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Eritrea sides with Gulf nations against Qatar

The biggest diplomatic rift in years among the rich states of the Gulf has disrupted Qatar's imports of food and other materials and caused some foreign banks to scale back business. Now, it may be what protects Qatar as it is in the center of the worst diplomatic crisis to strike the Gulf in decades. The Saudis accused Qatar of supporting "Iranian-backed terrorist groups" operating in the kingdom's eastern province and Bahrain , as well as "terrorist groups aiming to destabilise the ... Read More »

Greek army helping residents on quake-hit island

AFP reporters in Izmir , Turkey's third-largest city, said the quake was felt in the center and caused alarm among residents but there were no immediate reports odd casualties from there. State-run radio in Greece said hundreds of residents left buildings and waited out in the street in Lesbos' capital, Mytilene. Rescue crews recovered the body of a 43-year-old woman in the ruins of her house some five hours after the quake struck after 1220 GMT. Read More »

UK Urges Gulf Nations To De-Escalate Tensions

Yet while this might expand the country's budget deficit, that risk is "by no means life-threatening", he said . Qatar has denied all the allegations. The four Arab countries accuse it of supporting terror groups in the region, interfering in their sovereign affairs and backing groups that undermine political stability. Read More »

Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts

Sessions is likely to face questions by the Senate Intelligence Committee over his dealings with Russian officials during the campaign and whether he had a role in firing former FBI Director James Comey , who testified last week before the same panel. Read More »

Some notable firsts of United Kingdom's general election 2017

She told Sky News: "We enter these talks in a positive fashion, we are first and foremost unionists and therefore we want to secure the union". He told German radio that the timetable for completing the talks was "ambitious" and Britain had already lost a lot of time by delaying its Article 50 letter and then calling an election. Read More »

Qatar starts shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift

Revenues rose by 10 per cent to $10.6 billion. He accused the Gulf countries of violating a 1944 convention that the UAE and Bahrain have signed. TRT World's Nicole Johnston has more from Doha . Qatar has found itself isolated following a decision last week by Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates , Bahrain and others to cut ties with Doha over its support for " terrorism ", a charge the emirate vehemently rejects. Read More »

Here's how Theresa May could be overthrown at 1922 Committee meeting

During the campaign, she said she prided herself on sometimes being a "bloody hard woman". In line with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, an election had not been due until 7 May 2020, but a call by Prime Minister Theresa May for a snap election received the necessary two-thirds majority in the House of Commons on Wednesday 19 April 2017. Read More »

Britain's May vows to stay on despite election blow

The British Parliament has a total of 650 seats. However, the actual working majority required is 320. We deliberately went after our core vote who duly punished us for taking them for granted, while focusing everything on the fact we thought the public liked Theresa May , sadly the more the public saw of her the less they liked her. Read More »

USA attorney general Sessions to testify in open hearing

As for the timing of Sessions' recusal, Comey said the FBI expected the attorney general to take himself out of the matters under investigation weeks before he actually did. A day after The Washington Post reported that, Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Second, Comey raised questions about the degree to which Sessions has actually recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, dies at 83


Noriega also helped the US seize drug loads at sea and track money laundering in Panama's banks, and reported on guerrilla and terrorist activities. Despite his rule, Noriega was never elected president. January 28, 2017: A Panama court agrees to temporarily release Noriega to house arrest to prepare for surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. Read More »

Reed to press Sessions for answers on Russian Federation meetings, Comey firing


But he left the decision up to Burr, the sources said.A Justice Department spokeswoman said that Sessions requested the open setting because "he believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him."Comey told the same panel last week that the FBI had information in mid-February on Sessions that would have made it "problematic" for the attorney general to continue leading a federal probe into Russian attempts to influence the presidential election.Sessions ... Read More »

Gulf countries' impasse will be resolved soon, hopes PM Nawaz

In what appeared to be a coordinated move, foreign office officials alleged Qatar was responsible for supporting the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda "at all levels" in an unprecedented diplomatic spat for the Gulf region. Similar statements were also issued by the UAE and Bahraini aviation authorities after a CNN interview of Chief Executive of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, who criticized the three Arab countries for the airspace closure. Read More »

Britains' May to holds talks with DUP to secure deal

Britain's Press Association, quoting two unnamed sources from the meeting, said May told lawmakers at a closed-door session that she admitted she was the one who "got us into this mess" and vowed that she would be the one who will "get us out of it". Read More »

In UK Early Election Ends With Hung Parliament

The shock defeat for Conservatives - despite the pre- poll projections of a comfortable majority - was seen by the British media as a "humiliation" for May to continue in her position. The exit poll predicted the Conservatives would win 314 seats and the Labour Party 266, meaning no clear victor and a "hung parliament ". Smaller parties like to highlight the unfairness of the United Kingdom system, which is neither here nor there, because politics is about realities. Read More »

Trump Remains Vague When Asked If He Taped Meetings With Comey

Gingrich also pointed out that Comey and Mueller, also a former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief, were "very close" and that 97 percent of donations from Department of Justice employees who contributed to the 2016 presidential election were in support of former Sec. Read More »

May not a 'dead woman walking': minister


There had been doubts cast over her leadership after she paid a heavy price for her gamble to overturn the UK's Fixed Term Parliament Act and call a snap general election ahead of the fixed time-frame it would have been held in 2020. He also said the government would "walk away" with no deal if talks broke down on ending Britain's four-decade membership of the European bloc. In an article for the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate ... Read More »

Saudi carrier looks to poach Qatar Airways staff

The BBC reported that the world's largest container shipping line, Maersk Line, had stopped supplying Qatar since its so-called "feeder" vessels could no longer transport cargo between the UAE and Doha . Saudi Arabia also said that Qataris who wanted to perform Islamic pilgrimages were also exempt from the measures and would be allowed into the Kingdom as normal. Read More »

Hopes rise for softer Brexit after poll shock


The PM told the backbench 1922 Committee on Monday that a deal with the DUP would not affect power-sharing talks in Northern Ireland or LGBT rights. He told the Sunday Mirror on Saturday: "I can still be prime minister". May has taken the blame for the Conservatives' relatively poor showing in last Thursday's election, in which the party surprisingly lost its majority. Read More »

EU and UK citizens should not fret over Brexit future, Davis says

May, who had called a snap election confident her Conservative Party would increase its majority and strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks, on Friday said she would lead a minority government backed by a small Northern Irish party. "Britain is a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, so we have a lot of shared challenges to deal with, and that's the spirit we want to carry out these negotiations in". Read More »

Beleaguered UK prime minister names new cabinet as critics circle

To hear more about all this, we called Roger Scully once again. Tim Bale, professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London , said it's not even clear whether May will now lead those negotiations. Theresa May did not have to call this election. A man inundated with criticism from the very beginning, it has actually been Corbyn who has encouraged me to feel passionately about this election and believe in the possibility of change - for that he should be commended. Read More »

Investigators seek James Comey memos, tapes

Donald Trump has accused former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey of " very cowardly " leaks, as Republican congressmen called on the US President to "clear up the matter once and for all". Trump was appearing in a Rose Garden press conference along with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. When a reporter asked about Comey, Trump again said he never asked for the Justice Department's Russian Federation probe to be dropped - an act that experts say could constitute ... Read More »

Brexit Secretary Says Election Setback Won't Change Plan

According to schedule, the negotiations begins on June 19. The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, said: "Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated". "We want to do it quickly, respecting the calendar", she said in comments reported by Sky News. "Right now, I don't see any obstacles for the negotiations to take place as planned". Read More »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to talk publicly to US Senate panel


When Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday, he may cite executive privilege to avoid answering certain questions. The matter is also being investigated by several congressional panels, including the Senate Intelligence Committee. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying on Capitol Hill Tuesday, following former FBI Director James Comey's explosive testimony last week. Read More »