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Adele makes tearful visit to Grenfell Tower to meet with the victims

We were just standing screaming and they were screaming". The couple's names weren't on hospital lists, ANSA reported. Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a "proper investigation" after the building went up in flames amid growing concerns about how the blaze could have spread so rapidly. Read More »

Tragedy won't stop annual baseball game


Joe Crowley, a Democrat from NY, said . Saying that the Republicans' baseball team has "been practicing here for years", Flake said that if Scalise hadn't come to Wednesday morning's workout, "there would not have been any detail at all". Read More »

Italians missing in London fire

Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told Sky News it would be a miracle if anyone were to be found alive. "Our absolute priority for all of us is identifying and locating those people who are still missing", Cundy said before declining to comment on speculation about the likely final death toll. Read More »

Verizon completes Yahoo deal, Marissa Mayer resigns


Verizon closed its $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo's core business this week and with it came Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's resignation and news of layoffs. "From day one, your tenacity and whimsy helped create one of the most special companies of all time - one that has employed more than 175,000 people, generated over $77B in revenue, and has informed, connected, and entertained a large portion of humanity". Read More »

London inferno extinguished; firefighters search for victims

The ambulance service said 68 people were being treated in hospital, with 18 in critical condition. Missing people posters have been put up throughout North Kensington. "Then the rooms would go up in flames". "She is now breaking her heart", Michael Paramasivan, a block resident, told BBC radio. "If we had stayed in that flat, we would have perished". Read More »

Stewart heralds Sessions' testimony, says probes should continue


The former Republican U.S. senator from Alabama, one of Trump's most avid supporters on the campaign trail, will likely have to explain why he told lawmakers in January he had no dealings with Kremlin officials previous year. He says Comey should have talked to Boente, especially if he had concerns about Sessions staying involved in the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

Niger authorities rescue 92 ditched migrants


One child is reported to have died, but there is no confirmation of this. The rescue of the illegal migrants in the desert is closing a chapter of a non-concluded tragedy, since the soldiers of the Army of Niger are still looking for another group of migrants lost days ago, and of whom no one knows their whereabouts. Read More »

Reports say Mueller probe now examining Trump, officials over possible obstruction

However, Democrats reserved their most vociferous show of indignation when Sessions declined to comment on questions that mentioned the words "president" and "Russians" in the same sentence. On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Senate Intelligence Committee that there were discussions at high levels about firing FBI Director James Comey even before Sessions was confirmed. Read More »

Bernie Sanders on Congressional shooting: "I am sickened by this despicable act"

Louis shortly after 11:30 a.m. According to the brother of the suspect , the shooter was irate over the election of USA president Donald Trump . "Our prayers go out for a full recovery of Rep. Scalise, the congressional aides and police officers who were injured", said Sanders. Reports say Hodgkinson may have had an M1 rifle potentially capable of firing 30 rounds of ammunition.Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) said during the press briefing in Alexandria that "There are too ... Read More »

United States moves rocket launcher into Syria for the first time


HIMARS had been previously used to strike ISIS targets from firing positions in Turkey and Jordan. The HIMARS had already been deployed in northern Syria with USA -backed forces battling Islamic State militants, he added. While the pro-regime artillery could not reach the base, it could reach a smaller combat outpost used by coalition advisers and their local allies. According to Reuters , rebels in Syria said that the expansion of USA footprint in Syria's southeastern desert ... Read More »

Turkey convicts UN judge of 'armed terror group' membership


Ankara blames Gulen for masterminding the July 2016 military putsch attempt in Turkey, but the cleric, who now lives in self-imposed exile in the United States, has repeatedly denied the accusations. He called on Ankara to "take urgent steps to respect the protected status of Judge Akay and to resolve the situation consistent with worldwide law". Read More »

Donald Trump 'investigated over possible obstruction of justice' in Russian Federation probe

It is the most significant sign that Mueller's investigation is extending beyond questions of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Comey, however, would not say whether he thought the president sought to obstruct justice. "But this is the reason I recused myself: I felt I was required to under the rules of the Department of Justice". A leak from the closed session with Comey suggested that this problematic factor was the Mayflower meeting with Kislyak. Read More »

Donald Trump: Ex-attorney general's action on Clinton inquiry 'totally illegal'

Lynch when Mr. Comey told the committee that she had asked him to refer to the FBI's criminal investigation into Mrs. Clinton as a "matter" instead of an "investigation". These allegations demand an immediate investigation by Congress. If Hillary is elected, she will be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. Read More »

British PM May orders full public inquiry into deadly tower block fire

Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said it would be a "miracle" if anyone else were to be found alive. "That's why I am today ordering a full public inquiry into this disaster", she said in a statement . But he said the speed with which the fire spread suggests that more than one fire protection safeguard failed. A mother who recorded a Facebook Live video while trapped on the 24th floor of the Grenfell Tower inferno is still missing, along with her two young children. Read More »

Death toll in Somalia restaurant siege up to 31

Witnesses said the gunmen entered Posh Treats and proceeding to Pizza House where they put up a fierce resistance against the security forces who were trying to end the siege. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility as the restaurant was under siege. The president notes that the attackers targeted a place frequented by teens and young adults. Read More »

Washington Post reports special prosecutor investigating obstruction of justice

The obstruction of justice investigation into Trump began days after Comey was sacked on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter, the Washington Post said . "Officials say that changed shortly after Comey's firing", the Washington Post says. Apparently that was true all along, until Trump fired Comey and allegedly cited the Russian Federation investigation as a reason. Read More »

Search for escaped inmates expanding as it enters 3rd day

Sponsored Content - Download our Executive Briefing to learn how agency and industry experts are hoping to reduce insider threats. The Honda Civic was later recovered from a wooded area in Madison, Ga. Dubose and Rowe both have extensive criminal histories. Corrections officials have not said how the pair managed to get through the normally locked door of the inmate compartment. Read More »

Trump orders more cash, industry input, for apprenticeships


Encouraging apprenticeships is one issue the Trump White House will likely be able to find bipartisan support - something somewhat unheard of in the first few months of the Trump administration. Critics say Trump can't be promoting apprenticeships while he proposes cutting federal job training funding by as much as 40 percent - from $2.7 billion to $1.6 billion. Read More »

Donations for Grenfell fire victims reach more than £1m

At the height of the blaze horrified residents reportedly threw themselves and their children out of windows to avoid being burned to death - others made ropes by tying bed sheets together or used them as makeshift parachutes and jumped. Nor were many receiving treatment in the ambulance. The company that performed the renovation tells the BBC that it followed all fire regulations. Smoke is still rising from the charred remains and deep inside the dark windows one can still see flickering ... Read More »

61 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out


He says it's something the USA can be proud of. And some said other issues mattered more to them than the climate pact - starting with building a wall on the Mexican border. Some of the governors are part of a group that also includes companies, mayors and university presidents that are planning to present a plan to the United Nations that would meet the greenhouse-gas emission targets under the Paris climate agreement that President Trump pulled the USA out of on Thursday, The New York ... Read More »