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Bamboozled White House Staff Furious To Discover Russians 'Lie'

The White House also publicly dismissed cause for concern, with a senior administration official telling The Washington Post that the Russian photographer "had to go through the same screening as a member of the US press going through the main gate to the [White House] briefing room". Read More »

House Judiciary Dems call for hearings on Comey ouster

Mr. Rosenstein presented a thoughtful and bipartisan critique of Mr. Comey in his recommendation for termination. The two have known of each other for all their professional lives. But Rogers has also said that government officials who leak information to news media should be more aggressively pursued. That line has raised questions about how much the Russian Federation investigation influenced Trump's decision to let Comey go. Read More »

New health bill is pure politics

They should be challenged about it at every town hall meeting, at every campaign debate, in every election and every day as the letters and phone calls from angry and betrayed constituents make clear the intensity of their revulsion at what their representatives have done. Read More »

Trump meets Russian Federation foreign minister amid Comey controversy


The ex-intelligence officials raised questions after photos of Trump's meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov were posted online by the Tass news agency. In Washington , Tillerson made no comment on the Comey firing or on the substantive issues he would discuss with Lavrov. "You're kidding. You're kidding". Read More »

All eyes on EC's Friday all-party meet on EVM issue

Senior party leader Gopal Rai led the protest with hundreds of supporters amid heavy deployment of police personnel in the vicinity of the Election Commission. "Toh EVM kyun nahi?" Conducting a mock poll on an EVM machine, AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj demonstrated how despite giving two votes each to various parties; the final count showed that votes of some parties had been transferred to one party. Read More »

United Nations chief seeks early meeting with new French president

But Mr Macron will be cautious about inviting too many prominent former Socialists into his movement as that would lend credence to the arguments of his conservative opponents that Mr Macron's administration will be a continuation of outgoing President Francois Hollande's unpopular administration. Read More »

South Korea's President Is Firm on Denuclearization

Caught between the USA and China, Moon will try to pursue an independent foreign policy. The government of his impeached predecessor, who is in jail awaiting a corruption trial, closed it previous year following a nuclear test and satellite launch by the North. Read More »

4 gunmen killed in Syria violence, say activists


Russian Federation said aircraft in the US -led coalition against the Islamic State will be prohibited from operating above the planned "de-escalation zones" in Syria . The committee said the deal "was concluded without the Syrian people" and "lacks the minimum basics of legitimacy". The deal also calls for a continued fight against the ISIL and former Al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front, which could pose challenges. Read More »

EC all-party meet on EVMs begins

We request the EC to arrange a hackathon. The protestors cited AAP legislator Saurabh Bhardwaj's live demo on EVM manipulation during the Special Session of the Delhi Assembly. As per the votes, the maximum votes should have gone to the AAP, but the results said a different story. Last month, 16 Opposition parties had urged the EC to revert to paper ballots. Read More »

Trump says Russian Federation 'laughing up their sleeves' at turmoil

Bush. He mentioned worrisome "bits and pieces" of information coming out about conversations between various Trump campaign advisers and Russian officials in 2016. In addition to posting the Lavrov-Trump picture, the foreign ministry also posted video of Lavrov joking about Comey's firing. In response to the White House official's complaint that the White House was " tricked ", former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice said on Twitter: "No kidding!" ... Read More »

Tillerson: US reviewing climate change policy

Climate change is the main issue dominating discussion of the Arctic region, and the future of American leadership on the issue is a looming question for a meeting Thursday among the United States and seven other Arctic nations. Now, US President Donald Trump, who has called climate change a "hoax", is reportedly weighing a withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. But the Trump administration is seeking to water down references to the Paris climate deal, E&E Climatewire reports , ... Read More »

China's trade with Belt & Road countries hit 20 tln yuan


To help its efforts at reviving the ancient Silk Road catch on with the younger crowd, China has begun appealing to foreign children with propagandistic bedtime stories and catchy sing-alongs. Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning in Hangzhou, where the headquarters of the Alibaba Group is located, to observe the operations of China's e-commerce giant. Read More »

Security mishap may have opened W.H. up to Russian spying

The president said Mr Flynn misled senior administration officials about his pre-inauguration talks with Sergey Kislyak, Russia's ambassador in Washington . presidential elections. But he did not say that he also works for Tass , a Russian state-run news agency. Coming hot on the heels of the Comey firing, a move that most observers say was clearly created to put the brakes on the FBI investigation into Trump and his associates' possible collusion with Russian officials - such as ... Read More »

Donald Trump meets senior Russian diplomat at White House

Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, suggested that Comey's firing was connected to the Russian Federation investigation, though the Department of Justice said their recommendation to terminate was based on Comey's handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe. Read More »

White House meeting on Paris climate accord postponed

Trump is expected to make a decision soon, and news reports suggest the president will make good on his campaign pledge to withdraw from the Paris agreement. During ten days of talks in the western city of Bonn, officials will try to agree on how to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement to cut carbon emissions, a treaty that former U.S. Read More »

Rex Tillerson Says the US Won't Be Rushed on Climate Change Policies

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, draped on each side by the American and Alaska flags, speaks at the welcoming ceremony to kick off Arctic Council events in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Protesters gathered in a city park nearby to denounce the presence of Tillerson, who was president of Exxon Mobil Corp. Freeland was accompanied at the meeting in Fairbanks by Canadian Indigenous Permanent Participants that include the Arctic Athabaskan Council (AAC), the Gwich'in ... Read More »

Syria says no worldwide force in safe zones


He also wondered if the safe zones will affect the US-led coalition's fight against IS, saying that he thinks "the global community is united in the sense of wanting to see ISIS put on its back foot". Such agreements have seen the surrender of rebel-held areas to government forces and their allies, often after a prolonged period of siege, in exchange for safe relocation to opposition-held areas elsewhere in the country. Read More »

Russia wants quick UN vote for Syria 'de-escalation zones'


Syria's foreign minister on Monday dismissed the idea of foreign forces patrolling four safe zones that are to be established under a deal struck by Russia, Iran and Turkey, suggesting Damascus would only settle for Russian "military police" who are already on the ground in the so-called de-escalation zones. Read More »

USA service member killed outside Mosul, Iraq

The Pentagon says coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria have killed at least 352 civilians since the start of the operation in August 2014. The Iraqi army said its ground and air forces pushed back the attack, killing eight militants. The Coalition is continuing to investigate 18 reports of civilian casualties from March in Iraq and Syria. Read More »

Germany posts 0.6 percent Q1 GDP growth


Germany's economy has been enjoying a sweet spot of late, marked by rising growth, expanding trade, and falling unemployment. When compared to the same period previous year, the economy - Europe's largest - grew by 1.7%. This met economists' forecasts and meant Germany's economy comfortably outpaced the USA, which expanded by 0.7% annualized in the first quarter. The economy is forecast to grow 0.6% sequentially, following a 0.4% increase in the fourth quarter. Read More »

People Say Trump And Comey Are Like Clinton And Lynch

During an interview with NBC , the president himself admitted to calling Comey and asking him if he was under FBI investigation. McCabe testified it was not typical practice to tell a person they are not a target of an investigation. Read More »

U.S. Navy SEAL from Falmouth killed in Africa


US and Somali forces were attacked at some point after arriving by helicopter to the target location, a compound that housed a group of al-Shabaab militants associated with an attack on facilities nearby used by Somali and USA military forces. Read More »

Drought-stricken Somalia 'hangs in the balance — United Nations chief


Partners pledged millions of dollars for reconstruction and rebuilding the security forces, however, pundits have criticized the global partners for not honoring promises made to support the country. Partly as a result of that, a range of regional forces including clan militias, the Ethiopia-backed Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea militia, the USA -supported Puntland forces and a regional force in Jubaland have been reluctant to join a centralized force. Read More »

Trump invited Russian ambassadors into Oval Office because 'Putin asked him to'

Washington media members were caught by surprise, then, when following the meeting with the Russians, Trump appeared seated next to Nixon's own National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. "Sanctions on Russian Federation will remain in place until Moscow reverses the actions that triggered them", the statement reads. It's worth mentioning a CBS News reporter asked Russian President Vladimir Putin how the firing would affect relations between the two countries. Read More »