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Sessions to face sharp questions on Trump, Russia, Comey

Addressing allegations that he had unreported meetings with Russian officials while he advised the Trump campaign, Sessions said he had already acknowledged two meetings previous year with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak . I never learned the names of investigators. Sessions cited his involvement in the Trump campaign - and his involvement in the Trump campaign alone - for his recusal. Read More »

McCain slams Pentagon for Afghan policy delay

Pointing to Obama-era budget caps known as sequestration, Mattis said limits on military spending have left troops at greater risk and blocked important new programs - even though the defense budget is already greater than that of the next seven countries combined. Read More »

David Cameron urges May to consult Labour for 'softer' Brexit


Irish people were among protesters attending a demonstration against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP in Parliament Square on June 10, 2017 in London . May is under pressure to take on a more cross-party approach to the negotiations surrounding Brexit. The Evening Standard, edited by ex-Treasury chief George Osborne, reported that Cabinet ministers have initiated talks with Labour lawmakers to come up with a "softer", less hard-line divorce from the EU. Read More »

North Korea frees U.S. prisoner Otto Warmbier 'in a coma'

Nearly oxymoronically, Rodman claims to be a friend of both North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump . The State Department continues discussions with North Korea over three other Americans being detained in North Korea. Read More »

Sen. Franken Tells Sessions to 'Stop Misleading Americans'


The Daily Show host Trevor Noah also poked fun at Sessions , and in particular the attorney general's statement that he recused himself from the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, but did not recuse himself from defending his "honor against scurrilous and false allegations". Read More »

Sessions denies any collusion with Russian Federation in senate hearing

And he can expect questions about his involvement in Comey's May 9 firing, the circumstances surrounding his decision to recuse himself from the FBI's investigation, and whether any of his actions - such as interviewing candidates for the FBI director position or meeting with Trump about Comey - violated his recusal pledge. Read More »

Senators Accuse Sessions Of 'Stonewalling' On Russia Inquiry

The deputy attorney general, a civil servant, assured a congressional committee he would resist an unwarranted dismissal order: "I'm not going to follow any order unless I believe they are lawful and appropriate orders". Rosenstein was probably referring to the possibility that Mueller would investigate whether Sessions violated his recusal or whether Comey's firing might have been an effort to obstruct justice. Read More »

UK prime minister, N Ireland party to hold alliance talks


Foreign minister Boris Johnson, who was reported by British media to be lining up a leadership bid, insisted May should stay. Tory MP says of her speech: "There was none of the Maybot" . But Ruth Davidson, the pro-EU leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, called on May to "reopen" the government's Brexit plans. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has also sought to downplay the DUP's future role, saying the government was not looking at a formal coalition but would seek assurances that ... Read More »

Otto Warmbier Has Landed In The United States

Former United Nations ambassador Bill Richardson, who has been trying to help secure Warmbier's release, said North Korea's health system is "very primitive", and the circumstances surrounding the student's condition are murky. "Mr. Warmbier is en route to the United States , where he will be reunited with his family", Tillerson said earlier in a statement. "Mr. Warmbier is en route to the USA where he will be reunited with his family". Read More »

USA court upholds block on Trump's travel ban

Monday's decision stemmed from an appeal of a decision by Hawaii-based U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson, who issued a preliminary injunction after concluding that anti-Muslim sentiment motivated the ban. That helped demonstrate that he was not assessing whether the roughly 180 million citizens of the six countries had ties to terrorism, they said. In their "opinion" the judges said: "In suspending the entry of more than 180m nationals from six countries, suspending the entry of ... Read More »

Sessions calls allegations of collusion with Russian Federation appalling

Rosenstein said that if the president ordered him to fire the special counsel handling the Russian Federation investigation, he would only comply if the request was "lawful and appropriate". "That would be a violation of the communications rule that I have". Bucket number three is to say I'm invoking executive privilege. Sessions time and again Tuesday pointed broadly to historical Justice practices to explain his decision not to answer. Read More »

UN agency seeks access to civilians in IS-held Syrian city


The SDF progressed east toward what is known as the Old City on Tuesday, as residents reported heavy shelling. They are now fighting around the old city walls, which date from the 8th century AD and were built by the Abbasids, who used the city as the capital of their caliphate . Read More »

May to form new government with help of DUP

Before Thursday's election, every broadsheet and tabloid made its preference known. "The instability that we now have is not from the Labour Party or other parties, it's the Conservative Party itself". In the Conservative Party, recriminations were immediate and stinging. "So we have 15, or 16 more months". Steven Fielding, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, called her "a zombie prime minister". Read More »

Nurse Killed in London Bridge Terror Attack 'Ran Towards Danger'


A keen traveller and blogger, she had lived in the United Kingdom for the past three years and is being mourned by colleagues, her family and boyfriend. I really tried to help her and get them to chase me, ' he said. Meanwhile, Ms Zelenak's friends have raised $15,000 via a fundraising page to help with the search and to fly her parents to London. Read More »

Massive fire engulfs London high-rise complex, concerns residents may be trapped

The fire at Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate was reported at 01:16 BST and about 200 firefighters are tackling the blaze. The dailymail states that London Ambulance Service said 30 people have been rushed to five hospitals around the capital, while at least one resident is still stuck inside the block on the 11th floor, with firefighters desperately trying to reach him. Read More »

UK PM May agrees 'outline' power deal with DUP

Following the election, May faced backlash over the failure of the Conservative party , with a number of politicians - including Corbyn - suggesting that she has to resign . That was the case with an interview with a journalist from a local newspaper in the port town of Plymouth, which went viral online, where genuine questions about local concerns about potential Brexit-related job cuts were met with unemotional, highly general responses. Read More »

Trump's attorney general Sessions faces Russian Federation grilling

In his opening remarks, Sessions said he knew of no conversations between Trump campaign individuals and Russian officials about interfering in the USA election. Sessions reportedly offered to resign in wake of the president's criticism. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., asked Sessions whether Trump records his conversations in the White House. Read More »

Kate Middleton Visits the Victims of London Bridge Attack

Kate Middleton paid a surprise visit to the survivors of the London terror attacks yesterday. Kate met with the staff who were on duty when the attack happened, along with the doctors who are caring for those still in hospital. The Westminster and London Bridge attacks in London put a "lot of stretch" on the Metropolitan Police, its second in command has said. We are not used to so many wounded women, "said a nurse before adding: " We are used to seeing people stabbed. Read More »

Jeff Sessions And The Rule Of Law

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director discussed a host of issues surrounding Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, though his remarks also raised questions that may now be directed at Sessions. "I hope you can let this go". When asked whether this DOJ custom had a written source, a DOJ official pointed CNN to two 1982 memoranda. "The basis for this historical practice is laid out in the 1982 memos from President Reagan and then-Assistant Attorney General Olson". Read More »

Georgia inmates on the run after killing 2 correctional officers


That tweet also states the reward is expected to increase. One is suspected to have gang ties, but authorities would not confirm who. "We lost two of our fellow officers, two of our kin". The suspect, who was not publicly identified, fled the scene of a vehicle break-in and shot the officer during a police pursuit, police said. It is not clear which of the escaped inmates did the killing. Read More »

Congress leader dismissed for referring to Rahul Gandhi as 'Pappu'


Mandsaur became the epicenter of a farmers' agitation over a demand for loan waivers and better prices for their produce. The Congress on Tuesday sacked Meerut district president Vinay Pradhan for apparently addressing Rahul Gandhi as " pappu " in a message that he had purportedly posted on the local Congress WhatsApp group, The Times of India reported. Read More »

Creative Industries Federation asks Government to rethink Brexit following election

The talks with the DUP follow her apology to Conservative rank-and-file lawmakers in a meeting for the party's poor election result. Mrs May told her MPs yesterday that she would serve them as long as they want her. The Conservatives won 318 out of 650 seats. The comings and goings - David Jones, who led the Welsh arm of Leave campaign, and George Bridges, in charge of ushering Brexit legislation through Parliament - point to the difficulties May will have in plotting a Brexit route ... Read More »