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Comey had 'broad support' in Federal Bureau of Investigation, acting chief says

He also would not confirm Mr Trump's account that Mr Comey had told him on a number of occasions he was not under investigation. The committee's chairman, Rep. "Russia's direct interference in democratic processes around the globe is a direct assault that we must work together to repel", Warner said. "Any investigation that was taking place on Monday is still taking place today ", she said. Read More »

North Korea says it will seek extradition of plot culprits


Mike Pompeo, who visited South Korea earlier this month on an unannounced trip, said the establishment of the center allowed the Central Intelligence Agency to "more purposefully integrate and direct Central Intelligence Agency efforts" against serious threats to the US and its allies posed by the North. Read More »

Pentagon: Islamic State's Afghan leader killed in April raid


The role of US -led coalition forces in the latest phase of the offensive was not immediately clear. Abdul Hasib and a number of other Islamic State commanders were killed during an operation conducted by Afghan special forces, according to a statement from the Presidential Palace. Read More »

France's Macron looks to past post-win, gears up for future


The President of the U.S. Donald Trump and the newly elected French head of State, Emmanuel Macron, agreed to meet during the Summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on May 25 in Brussels. The parliamentary elections are scheduled for June 11 and 18. His victory was the third-straight defeat for far-right populist parties in Europe , following losses in the Netherlands in March and in Austria last December. Read More »

Trump to Rollback Student Meal Plan Initiated by Michelle Obama


Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue signaled his intent to kick off a more extensive re-evaluation of the rules put in place under President Barack Obama. "This will lock in very high levels of sodium in school lunches", said Margo Wootan from CSPI. But public health groups criticized the rules change. Read More »

Banks hit hard to fund increase in Australia's spending

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has unveiled a new budget which includes a surprise rise in taxation for the country's five biggest banks from July. They were never going to be passed by the Senate but their existence made the Budget bottom line look better than it actually was. Sales pointed out that there would be 0.5% increase in the Medicare Levy, which would see most taxpayers forking out extra money each year. Read More »

BJP condemns attack on Mishra

Till some time back, Mishra had been accusing the BJP of shielding Dikshit in the case and later he alleged that the AAP government tried to shield her. Kapil Mishra, who was yesterday suspended from primary membership of the AAP, also threatened to launch a hunger strike tomorrow if details of foreign visits by five AAP leaders are not made public by the party. Read More »

Senate Intelligence Panel Subpoenas Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn


This is the first subpoena the Committee has issued since its joint 9/11 Commission investigation, NBC News' Frank Thorpe says, citing a Senate historian. CNN reported Tuesday that grand jury subpoenas have been issued to associates of Flynn by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Alexandria, Va. He was also paid $530,000 a year ago by a businessman linked to the Turkish government, all while serving as an adviser to the Trump campaign. Read More »

Trump Called Sally Yates 'Somebody Who We Don't Even Know'


The White House was warned that Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn "could be blackmailed" after apparently lying to his bosses about contacts with Russian officials. presidents have wide powers. A third investigation in the House of Representatives largely collapsed after its leader, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), recused himself after allegations that he compromised the committee's independence from the White House. Read More »

European Union raises eurozone growth forecasts


These steps will help unlock vital bailout loans. Murray confirmed the issue will be discussed at the G7 meeting of finance officials and central bank governors this week in Bari, Italy, and that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet with IMF's managing director, Christine Lagarde, on the sidelines of his visit to China. Read More »

European Union leaders thrilled to welcome President Macron

Le Pen says the 10.6 million votes she won on Sunday will make her party the leading opposition. They all applied for the job - and got it, among more than 19,000 people hoping to become candidates in June elections for the French parliament under the banner of President-elect Emmanuel Macron. Read More »

Tamil Nadu HSC results 2017


Tamil Nadu HSC board of secondary education has been established in the year 1910, The Government of Tamil Nadu have constituted a new Board for School Examination viz "State Board of School Examinations" by merging the two separate boards i.e., (1) Board of Secondary Education and (2) Board of Higher Secondary Examinations. Read More »

Trump welcomes Russian officials into the Oval Office

NBC's Andera Mitchell asked, "Does the Comey firing cast a shadow over the talks, gentlemen?" and Lavrov replied, with feigned shock, "Was he fired?" And yet, there was the Russian Foreign Ministry - not the White House - releasing photos of Trump shaking hands with Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak . Read More »

Bill Shorten's Budget reply likely to be a scorcher

Mr Shorten's fourth budget reply speech will also reject characterisations of the budget - which increased spending on infrastructure, schools, health and hits banks with a new tax - as a "Labor lite" document. But Mr Shorten insisted his party was looking after middle-income households that would cop a Medicare levy increase under the coalition. "As long as it goes towards people who are disabled and can't work for themselves and not people who are pulling a swifty". Read More »

Now, Sally Yates says she had warned White House against Flynn


Let me answer the question. But it was only 18 days later, after the Yates warning leaked, that the White House pushed Flynn out. Moscow has denied any such meddling. Murphy indicated that while he does not have direct evidence of collusion , it is likely that future evidence will point in that direction. The revelation from Obama advisers appeared to be sparked by Trump's attempts to shift some of the blame for Flynn's troubles to Obama by noting that the previous administration renewed the ... Read More »

Trump hails first 100 days in office, says 'battles' ahead


Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, companies investing in the USA, the elimination of "regulations that kill American jobs" and the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The ad goes on to criticize the media for its coverage of the president's administration during his first 100 days. "President Trump promised to make America great again, and he is fulfilling his promise to you". Read More »

Trump, Russia's Lavrov discuss Syrian civil war

In addition, Russia's foreign ministry quickly distributed photos of the Trump meeting with Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Journalists were later allowed into the Oval Office and found Trump sitting alone with Henry Kissinger, who was national security adviser and secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Read More »

Tories confident for Aberdeen South following council votes

The Tory leader will call for a "Herculean" effort from her party as she presents herself as the opposition to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, saying many are "looking for somebody to stand up" to her. Scottish Labour , a party that used to weigh its vote in town halls across Scotland, particularly in the West, did predictably badly, now finding itself where the Scottish Tories once languished, unloved and increasingly irrelevant. Read More »

Moon Jae-in sworn in as new South Korean President

Moon has taken a more conciliatory line with North Korea than his conservative predecessors and advocates engagement. "I will also go to Beijing and Tokyo and even Pyongyang in the right circumstances". A liberal former human rights lawyer, Mr Moon rose to power on promises of a more just and fair society and has vowed to "end the culture of an authoritarian presidency", pledging to work out of a drab, decades-old government building in central Seoul instead of the grandiose presidential Blue ... Read More »

Budget 2017: The hard political work has just begun, here's why

Treasurer Scott Morrison said more than 75 billion Australian dollars ($56 billion) would be spent on infrastructure in the next decade. This was the finest hour for Australian populist politics and came as a complete surprise to bank executives, but will make a long-term dent in the budget deficit. Read More »