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Grenfell Tower fire: Police say 58 people are missing and presumed dead

The queen marked her official birthday Saturday by saying Britain remains "resolute in the face of adversity" after the horrendous fire and recent extremist attacks in London and Manchester . Hundreds have been left homeless, putting more pressure on officials in a city plagued by a chronic housing shortage. British health authorities say that 19 patients are still being treated at four London hospitals. Read More »

May faces Brexit strategy fight amid political turmoil

Arlene Foster says she hopes to conclude the talks soon. DUP leader Arlene Foster arrived for talks with May. "We continue to work with all the parties in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in ensuring that we can continue to put in place those measures necessary to fulfil those agreements, " she said. Read More »

Justice Department's Rosenstein assures Congress of special counsel's independence in Russian Federation probe

Trump's allies have begun raising questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's impartiality - he's a former FBI director who has worked with fired FBI Director James Comey - and floating the idea that Trump might replace him. Gingrich and Ruddy said it would be a "mistake" for Trump to remove Mueller, although both said they see the probe as unnecessary. "Look who he is hiring". Read More »

Trump acknowledges he's under investigation


In another tweet this week, Mr. Trump had said: "After 7 months of investigations & committee hearings about my 'collusion with the Russians , ' nobody has been able to show any proof". Bush . Trump denied Comey's allegations and said he would be willing to go under oath to give his version of their interactions. All week, some of Trump's most ardent defenders, including his son Donald Trump Jr., his White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway and friend and occasional ... Read More »

Bat-Signal City Hall: LA Lights Up Night to Honor Adam West

The Bat-Signal is projected onto City Hall in Los Angeles on Thursday night, June 15, 2017, during a tribute to " Batman " actor Adam West , who died last week at age 88. Now, over 50 years since West's first Batman adventure, the Caped Crusader is getting one final Bat-signal as a curtain call. LA Police Chief Charles Beck also took part in the tribute along with some special guests. Read More »

APN Statement Marking 50 Years of Israel Occupation

Among them are generation after generation of Palestinians who have been compelled to grow-up and live in ever more crowded refugee camps, many in abject poverty, and with little or no prospect of a better life for their children, he added. Read More »

58 missing, presumed dead in London fire : London police

One London member of Parliament has called for corporate manslaughter charges after learning flammable material was used to clad the building during the recent renovation. The group, most dressed in casual clothes, did not speak to reporters on their way in. Downing Street also announced a £5 million fund for emergency supplies, food and clothing. Read More »

United States college student released by North Korea home, but in coma


A spokeswoman at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said Warmbier would be treated there. Joy at his release was mixed with concern after his parents said they were told he had been in the coma for over a year. According to the Washington Post , North Korean officials contacted American counterparts last week to tell them Warmbier was in a coma. Resident Amy Mayer says news of his release has sent waves of shock and joy through the neighborhood. Read More »

David Harsanyi: Alexandria shooter alone is responsible for his actions


Hodgkinson, 66, shot four people at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday - including Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who was still in critical condition Thursday. Experts say detecting and heading off anti-government attacks from people driven by political ideology is increasingly hard because of the abundance of partisan rancor, particularly on social media. Read More »

Trump Is Wrong about Cuba, Mexican Press Highlights


Obama announced in December 2014 that he and Castro were restoring ties. Refusing to negotiate domestic reforms in exchange for USA concessions is perhaps the most fundamental plank of Cuba's policy toward the U.S. The new policy is only a partial reversal from that of the Obama administration. Trump, however, stopped short of breaking diplomatic relations restored in 2015 after more than five decades of hostilities. Read More »

Donald Trump acknowledges he is under investigation in Russian Federation probe

Rosenstein - in charge because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation - then appointed Mueller as special counsel. Fake NewsFox News have confirmed that this was all Rosenstein's shade to catch:Rosenstein's May memo critical of ex-FBI Director James Comey's performance was among the reasons cited by Trump and others in Comey's firing . Read More »

Puerto Rico votes to become the 51st state


The referendum coincided with the 100th anniversary of the United States granting US citizenship to Puerto Ricans, though they are barred from voting in presidential elections and have only one congressional representative with limited voting powers. Read More »

Queen's speech to take place next Wednesday


This time last week, many people across Great Britain were frantically Googling "Democratic Unionist Party" as it began to look increasingly likely that Theresa May would have to approach the Northern Irish party for a deal if the Tories wanted to form a government. Read More »

Trump could force out Rosenstein, fail to stop Russian Federation probe

The FBI will not make former FBI Director James Comey's memos on President Donald Trump public because they are part of an awaiting or potential law enforcement proceeding, according to reports , Friday. There were several unconfirmed press reports Friday, citing unnamed sources in the Justice Department, that Rosenstein was preparing to recuse himself. Read More »

Trump acknowledges he is being investigated, cries 'Witch Hunt' on Twitter

In a tweet Friday, Trump wrote (quote) "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director Witch Hunt". A Department of Justice spokesperson declined to address what prompted the statement. Rosenstein told the Associated Press earlier this month that when he hired Mueller he discussed the possibility of having recuse himself "if anything that I did winds up being relevant to his investigation" and if recusal is necessary. Read More »

Donald Trump Continues Twitter War on Russia Probe, 'Fake News' Media

In a subsequent tweet , Trump also appeared to take a swipe at Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein when he said, "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" Trump's tweet could be targeting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , who appointed former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the probe into Russia's intervention into the last year's presidential polls. Read More »

Let's decode President Trump's odd tweet confirming he's under investigation

Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to insist that despite months of investigating, no proof has emerged that he colluded with Russian Federation to tilt the 2016 presidential election in his favor . On Thursday, Trump tried to turn the negative attention, which he perhaps feels is contributing to his historically low approval rating, toward a familiar victim: "Why is that Hillary Clintons [sic] family and Dems dealings with Russian Federation are not looked at, but my non-dealings ... Read More »

What Does Trump Gain By Attacking His Own Justice Department on Twitter?


The media pounced on Trump's use of the phrase "travel ban", with CNN and others declaring that Trump had undermined his own legal case, which may soon come before the U.S. The Supreme Court has requested lawyers involved in the case to submit arguments by June 11, although it remains unclear whether the highest court in the country will agree to take on the case. Read More »

Displaced Iraqis hit by food poisoning

She refused to speculate as to whether the poisoning might have been intentional. Iraqi forces, consisting of the Iraqi federal police and the elite Rapid Response Division, advance in the old city in western Mosul on 17 March 2017 during the ongoing offensive to retake the city from Islamic State group fighters. Read More »