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US Attorney General Sessions to testify in public hearing

On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Conway noted Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, directed him to describe the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation. Read More »

Secret Service: We don't have Trump tapes

Sessions is likely to face questions by the Senate Intelligence Committee over his dealings with Russian officials during the campaign and whether he had a role in firing former FBI Director James Comey, who testified last week before the same panel. Read More »

USA urges Gulf states to ease blockade against Qatar


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel called for diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis. President Trump recently returned from a visit to Saudi Arabia where he hoped to strengthen the U.S. A source at pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera, which is backed by Doha , said on Thursday the network was combating a large-scale cyber attack but remained operational. Read More »

White House says travel ban is 'fully lawful'

It ruled based on immigration law, not the Constitution. Buried in a footnote in the 9 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' unanimous opinion upholding the bulk of the injunction blocking Donald Trump's travel ban , there is a moment of reckoning in which the panel addresses whether the president's tweets constitute binding statements of executive intent. Read More »

Brexit talks to start next week but possibly not on June 19


The MPs were apparently enthused by Mrs May's appearance, despite some reportedly wanting her out, and banged on tables for around 25 seconds and briefly cheered when she arrived. It will be crucial for her to convince the party she should stay on - at the very least to avoid another election or to give an opening to the Labour Party to form a minority government instead. Read More »

Putin: 'It wouldn't make sense for us to interfere' in U.S. election

President Putin explained that "hackers can be anywhere" and even went so far as to suggest it could have taken place within the United States. Trump's most ardent critics are already talking of impeachment. But you know, I never met with him. He accused the media of sensationalising information and using it as "a weapon of war" against Mr Trump. "Good job. Read More »

Police Arrest 6 on Terror Charges in UK Ahead of National Election

Scotland Yard said formal identification had not yet taken place, but Mr Thomas' next of kin had been informed. Thomas was walking with his girlfriend over the bridge when the attack began, the AP said. Police and the security agencies are facing questions about whether they missed chances to thwart the attack. The 29-year-old man was arrested in the early hours of Friday morning on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. Read More »

Election debacle leaves United Kingdom govt in minority on eve of Brexit talks

With the results in from all 650 constituencies, the Conservatives won 318 seats - down from 331 at the 2015 election - while Labour was on 262, up from 229. Britain's best-selling Sun newspaper said senior members of her party had vowed to get rid of May, but would wait at least six months because they were anxious that a leadership contest now could propel Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn into power. Read More »

Macron on course for landslide victory in parliamentary elections

Macron is also trying to bring in an era of cleaner politics. Qatar's neighbours cut ties with the country over accusations that it sponsors Islamic extremism, which Qatar denies. The FN's result showed the party struggling to rebound from Le Pen's bruising defeat by Macron in May's presidential run-off. Many of Le Pen's and Mélenchon's voters-both have heavily working-class and pink-collar constituencies-did not go to the polls, suggesting that many will not be represented in the National ... Read More »

May confirms backing from DUP

She said she was still the leader of the largest party in the Commons and was confident of support from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP ). "We will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular", May said on Friday outside her official Downing Street residence in London. Read More »

Sam Warburton back to face Highlanders

His promoted players are on edge to perform on an occasion they possibly never saw coming. "You've got to give them a chance". Warburton led the Lions to an historic series win in Australia in 2013 - but was injured for the last Test and replaced by Sean O'Brien. Read More »

Northern Illinois city rallies together after home explosion


About 45 others were damaged by the blast that caught nearby houses on fire and moved homes off their foundations. Monday, people from all over the area came to see the damage and offer a helping hand. Local businesses have also offered assistance. Marengo resident Bill Barry said the town has pulled together. On Monday, insurance adjusters were in the debris-filled neighborhood, documenting the damage and trying to determine whether homes are structurally sound or need to be knocked down. Read More »

Ariana Grande releases charity single following benefit concert

The concert featured artists such as Justin Bieber , Pharrell , Liam Gallagher , Katy Perry , Coldplay , Mac Miller, The Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus . As a result Grande's re-release of her One Last Time single is now at the top of the charts, with the original version of the song close behind in fourth place. Read More »

United Kingdom urges Gulf states to ease blockade against Qatar

In addition to cutting diplomatic ties, Saudi Arabia , Bahrain, UAE and Egypt also halted air, sea and land transport links to Qatar, which relies on imports for most of its food. Qatar is home to the largest USA airbase in the Middle East, Al-Udeid, making it a key ally in the US-led coalition against IS in Iraq and Syria. Qatar Airways on Monday called on the UN's aviation body to declare a Gulf boycott against the carrier "illegal" and a violation of a 1944 convention on worldwide ... Read More »

Brazilian President acquitted in illegal campaign funds case

Temer, 76, was the vice-presidential candidate alongside Rousseff in 2014, but Rousseff was impeached previous year for illegal fiscal maneuvers aimed at hiding the budget shortfall. Temer has been asked to answer 84 questions related to the allegations, the circumstances of his meeting with Batista and the intricate web of relations with other politicians, lobbyists and black market dealers. Read More »

Backward Compatibility Coming For Original Xbox Titles

Microsoft says its Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox ever made. Submit your Newswire tips here. Microsoft just unveiled their next Xbox console, and it's the most powerful one ever made: meet the Xbox One X. There was no mention of Kinect for the second year in a row, and the Xbox One X doesn't have a port for the motion-controlled, voice-recognizing camera. Read More »

Officials to host town hall on missile testing in Alaska

The system is set to be tested against a target similar in behaviour to the advanced ballistic missiles, which are now being developed, and have already been achieved, by Iran. The Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog, issued a report on the GMD, stating that it "has demonstrated a limited capability to defend the US Homeland from small numbers of simple intermediate-range or intercontinental ballistic missile threats launched from North Korea or Iran". Read More »

Merkel ready for Brexit talks

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was quick to scotch any suggestion, however, that Britain might do a U-turn and ask to stay in the European Union ― something that would need European Union agreement ― but he did expect Brexit negotiations to be "long and complex". Read More »

Putin critic held before Moscow protest


In St. Petersburg, an Associated Press reporter counted about 500 people forced into police buses. President Vladimir Putin vowed to punish people who broke the law after an estimated 60,000 people protested in March at anti-corruption rallies organized by Navalny that were mostly unsanctioned in 80 cities across Russian Federation, the biggest unrest in five years. Read More »

Turkey comes to Qatar's aid with food supplies


The ban comes amid a diplomatic row as Saudi Arabia , along with Bahrain , Egypt and the UAE, blacklisted entities and individuals that they believed connected Qatar to extremist groups. Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled al-Sabah on Sunday called for dialogue to resolve the diplomatic rift between Gulf Arab countries and Qatar. Read More »

Do Americans trust James Comey more than Trump?

But Donald Trump Jr. - the president's eldest son - seemed to confirm Comey's version of events in a Saturday interview on Fox News as he tried to emphasize the fact that his father did not directly order Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Read More »

White House Official Confirms Discussions on S. Korean Missile Defense

This was North Korea's "principled stand", he stressed. We are committed to our South Korean ally. It is unknown exactly how North Korea got its hands on Russian missiles, although one theory is that they originated in Myanmar. "As I have repeatedly said before, I will not back off a single step or make any compromise on matters concering national security and public safety.". Read More »