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Clashes break out just 'minutes' after Syria de-escalation deal implemented


The Britain-based Observatory said a child was killed in government shelling in parts of Homs province that fall within the de-escalation zones, the first civilian death in the zones since the deal began coming into effect. The governor's office in the southern Turkish province of Hatay has denied reports claiming that the Turkish army would be deployed to Syria's opposition-held province of Idlib. Read More »

Arctic Council Allies Urge US to Remain Committed to Climate Change Pact

While the Finish Foreign Minister Timo Soini called the Paris Agreement , to keep global warming below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit- the cornerstone for mitigating climate change, U.S. Russia is working to develop the Arctic as a region of peace and stability, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told the Arctic Council in Alaska, but expressed regret at the lack of security cooperation between member states over the last few years. Read More »

United States arming Kurdish Syria fighters unacceptable, shouts Turkey

Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, right, shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, ahead of the Somalia Conference, in London, Thursday, May 11, 2017. "No. Sorry", Corker said, adding that Washington is going to "have a little bit of a rub with Turkey for a period of time". The official, who wasn't authorized to discuss the issue publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, said the US has yet to provide the weapons. Read More »

Trump's fury over Russian Federation investigations spurred him to fire Comey, report says

Comey to be made public since he was sacked Tuesday. Comey later informed lawmakers of his request for more funding. Sanders also said she did not think Comey's firing would have any affect on the ongoing investigations. The White House refused Wednesday to provide any evidence or greater detail. The House's top government watchdog wants the Department of Justice's inspector general to look into why FBI Director James Comey was sacked as part of an ongoing probe into how Comey handled ... Read More »

South Korea to send special envoys on THAAD, DPRK to China

Nor do we see a major ideological shift among Korean voters, but rather the implosion of Park Geun-Hye's Saenuri Party. Moon's promise comes as Park awaits trial on corruption charges. There don't seem to be any immediate invitations from North Korea . The hurried deployment of the THAAD batteries last month, literally in the middle of the night, "lacked democratic procedure", Moon complained in an interview last week with the Washington Post . Read More »

Qatar says Syria 'de-escalation' plan not an alternative to political transition

This track is separate from the Russia-backed deal signed last week in Astana, Kazakhstan, though de Mistura said in a statement that he hopes the Astana agreement "will be implemented in full - thus bringing about a significant de-escalation in violence, and helping shape an environment conducive to the political intra-Syrian talks in Geneva". Read More »

Violence erupts as protesters storm Macedonia parliament


Thursday's violence marked a dramatic escalation in a political crisis that has been simmering since a parliamentary election in December . "What the former governing party in Macedonia and their supporters did last night is not only unacceptable but it is also the same as shutting the door to the European Union if it happens again", German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said. Read More »

Road To Passage For Texas 'bathroom bill' Getting Far Harder

The bill's writer, Sen. The bill, SB 2095 , sponsored by Senator Bob Hall , would allow the University Scholastic League, which governs student sports competitions to make a determination, "which may result in ineligibility, related to safety and fair play that would apply to students who are using steroids under a doctor's care". Read More »

Himachal minister Karan Singh passes away


Karan Singh, 59, was scion of Kullu royal family and younger brother of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Maheshwar Singh. Photo credit: Video grab/ Youtube. He was then made Minister of State for Primary Education in the Dhumal government of 1998-2003. He was a member of the Kullu royal family and was in the BJP before he switched over to the Congress ahead of 2002 state assembly elections. Read More »

North Korea claims Central Intelligence Agency plotted to kill Kim Jong


June 2014: A North Korean working at a timber firm in the Khabarovsk territory of far-eastern Russian Federation is "corrupted and bribed " by CIA and South Korean intelligence agents. North Korea warned that United States hostility brought the region to the brink of nuclear war. "Upon his repatriation, the [intelligence agencies] conspired with [the suspect] to carry out a bomb attack on our supreme leader, either during an event at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, or at a military parade", ... Read More »

Grand jury subpoenas are issued in FBI's Russian Federation probe


You may remember Trump was once positively gleeful about the FBI's investigation of Clinton, basking in "lock her up" chants at campaign stops across the country a year ago. The White House was warned by former acting Attorney General Sally Yates that Flynn could be "essentially blackmailed by the Russians", according to her testimony before a Senate Judiciary committee on Monday. Read More »

Question of special prosecutor splits Congress in wake of Comey firing

Donald Trump's long-running feud with actress and comedian Rosie O' Donnell was granted a fresh chapter Thursday as the pair traded blows over the president' firing of James Comey. John Dorrian said in a statement. HOLT: Did you ask for a recommendation? He said Comey assured him that he was not, personally, under investigation. Read More »

Banks dismiss fears over Belt and Road loans

Concessionary loans require government funding, and are also likely to cause market distortion and dependency mentality, Zhou said. The China Development Bank alone has earmarked US$890 billion for some 900 projects. The Belt and Road Initiative, proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, has won support from more than 100 countries and worldwide organizations, over 40 of whom have signed cooperation agreements with China. Read More »

Democrats Rally After Trump Calls for a 'Shutdown' of the Government

He pointed out that if a Republican-only bill were passed out of the House, it wouldn't make it through the Senate, where it would need 60 votes, and thus, some Democratic support. "You've got a president who knows what he's doing when it comes to running the country. and I think the message that we're sending is that we are competent". Read More »

Trump's 'Very Friendly' Conversation with Duterte Stuns Allies and Critics alike

The warm invitation outraged human-rights activists and Trump critics and left the White House scrambling to do damage control. That's right, a man with a reputation for having a penchant for murdering people he thinks are criminals without resorting to the protections of a judicial system spent the weekend lecturing Donald Trump about caution. Read More »

Moon thanks Modi for congratulations in Korean language

Security Council resolutions. He told Xi the ultimate goal of sanctions was to persuade North Korea to engage in dialogue about abolishing its nuclear program. But Moon also has to navigate a complex web of regional issues. North Korea's military manpower has been growing but remains well below South Korea, which ranked 11th in the world, according to an annual ranking of the world's armed forces. Read More »

U.S. defense chief voices commitment to Turkey's security

The decision to arm Syrian Kurdish fighters came after Raqqa was "successfully isolated", one senior us defense official told Fox News. "The SDF accepted ISIS's surrender of the city to protect innocent civilians and to protect the Tabqa dam infrastructure, which hundreds of thousands of Syrians rely on for water, agriculture and electricity", the release said . Read More »

Moon vows to tackle North Korea

North Korea is likely to welcome Moon's election but its state media made no mention of his victory on Wednesday. South Korea's new President open to visiting the North over its nuclear progamme, missiles. The new head of South Korea's National Intelligence Service is credited with having helped arrange two summits between the Koreas in the 2000s - and was involved in a plan to build Pyongyang a nuclear reactor. Read More »

Maxine Waters: Trump firing Comey bad, Hillary firing Comey good


During Waters' interview on Wednesday, the congresswoman suggested that, in her view, it was wrong for Trump to fire Comey, but if a President Hillary Clinton had done so, it would have been justified. WATERS: Well, let me tell you something. Just as Waters was building up a good head of steam, Alexander interrupted to ask, "I understand in the past he was praising him". Read More »

City removes 2nd of 4 Confederate statues in New Orleans

New Orleans authorities dismantled a statue honoring president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis amid cries by protesters waving Confederate flags and cheers from a group that said the monument glorified racism in the U.S. Much of the fury and the verbal challenges came from the monument defenders, who appeared to be outnumbered by the second-line participants by at least two to one. Read More »

DA announces charges against Penn State frat, 18 members

Eight of those members are also facing involuntary manslaughter charges. According to CNN , pledges arrived at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house and participated in "the gauntlet". If need be, just tell them what I told you guys, found him behind a bar the next morning at around 10 a.m., and he was freezing-cold, but we chose to call 911 instantly, because the kid's health was paramount. Read More »

North Korea seeks extradition of South Korea spy chief over 'assassination plot'

North Korea on Friday demanded the extradition of the South's spy chief, a Chinese businessman, and unnamed US CIA agents over a supposed conspiracy to assassinate leader Kim Jong-Un. The NIS said earlier the North's accusation of its involvement in a plot was "groundless". The CIA and the U.S. White House declined to comment on the statement from the North's Ministry of State Security last week. Read More »