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UK ministers push for Johnson to take over from Theresa May


We need a Brexiteer. "Boris is the only option with the liberal values, Brexit credentials and popular appeal". Mail on Sunday tripe - I am backing Theresa may . Elsewhere, DUP leader and former Stormont first minister Arlene Foster expressed her delight at her party's performance. Put to him that the party is supported by loyalist terror groups such as the Red Hand Commandos and the UVF, he said: "They are committed to stability and peace in Northern Ireland , they've been part of ... Read More »

Explained: How Jeremy Corbyn can still be Prime Minister


She said she would join with "friends and allies" in the Democratic Unionist Party to take forward Brexit. We have also said we think the triple lock should remain in place so we are hopeful that case will get a good hearing'. But not for some time, let's get this clear. May's gamble in calling an early election backfired spectacularly, as her Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament. Read More »

Average gas price drops slightly


The national average gas price has fallen for nine consecutive days for a total discount of four cents since June 2. $2.16 per gallon in 2016, $2.50 in 2015, $3.35 in 2014, $3.25 in 2013 and $3.12 in 2012. A spokesman for AAA Oklahoma, Chuck Mai, says prices are lower due to an unexpected buildup of crude oil combined with ongoing high gasoline production runs, an increase in gasoline stocks and a drop in gasoline demand. Read More »

General Election 2017: The story so far…


In an article for the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate "Theresa's positive plan for the future", and to notice surging support for the opposition Labour Party . An initial statement suggested a deal had been struck with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), but a later version said the talks were continuing. Read More »

Republican wants Trump tapes if they exist

Trump was expected to face journalists at the White House later on Friday [Saturday NZ Time] in a joint news conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Comey , however, appears to have his reasons for raising questions about Sessions-and appears to be encouraging investigators and journalists to look closer. Read More »

British election: what you need to know


In a move that could jeopardise her frantic attempts to remain as Prime Minister, the DUP is accusing Downing Street of announcing a deal on its MPs voting with the Tories in the Commons before an agreement has been reached. The Protestant unionist party also had links with outlawed paramilitary groups during the years of Northern Ireland's "Troubles". Mrs May was working on a Cabinet reshuffle, although the election result makes it less likely she will risk alienating colleagues by making ... Read More »

More arrests after Tehran attack

Iranian Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi said over the weekend that "the terrorist had fled the country following the ensuing security operations after the attack, but was killed with the cooperation of friendly foreign intelligence services", according to the Iranian Students' News Agency . Read More »

British PM to Retain Her Senior Ministers in Cabinet Posts Following Election


A 2010 election poster putting distance between the Democratic Unionist Party ( DUP ) and their would-be bedfellows, The Conservatives , has gone viral. Labour's Corbyn told the Sunday Mirror newspaper he saw a route to power himself, although it was not clear how he would command the support of a majority of members of parliament. Read More »

Anti-LGBT DUP agrees to alliance with Theresa May's Conservatives

Downing Street says it hopes to finalize the deal next week, after Parliament resumes sitting. Downing St. has already said that the most senior ministers - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond , Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - will keep their jobs. Read More »

Macron's party on course for historic gains in French parliamentary election

French voters are choosing lawmakers in the lower house of parliament in a vote that is crucial for newly-elected president Emmanuel Macron . Many voters stayed away from the polls, with turnout of only 50 per cent. Pollsters predict the LREM and MoDem could secure at least three-quarters of the 577 seats in the lower house after coming Sunday's second round. If no candidate wins over 50 per cent, the two top-placed contenders go into the second round - along with any other candidate who ... Read More »

Tattoo artist inks 'thief' on teen's forehead for stealing bicycle


But the boy told a local newspaper that he was "very drunk" and had just fallen over the bicycle, BBC reported. The suspects said the 17-year-old boy had tried to steal a bike, which he denies. The boy's outraged family later saw the disturbing video and posted it online to shame the tattoo artist. Both men were arrested on Saturday (June 10) and charged with torture. Read More »

Iran says mastermind of twin attacks in Tehran has been killed

President Trump immediately blamed the victims. His assurances of Washington's support emboldened hawkish royals in Saudi Arabia , which is at war in Yemen against Iranian-allied rebels. The semi-official Tasnim news agency said on of the wounded people had died in hospital, bringing the death toll to 17. You kick them while they're down. Read More »

In the United Kingdom published the final results of the elections


Q: What parties are likely to support the Conservatives? After losing her majority, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has urged the prime minister to quit, saying he is "ready to serve" himself, while Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said she "should be ashamed" and should resign "if she has an ounce of self respect". Read More »

UK Labour Party ready to form minority government: Spokesman

However, he has refused to be drawn on whether he would form a minority government. The DUP are pro-union in United Kingdom terms, pro-Brexit and socially conservative. "There's no coalition, there's no deals". "The Conservatives have not yet broken the British system of democracy, but through their hubris and incompetence they have managed to make a mockery of it", it said in an editorial. Read More »

Tories preparing to 'prune' manifesto after failing to win majority

Nobody saw a hung parliament coming with Labour gaining seats and the Conservatives losing them. Katie Perrior, who quit as May's communications chief in April, said Timothy and Hill were "great street fighters but poor political leaders" and exercised too much power over the prime minister. Read More »

BJP hits out at Congress for Sandeep Dikshit's remarks on Army chief


Meanwhile, the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has criticised Sandeep Dikshit for his controversial comments. "Ours is not a mafia Army like Pakistani army which makes statements like goons on the street". "I genuinely believe what I said was wrong". However, Sandeep Dikshit on Monday tendered an apology for the second time, saying shouldn't have used "uncivilised" words to convey his message. Read More »

Trump lawyer won't rule out firing special counsel in Russia probe

Mr Comey also revealed that he had orchestrated the public release of information about his private conversations with the president in an effort to further the investigation. "I was so stunned by the conversation that I just took it in". "No, I didn't say that, and I didn't say the other", Trump said Friday. Comey on Thursday told a Senate committee investigating Russian meddling in USA elections that Trump had asked him drop the case against Flynn in a one-on-one conversation ... Read More »

Prime Minister's Seat: Theresa May battles for survival

As talks continue between the DUP and Conservatives over a potential confidence-and-supply arrangement to support Theresa May's minority government, Mrs Foster said: "When I meet with the Prime Minister in London tomorrow, I will be mindful of our responsibility to help bring stability to the nation at this time of challenge". Read More »

PM to visit Saudi Arabia today to help resolve Gulf crisis

Scores of Arab and Middle Eastern nations including Libya, Yemen, Mauritania, Niger and Jordan later joined the three countries, cutting or reducing diplomatic ties with Doha . Yesterday, the Russian foreign ministry said Russia and the United States are ready to help resolve the diplomatic rift over Qatar's alleged support for militants and ties to Iran. Read More »

Senior UK Cabinet ministers offer support to prime minister

May's office said Saturday that the Democratic Unionist Party , which has 10 seats in Parliament, had agreed to a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the government. Downing Street refused to rule out the possibility this morning. But some more junior roles need to be filled after several ministers lost their seats. Read More »

Trump attorney signals a firm stance in dealing with special prosecutor


Trump supporters have started arguing that following former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before Congress last Thursday, the services of Special Counsel Robert Mueller are no longer needed. If the billionaire will come to the point of needing to fire Mueller , he will seek the advice of his lawyers and other government officials, Sekulow said. Read More »

UK defense minister Fallon says government views on Brexit haven't changed


Senior party figures have cautioned against any immediate leadership challenge, saying it would only cause further disruption as Britain prepares to start Brexit negotiations as early as June 19. After pre-election polls and subsequent exit polls yesterday proved to be accurate, that Theresa May's Conservative Party would not have a majority in Parliament, it looks like The Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP ) could hold the balance of power. Read More »