his bank and the financial services industry in general around Brexit. Barclays has settled on Dublin for its expanded European Union base, but is expecting to have to add only about 150 staff there, people with knowledge of its plans said earlier this year. Read More »

Syrian 'de-escalation' zones must not mean forcible return of refugees

Mohammed Rasheed, a spokesman for the Jaish al-Nasr rebel group, said Russian Federation was "merely playing political games" and "making declarations". Russian diplomat Aleksandr Lavrentiev suggested that Russian and Turkish warplanes would, like the US-led coalition, be prohibited from flying over the zones. Read More »

Wayne Rooney wants Manchester United stay beyond this season


Rooney is the second highest goalscorer in Premier League history with 196 finishes in the competition. "This club will be successful under Jose Mourinho", he said. "I would like to play more but that's the way it's panned out and I've tried to help the team off the pitch, on the pitch, and tried to help us win". Read More »

Israel Reprimands Swedish Ambassador Over UNESCO Vote Denying Ties to Jerusalem


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday slammed an "absurd" Unesco resolution he said denies the Jews' historical connection with Jerusalem by presenting Israel as an occupying power there. "Most of you are younger than me", Rivlin stated. Despite Trump's request about settlements, the first official state meeting of the two leaders demonstrates the beginning of a "new era" in US-Israel relations, marked by warmth, honesty and transparency after the cooler attitudes of former ... Read More »

Macron announces Germany visit as he prepares to take the reins


She said she would seek to rename her National Front party, a measure of the extent to which her defeat rattled supporters who just weeks ago harboured hopes of capturing the Elysee Palace. He said Macron's victory will guarantee that Le Pen will win in the next election in 2022. The far-right, anti-euro Marine Le Pen, who sought to take France out of the European Union, had 34 per cent. Read More »

Bye-bye Blue House as S. Korean leader shuns imperial home

Moon, whose victory capped one of the most turbulent political stretches in the nation's recent history and set up its first liberal rule in a decade, will begin his presidential duties after the National Election Commission officially declares him as victor in a meeting Wednesday. Read More »

Police May Have Arrested A 23-Year-Old Serial Killer

Police on Monday said 23-year-old Aaron Juan Saucedo is responsible for Pena's killing on June 3, 2016 and the killing of eight others. Saucedo will be held without bond and his next court date is scheduled for May 15. Saucedo said in court he was innocent. Police credited tips for helping breaking the case but provided scant details about the suspect's motivation. Read More »

Trump and Putin to meet in July, Russian state media says

The Wednesday meeting was especially newsworthy given the timing and circumstances, with Comey having reportedly just asked for more resources to investigate Trump associates' ties to Russian Federation and the earlier conclusion of the USA intelligence community that Vladimir Putin's government interfered in the presidential election to boost Trump. Read More »

No, Trump didn't invent 'prime the pump'

Trump countered that Reagan's plan did increase the deficit, though it didn't. It is OK, because it won't increase it for long. "In order to get this going, and going big league, and having the jobs coming in and the taxes that will be cut very substantially and the regulations that'll be going, we're going to have to prime the pump to some extent". Read More »