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Trump Is Considering 'Terminating' Special Counsel Mueller, Friend Says


He cited the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein . Mueller has served multiple presidents in both parties. Ruddy told CNN on Tuesday that Mueller and Trump "had a private conversation" and suggested it was "unethical" before the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director was named special counsel. Read More »

London fire: Identifying victims could take months, say police


They lived on the 22nd floor. Multiple media outlets reported that sprinklers and fire alarms were either not installed or not functional in the building. "We have to address these issues". The many questions being asked now include whether a "stay put" fire protocol, which called for residents to remain in their apartments if there was a fire elsewhere in the building, might have turned a lethal fire even more deadly. Read More »

Russian foreign minister can't confirm death of ISIS leader

The ministry added that it had warned the U.S. A military coalition led by the United States of America against the Islamic State on Friday, June 16, said it could not confirm reports that Abubakar al-Baghdadi an IS leader was killed by Russia's military. Read More »

United States warns Beijing of South China Sea Islands


He also said he thinks China, which is North Korea's closest ally, ultimately will see it as a liability. In his speech, Mattis made no mention of President Donald Trump's decision to pull the U.S. China claims almost all of the South China Sea, despite partial counter-claims from Taiwan and several southeast Asian nations including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. Read More »

Talks on propping up Conservatives are "very positive"

May lost her parliamentary majority in last week's election and is now desperately seeking the support of the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland's ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party . "That if Britain changes its mind it would find an open door", Guy Verhofstadt told the chamber. May's spokesman said the prime minister , who in March set Britain on a two-year countdown to leaving the EU that included a clean break with the bloc's single market and customs union, was not changing ... Read More »

Royals visit survivors of high-rise fire as death toll increases

Earlier protesters entered Kensington and Chelsea town hall, chanting: "We want justice". Police broke up a scuffle between members of the crowd as the Mrs May's auto drove off. While the monarch and her grandson were warmly received, they were not totally isolated from the anger in the neighbourhood, as the distraught friend of a missing family beckoned them to hear his story, prompting the prince to apologise and promise that he would come back. Read More »

Burned high-rise cladding was cheaper


Barwell had told lawmakers that the government meant to review fire safety standards following a deadly blaze at the Lakanal House high-rise building in south London in 2009, in which three women and three children died. The company said its work met all building and fire regulations and work was signed off by building inspectors. Fire safety experts have pointed to cladding on the building as a possible reason the blaze spread so quickly. Read More »

TSA Is Testing 3-D Scanners For Carry-On Luggage


The new technology comes as the Department of Homeland Security is considering extending a ban imposed in March on taking laptops and other large electronic devices as carry-on US-bound direct flights from 10 North African and Middle East destinations. Read More »

Queen, William visit London fire centre

In addition, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called for an interim report on the fire to be published this summer. Vanezis said the best chance to identify victims may be if officials find any remaining bits of teeth or bone, medical devices like a pacemaker or any artificial implants. Read More »

Germany expects no delay in Brexit negotiations

But EU leaders insist these must be negotiated in detail for them to have any legal value as reassurance for those people affected.The FT, citing anonymous officials, said Davis would offer to guarantee the rights that EU citizens now have in Britain, such as the freedom to move and work in the country, and aim to treat them "as fairly as they have been to this point". Read More »

Bill Cosby smirks at deadlocked jury


Judge Steven O'Neill praised them for their efforts, which includes three consecutive 12-hour days of deliberation. Constand accused the comedian of drugging her with three blue pills before proceeding to fondle her breasts, put his hands into her trousers, and place her hand onto his erect penis during a 2004 encounter, according to an affidavit. Read More »

Trump tweet not meant to confirm he is under investigation

She added of Trump: 'He seems to be buddy-buddy with these epic creeps'. He said he was untroubled by claims Trump tried to persuade Comey to back off the investigation, saying those revelations only emerged after Comey was sacked and wanted to defend himself. Read More »

Markets Right Now: Grocers plunge on Amazon deal; Dow gains


Some already are expressing doubt that Baghdadi would have put himself in such a vulnerable situation, surrounded by Russian , Syrian, and USA forces. Whole Foods' stock soared 27 percent. Moreover, Whole Foods itself is a struggling franchise, with seven straight quarters of declining same store sales and a larger existential problem - that the organic food revolution it pioneered has now been co-opted by everyone from Wal-Mart to Kroger's to Sprouts Farmers Market to the food truck ... Read More »

Trump Restores Some Cuba Penalties, Rejecting 'Oppressors'

President Trump's visit to Little Havana has not been without protest, which has increased security in the area. James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, said on Thursday it would be "insane" to revert to policies that could cripple the ability of US businesses to operate on the island, calling it a "betrayal" of Trump's "America First" agenda."This is bad policy, bad politics and bad for USA business", Williams said. Read More »

US, Qatar agree F-15 fighter sale

Trump has echoed the accusations against Qatar , even as his defence and state departments have tried to remain neutral in the dispute among key allies. Cavusoglu said Qatari officials believe they are not the cause of the current crisis and want to know the claims of the four countries. "We pay a great attention to our relations with them". Read More »

US Senate overwhelmingly approves new sanctions on Russia, Iran

Remember the "little green men" who suddenly appeared in Crimea? Corker told reporters that "I only have talked a little bit with" Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , who testified twice this week that the White House would prefer "flexibility" to adjust Russian Federation sanctions as needed. Read More »

London fire toll hits 30, but dozens missing

Organisers estimated at least 1,400 were involved, with many waving placards. Edward Daffarn, a resident who is a part of the Grenfell Action Group that urged the building's landlords to improve fire safety in November, told Buzzfeed he nearly died while escaping. Read More »

Trump cries witch hunt amid Russia probe

He also brought up Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and questioned whether her actions amounted to obstruction of justice. The White House has denied any collusion , and Trump has repeatedly complained about the probe, saying Democrats can not accept his election win. Read More »

Search continues for Grenfell Tower missing amid fears death toll could soar

The gritty 1970s social housing estate is surrounded by pretty streets lined with the well-tended, privately owned homes of affluent professionals - though not of millionaires. For survivors made homeless by the fire, there's help at hand from across West London's diverse community. Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said authorities genuinely don't know how many people died and that firefighters have been traumatized by the inability to save more people. Read More »

Death toll in London tower fire hits 30


Emergency inspections will begin this weekend of all buildings in Britain similar to Grenfell Tower as it emerged that the cladding used on the structure was the cheaper and more flammable of two options made by its manufacturer. The affluent City of London financial district sits adjacent to an area that is among the poorest and with the highest proportion of social housing. Read More »

Trump confirms he's under investigation over ex-FBI director Comey's firing


Adam Schiff says it's clear that Trump "believes that he has the power to fire anyone in government he chooses and for any reason". Attorney Steve Ryan says Friday that Michael Cohen plans on cooperating "in all governmental inquiries". Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued a statement Thursday night warning Americans not to "accept as true" stories based on "anonymous officials". Read More »

London tower death toll reaches 30


Six victims of the blaze have been provisionally identified. The cause of the blaze - in which at least 12 people died and many dozens more were critically injured - has yet to be established. "Meet the victims!" one person yelled as Leadsom was interviewed on Sky News . Newly-appointed Indian-origin housing minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government , Alok Sharma , said, "Every single family will be rehoused in the local area". Read More »

Macron tells May 'door always open' for United Kingdom to stay in EU

The two big screens at the stadium projected the cross of St. George, and giant flags from both countries were rolled out onto the field. Then, the players linked arms and posed for a photo before moving to the center circle to stand for an impeccably observed minute of silence in honor of the victims. Read More »

Commerce Department Reinstates LGBT Protections In Employment Policy Statement


Under its new Republican leadership, the Department of Commerce has revised its equal employment opportunity policy for employees, to omit a reference to sexual orientation and gender identity. The law contains no explicit prohibition on anti-LGBT discrimination, but the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a growing number of courts have determined the prohibition on sex discrimination under the law applies to LGBT people. Read More »

London fire: Death toll rises to 30; fears it could climb over


Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy responded to speculation that the number of tower dead could exceed 100 by saying: "From a personal perspective, I really hope it isn't". On Thursday, Mohammad Al-Hajali, 23, a refugee who fled Syria for the United Kingdom in 2014, was announced as the first victim of the fire. "Mohammed came to this country for safety and the United Kingdom failed to protect him", the group said. Read More »